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Artist Management Tools - Managing The Band. Band Management!

Updated on May 1, 2016

Band Management

Band Management
Band Management | Source

Artist Management Tools

In the hub The Perfect Pitch I talked about the necessity to have a strong 'elevator' pitch.

In this Hub, I'll touch upon another important subject that is often overlooked with beginning bands and artists.

Although you may start alone, sooner, or later you'll notice you need a system to collect your band details, your band contacts, past and present tour dates, band tasks, accounting, music/Mp3s, lyrics, reviews, images, login details, stage plots and basically, everything digital that is band related.

How you organize your artist's life is not as important as the fact that you do organize.

The time you and your band/team will save by organizing is simply amazing. That leaves you more time for your music, more time for band promotion, more time for enjoying an artist's life.

Fortunately, there are many cloud based platforms available to help musicians and their manager, booker, producer etc.

Here are some online Artist Management Tools you mind find interesting:

Artist Growth

At time of writing (jan 2014) you can create a free account. Signing up is rather straightforward.
A paid subscription will cost you 10$ monthly.

Artist growth's dashboard is rather straightforward. On the top you'll find all the navigation options:

  • Dashboard
  • Schedule
  • Tasks
  • Tour Merch
  • Finances
  • Report center

With Artist Growth you can

Track & Analyze your Business
Record all transactions, and then discover the patterns in your business. Then prove your success to venues, managers, and labels alike.

Schedule and Manage Events
Let the event tool keep every gig running smoothly. Set up reminders for tasks before each show, see your whole tour at once, and keep track of finances.

A Look Inside Artist Growth Musician Career Management Platform


Bandbook is another set of band management tools. The cost is 4.95 $ per month..

  • Manage gigs, practices, availability in a calendar
  • Track your pay (or lack thereof)
  • Create set lists and print them out
  • Maintain your merch inventory

But it is also BandBook is an online community created to help connect music fans, the local scene and unknown, small town bands together.

  • Get updates about the local scene
  • Find musicians looking for a band
  • Use your profile to grow an audience
  • Follow the bands & venues you love

Band Management

Bandbook Band Management
Bandbook Band Management Band Management Feature Overview


Bandcentral is an artist management tool aimed to help you promote and manage your band/artist. It is UK based.

Signing up and logging in is easy peasy.

You start with a free pro trial which offers more features than the free version of Bandcentral. If you choose the pro version it will set you back 5,99 pounds monthly

Your navigation dashboard on the left shows these items.

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Assets/Files
  • Gigs & Tours
  • Fans
  • Merch
  • Releases
  • Songs
  • Money
  • Tasks4
  • Contacts
  • Campaigns
  • Widgets

A closer look at some bandcentral features


Bandize is a virtual band manager that boasts features like:

  • Tour Management including mapping, show contacts, financial tracking, etc.
  • Easy to use accounting facilities
  • Social network syncing for many of the popular sites (Myspace, PureVolume, with Facebook and Last.FM coming later)
  • Merch Manage

You can sign up for a free trial. I did but I won't consider bandize. Their last tweet was from november 2011 (it#s july 2012 now), their blog leads to an ERROR page, the websites shows © Bandize 2008-2009. I just didn't get the impression there's still much life in this one.

Your Bandize dashboard!

Mercato Musician

Marcato Musician is yet another web-based artist management software that lets you manage your communications, schedule bookings, stay on top of tasks and deadlines, and more.

Their dashboard options include

  • Calendar
  • ►Messages
  • ►Tasks
  • Files
  • ►Projects
  • Tags
  • ►Artists
  • ►Bookings
  • ►Contacts
  • ►Venues
  • Itineraries
  • Gear

The feature I miss is the feature to administer income and expenses.
The gear feature will allow you to add or edit any gear that belongs to you or your band. It's not limited to instruments, so you can add any type of equipment, with any number of photos, or documents (eg. receipts).

Marcato Musician is $10/month per artist

Marcato Musician: Facebook Event Syncing

Other options

Obviously you can manage your band online with countless other options. Google Docs, 37signals software, SOHO to name a few.

My "Verdict"

Subscription Fee
Artist Growth
10 $ p/month
4.95 $ p/month
£5.99 p/month
15$ p/month
Mercato Musician
10 $ p/month

Your Artist Management Tools Review

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Artist Management Tools

Band Management
Band Management


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