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Your Next Step After a Job Interview

Updated on September 15, 2011

After the Interview

What to Do After a Successful Interview that Effectively Clinches a New Career

  1. Have you been actively seeking employment for six months or more?
  2. Tired of being turned away after a job interview?

Now that the interview is over do you think it's time to relax? Wrong! There is still a lot of work to be done. It is always wise after an interview to give yourself a post-interview evaluation.

  1. How effective was your role and posturing during the interview?How suitable were you dressed?
  2. How thorough were answers?
  3. How many times did the room go silent?
  4. How could I've done it differently?

It is very important that you use these questions as a reference tool and not as a baton in beating yourself up. How do you know if the interview went well? The easiest and best way to judge how an interview went is to watch the time. It is a known fact that a good, solid interview will last up to 45 minutes or longer. The best way to judge how that time was spent, ask yourself the following items:

  • Were you shown around the department?
  • Did they introduce you to additional staff members?
  • Did the interviewer explain the next step to becoming employed?
  • At what point did you feel like you were already a wanted team member?
  • How successful would you rate the interview from 0 to 5; with 5 being the highest?

Once you've completed your personal questionnaire, it's time to get busy writing a thank you note.

Setting yourself above the rest should be your number one prerogative. The letter provides you an outlet to contact the interviewer; before, he or she makes a decision towards who they might select. It is always wise to send the letter or email if preferred, within one or two business days. Make sure your letter is directly written to the party that conducted the interview and that the letter is titled in a modified block business style. You should include the company's address and titles, certifications or licenses the interviewer held. That is why it is so important to always ask for their business card. Reaffirm your interest in the company and answer any questions that were left opened. Make sure to use the same paper as to what was used in creating your resume and the envelope as well. Never apply a return address sticker. Your return address should be typed or neatly written by hand. Typically only 1 out of 4 applicants write a thank you letter or follow up letter. This is an easy way to be a step above the rest.

[As a recommendation; print this page and use at a tool to help you give yourself some valueable selfsameness critiquing. Be prepared to honestly answer the listed questions. Stay true to yourself. Take notes after the interview if need be. You may also use your cellphone to record a summary of the reconciled accountant.]


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  • nikitha p profile image

    nikitha p 

    9 years ago from India

    Very informative hub. Thanks for your advice.

  • cashmere profile image


    10 years ago from India

    Great advice. Most people are so clued up about what to do before, and don't know what to do immediately after!

  • RKHenry profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Everyday Miracles profile image

    Becki Rizzuti 

    10 years ago from Indiana, USA

    I love the thank you letter suggestion as well! This was something that was pointed out to me when I was seeking work several years ago. Thankfully I never had to use it as I was hired on the spot when I got the job I worked during that time period.

    Great advice!

  • RKHenry profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA


  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Great advice - I thank the universe that the days of seeking job interviews are over for me - but I never thought to send a thank you letter. This has got to be the most important single piece of advice about anything that I have read in a long time. Good job.


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