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Affiliate Marketing is being Monopolized

Updated on October 1, 2009

Affiliate Marketing has been the most popular way to earn online since a long time. It has been the easiest way to earn online for newbies as well as for the experts in Online Industry. Affiliate Marketing has came to the rescue of many people who had lost hope of making any money online.

People comes up with various offers and bonuses to increase their affiliate revenue. Giving away free goodies and bonuses is a great way to make people buy through your affiliate link. But this can easily be used to monopolize the affiliate market as Review Strike has done.

Review Strike is a very intelligent concept as it attracts not only the buyers but also the affiliates. Struggling affiliate marketers can derive great benefit from it as instead of promoting several affiliate links, they will have to promote only one link. The concept of Review Strike thus cuts down a great deal of its competition and instead make it its own strength. But affiliate marketing experts may have to face some tough competition through a combined power of Review Strike and its referrals.

Review Strike, a newly launched site, is being promoted as a Get Paid to Write Reviews Program, but the reality is that it is an affiliate killer. Review Strike has taken the concept of 'bonuses' to all new level. It has a marketplace. If you buy any product through Review Strike, you get a chance to write a review for Review Strike and for that, you get a guaranteed payment of up to 50% of the price of the product.

It's like shopping at a discounted rate. Not only that, they have kept a paid to promote program where the referrals can earn some good money as well. The Paid to Promote Program will definitely attract a lot of beginners who want to earn some quick money.

Review Strike is an intelligent and modern money making program. It's a great concept.


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