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Affirmations for Self Confidence

Updated on June 26, 2014



Simply stated, when affirmations are consistently and properly used, the brain is reprogrammed to accept and notice new opportunities, new ideas, new behaviors and ultimately, new success. Affirmations are one of the tools that can build or restore self-confidence. Because strong healthy self-confidence is one of the key components critical to success and happiness, we need to open our minds to every available tool. The importance of self-confidence cannot be overstated because it affects every area of everyone's life. From the young child to the elderly, self-confidence determines the level of happiness and success that flows into their lives.

As a child, I struggled with extreme shyness. It continued to plague me as an adult. It took awhile, but I finally realized I had no self-confidence and very low self-esteem. Taking a painful stroll through my childhood and dissecting the family dysfunction wasn't an option for me. I wanted to focus on fixing the problem. How could zero self-confidence and low self-esteem be repaired?

As a young adult, I started reading everything I could find on building self-confidence and self-esteem. I also bought numerous tapes on the topic and during the process of reading and listening to tapes, I learned about the amazing power of positive affirmations. Obviously using this simple tool to restore (or begin to build) self-confidence is only one part of the process. But positive affirmations are a huge key to successfully healing and restoring self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Before you select some affirmations and begin the journey of building or restoring your self-confidence, keep in mind that this is not a magic solution with overnight results. Low or shattered self-confidence did not happen in a day or two. This is a process that requires commitment and consistent determination. The payoff? Priceless!!

Affirmations to build self-confidence should be: 1) positive statements 2) stated in the present tense 3) specific and 4) stated with emotion. The affirmations you select must resonate with you. Use your affirmations frequently each day. Repetition and consistency are important ingredients in the affirmation process. Repeat the affirmations aloud or silently throughout the day. Another excellent method is to say the affirmations aloud as you look in a mirror. Many people also write the affirmations on index cards and place them where they will be seen frequently. Affirmations also have added power when stated with gratitude. For example, "I am happy and grateful as I radiate self-confidence".

To help you get started with affirmations to build or restore your self-confidence, here are a few examples:

I now feel self-confident.

I radiate self-confidence.

I speak with self-confidence.

I am intelligent.

I feel positive and confident.

I enjoy being positive.

I am aware of my true potential.

I give thanks that I am now self-confident.

The most important step you can take in this process is the "first step". Knowing about something and thinking that it just might work is not enough to attain success. The first step must be an action step. You need to choose three or four affirmations and start the process. If you give the affirmations some serious effort, you will be amazed at the positive life changing results.



If you go to Roget's Superthesaurus and look at self-esteem, one of the synonyms you will find is "confidence". After reading many articles and opinions on this question, it seems clear to me that self-esteem and self-confidence are so closely connected and intertwined, they go hand in hand. How could you have great self-esteem but no self-confidence? I like to keep things simple so you may find the terms interchanged in my writing. For those who may want to be more precise, Webster's definitions are as follows:

Self-confidence - "confidence in oneself and in one's power and abilities"

Self-esteem - "a confidence and satisfaction in oneself"

Sounds the same to me!


Positive Affirmations: 92 Affirmations That Apply Positive Quotes And Positive Words To Banish Negative Thinking
Positive Affirmations: 92 Affirmations That Apply Positive Quotes And Positive Words To Banish Negative Thinking
Wonderful positive affirmations that will help you stay focused and keep your thoughts on track.
The Positive Side, A Desktop Positive Affirmation Book
The Positive Side, A Desktop Positive Affirmation Book
This is a great little desktop book filled with positive affirmations. If you find yourself stressed out or negative thoughts are creeping in, open this little book for a positive affirmation.
48 Self Esteem Activities for Women: Powerful Exercises for Overcoming Low Self Esteem Plus 50 Positive Affirmations on How to Love Yourself!
48 Self Esteem Activities for Women: Powerful Exercises for Overcoming Low Self Esteem Plus 50 Positive Affirmations on How to Love Yourself!
An excellent book for women. You will some activities that boost self-esteem as well as lots of positive affirmations. Highly recommended.
101 Affirmations and Positive Suggestions: A Workbook Utilizing The Power of Journaling and Self-Hypnosis
101 Affirmations and Positive Suggestions: A Workbook Utilizing The Power of Journaling and Self-Hypnosis
This is a workbook that uses journaling and self-hypnosis to instill your positive affirmations.
A-Z Affirmations: Change Your Thinking Change Your Life
A-Z Affirmations: Change Your Thinking Change Your Life
Isn't it amazing - we can change our life by changing our thoughts. An excellent resource.



I trust in myself.

Today I am willing to fail to succeed.

I have the strength I need and can make all my dreams come true.

I am a winner and can do anything I set as a goal.

I know that fear cannot hold me back because it is nothing more than a feeling.


Using affirmations was first introduced as part of psychotherapy and self-improvement by a French psychologist, Emile Coue, in the early 1920s. No one realized just how powerful the positive affirmations would be in bringing health and happiness to his patients. The results were obvious and other doctors started using affirmations as part of treatment.

As doctors and patients experienced the amazing results of positive affirmations, more research was done. You can now find excellent books, audio tapes, subliminal programs and other powerful tools to amplify the process of using positive affirmations to build self-confidence.

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