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Aftereffects of kids Part 1- moms, get your life back

Updated on November 4, 2013

Aftereffects of kids

  • Are you feeling lazy?
  • Do you feel that when it was just you in your life, you had more time for yourself?
  • Are you thinking of joining a support group?
  • Are you thinking of losing weight but don't have time to?
  • Are you thinking what to feed your baby next when actually you need to go to the loo?
  • Are you jealous of the next door neighbor who is smart as a model with 2 kids and a husband and her house always shine like its just been bought?
  • Has she started saying that you need THE walk?
  • Does she say that you lost weight when in fact you have just checked and your weighing meter is one notch ahead than last time?
  • Has your partner started saying that he loves you in every way? Because, that's the free way he is giving you to get more lazy and out of shape.
  • Do you promise everyday to yourself that you will start exercising and never finds the time to do it?
  • Have you had it trying old clothes and want to wear more makeup than you used to?

If you are contemplating answering even one of the questions above, you are having the aftereffects of kids syndrome. You are now sympathizing with yourself and having pity on yourself. But here is the deal. Read the story below. You will, in some way or the other empathize with the story and I hope you find a way out from your present state of mind.

Trying to find a balance between work and life is difficult, but trying to find a balance between work, life and kids is exasperating


Decrease distance between self-pity and self-liking

All you have to do is to stand in front of the mirror and repeat these words at least 10 times a day:

"I care for myself. I respect myself. I love myself. I will do my best to be better"

A short story of self pity

One of my friend got pregnant and also lost her job in her 1st trimester. Losing a job and getting pregnant at the same time is something terrible and the stages of anxiety and disappointment that I have seen in her makes me think for a while is it legal to fire someone when she is pregnant. She was continuously in and out of counselling due to her depression and anxiety. Till the end of the 2nd trimester, I used to hear her talking about how life is difficult for her and how useless and helpless she feels. At one point she was talking about worth of living and I guessed she was having suicidal thoughts.

But everything changed when she approached her 3rd trimester and as the delivery neared she was more jubilant, more vibrant and waiting for the baby to come into this world.

After her child was born she became busy and i would say real busy. This is natural. But for her the transformation was evident. She no longer cared if she has a job or not. All she would talk about was her baby.

Then after 2 months or so, it started again when her baby fat would not go away and she would feel guilty if when considered going for a walk to reduce her weight.

She also started worrying about if she could ever fit in her old clothes and what would she do if she could not find work for herself.

A self pity of this type is very common. Here is what you have to do.


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