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Aftereffects of kids Part 2- moms, get your life back

Updated on November 4, 2013

Getting your life back

Your life is yours. Sure there are some milestones like job and kids. I call them milestones because they make your stronger and ambitious enough to carry on in a better way. Get your life back.

Here is something useful for balancing your life

Balancing work, life and kids

This is a very difficult task but not unattainable. With a little effort and organization you can be a super mom.


  • Organize your schedule and stick to it. Its normal if you get deviation now and then. But most important is you have a schedule to follow


  • Leave difficult tasks like cooking and cleaning for the weekend.


  • You can cook meal 1 week ahead of time. Here is a very simple and easy tip if cooking on weekends is difficult for you. When ever you cook, cook double the amount that you normally do. Then save one portion in the freezer for next time. Follow this routine and you would find yourself just taking out the frozen food from the refrigerator and defrosting it. No harm in doing it and it will save you time and energy.
  • Your baby is small and she needs fresh food. Yes this is a concern. Grow him on fruits and vegetables. Banana is one staple that is not only rich in nutrients but also very filling. get help from prepared baby foods and formula.


  • You can designate some of the duties to your spouse (if available) like laundry.


  • Always buy clothes that are iron ease. This would save you time and electricity.


  • Make a to go bag for the kid. It should have a diaper, clothes, wet wipes, baby lotion, baby formula, baby bottle, some quick snacks like cookies or cheerios. I am sure moms have better sense as this is ingrained in them.


  • Have a bag ready for you too. This could contain your walk clothes, sneakers, water bottle. When ever you find time from your busy schedule at work, you can go for a brisk 20-30 minutes walk. I used to do this and it was really fun. Most often, I used to miss lunch at work. But whenever I got time for snacks or lunch, I would also give myself 15 minutes of brisk walking. My sneakers were always under my table.
  • If you are not comfortable with walking during your free time, you can always take a book and read. Its a healthy and relaxing hobby. I always recommend reading fiction as it takes you away from the real life headaches-for some time at least.


  • Burn your baby fat. Here is a link for easy fat reducing tips is you are not a big fan of exercising:


Once you have taken care of the obstacles for getting your life back on track, the next challenging part is making it a routine. I have met many moms who say that start is enthusiastic but by the end of 2 weeks time they themselves get exhausted with the routine.

The basic reason of this exhaustion is not the routine but your physical stamina. Your body is not accustomed to the routine you have just set for yourself. Give it time to adjust. The other reason is also physical. You might be low on certain minerals important for your body like vitamins. Daily intake of vitamins and other minerals would help you stay active and efficient.


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