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Aggressive Internet Marketing

Updated on October 20, 2015

Methods Of Marketing Aggressively

In terms of explaining the term in the right way, aggressive internet marketing, one should know what is internet marketing? Internet marketing is way of advertising and promoting products and services via e – mails, web sites, social networks, etc. Internet marketing is the latest trend that is affordable and easy to use for advertising different types of products and services. But as the competition goes up, it is harder and harder to be first on the stage of hundreds who are using internet marketing. This is why you need to be aggressive and work hard, be innovative and engage more and more customers.

In addition to this, aggressive internet marketing means full blown marketing and promotion. Aggressive means direct and confident appearance on stage, e.g. market, with fully prepared strategy and start up budget, with no doubts and weakness for crucial things, and prepared to take risk and make efforts so that your advertising and promoting will be highly ranked and make touch to a wide area of people.

The Methods Explained

With all the conditions and possibilities that Internet allows us these days, many people are using it. There are huge number of strategies that can and should be included in an aggressive internet marketing plan. Here we will present some of them.

- Keyword research – SEO ( search engine optimization) tool is a must have thing for a good website

- Optimized content – well written, with no grammar mistakes and no plagiarized content you will have traffic that is increasing regularly on your website and you will attract different audiences

- Optimized press releases – try to make different and interesting content and promotion of your products and services because internet if field where you have different aged people with different taste and wishes, so you need to be more focused on what it is your audience searching for

- Analytics and metrics – monitor and adjust the visits and clicks to your sites so you can measure and valuate how is your strategy working

- Blogging – in the last few years blogs have become super popular and being there is a plus thing that is making your marketing strategy more aggressive

- Link building – you must have quality inbound links if you are trying to work aggressively on your internet marketing campaign, inbound increases the website traffic, increases visibility, credibility and search optimization is higher

- Other tools for aggressive internet marketing strategy are also newsletters, optimized articles, online rooms, content syndication, RSS, and much more.

Aggressive marketing cannot be present if there are no social networks included. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and much more of this kind of platforms of social media are helping the internet marketing to become aggressive and efficient, and a money worthy investment.

We will now present three of the most used social media tools for aggressive marketing.


The largest of all social media networks is Facebook, with over 600 Million users. With Facebook you can connect “friends” who are sharing information by posting them on their wall. Business and companies can make a fan page to share their information. They can also set up groups, where people join the group and there they can discuss and share and post different content, photos, videos, comments, likes, etc.

From a business perspective, you can get users to “Like” you — become a fan of your company or business, or even just of some of your product or service — or join your group. Everything you post in your group or fan page it will show up on their news feed or notification so they can view and share with their friends. Those who do a good job of engaging users, their products and services will be most visual and will appear more in the news feed. So, a key element in any social media strategy is building engagement with your current and potential customers.


The second largest social network is a micro blogging site with a 140 character limit. Its main value is the public tweets and their searchability with # (hashtags). Basically users that use Twitter tweet news, information, pictures, links and other things to their followers. Once a user has a large number of people they follow, the twitter stream (flow of tweets) is so fast users can’t possibly read everything. Users create lists to manage the flow and may only read tweets from users and certain lists. Here is the engagement thing once again. You will be followed and read only if you offer something different and interesting and if you can keep the customers wishes completed and attentive to every of your new steps, they will become loyal to you.

When users find something interesting or valuable, they can Retweet it to their followers. Messages sent through Twitter can spread very far and very fast — this is also called viral marketing and can happen anywhere, but is likely on open networks like Twitter and YouTube.

The business strategy for building traffic to your blog using Twitter is to gather a large number of followers (you need t prefer to choose the customers from your target market), tweet interesting things they want to share, and engaging them to follow your links.

YouTube and Flickr

These are video-based and image-based social networks. Similar to Twitter, these sites are open to anyone, so they can see everything others have posted. There is the potential for videos and images to go viral — and spread fast, far and quick.


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