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Affiliate Programs Explanation

Updated on January 22, 2012

The Begining.

In this hub you will learn about Affiliate Programs. Just like I promised in my last hub titled Another way to create an income on line. You will learn what an Affiliate Program is and how it works so sit back make sure the kids are in bed because you don't want to miss any of this. I'll give you a few minutes. Now that the kids are in bed and the house is quiet lets get down to business.

Affiliate Programs what are they? An Affiliate Program is a way for websites to gain traffic normally through referrals but it is also a way for business to increase sales by allowing publisher to advertise for them in exchange for a small commission or set amount base on the product or program rules. There are many affiliate programs out there but I am only going to talk about a few of them like Commission Junction also known as CJ, LinkShare this is a really good one and Google Affiliate Program which require you to have a Google adsense account. These programs are all free to sign up and require no money to use. How ever with google there is a minimum requirement before you can receive payment.

With CJ I am not sure if there is a minimum or not because I have only used it once and I have not received any payment from the program as of yet. I do know that with Linkshare you can select the minimum payment and they even have a direct deposit option after you receive your first payment. This is a really cool feature and I have been using this program for a while now it is also free to sign up and use.

When using these kinds of Affiliate Programs you get to search and select the advertiser you want to advertise for how ever you must meet their program requirement in order to be approved by the advertiser. Once approve they give you all the tools needed to advertise such as banners links and many other things.

Now that you have the basic idea of what an affiliate program is and how they work lets talk about what you need as an affiliate for these types of programs. First thing is first you have to have a website or blog. Blogger is a pretty good one and WordPress. Also you can use web pages from social networks that allow HTML such as MySpace. There are many other out there but these are the most commonly used sites and blogs for these types of programs. The next thing you will need are prospect or buyers again marketers and website/blog owners call this traffic. You need traffic lots and lots of traffic because some of the advertiser require their product to be purchased other pay for just the clicks when signing up to the advertiser read the terms of the advertiser to find out how they pay. The last thing you need is a good way to spend the money you will receive from the commissions or set rates based on the advertiser choice.They really should call these kind of affiliate programs partnership because you are basically partnering with the advertising company to help increase sales.

Now that you know about these type of affiliate programs lets talk about lead affiliate programs I don't know why they call them affiliate programs when they should just call them referral programs because they act in the same manner. You get paid as small percent for every referral you bring to a specific site through a link provided through the program from the site. That is all it is to it. I will leave a few links so that you can sign up to some of these programs if you have a website/blog then just click the link and sign up.


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