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Agloco what went wrong

Updated on May 29, 2009

Agloco was the perfect of all internet economic but........

At the beggining it was very good means of reaching people through the internet.

They had a wonderful idea of revenue sharing while using their toolbar. The toolbar was very cool and would always appears at the taskbar with advertiser showing their item items on the scroll bar.

Agloco was to pay people for every hour you surf the internet with their agloco taskbar active you earn hours. the maximum hours you were to earn per month was 10 hours. On how they were paying per hour I could not tell although they did illustrate in their blog the earnings for last year june,july, august earning.

Any hours accumulated above ten hours was forefieted that goes back to the company.

Now members were to own share of the Agloco at some stage when the company was profitable.

Of late nothing has been happening to so called Agloco. when you try logging into their site these the message I normally getGateway Timeout The following error occurred:

[code=GATEWAY_TIMEOUT] A gateway timeout occurred. The server is unreachable. Retry the request.

Even though nothing seems to be happening it was a wonderful idea that needed some experince, whoever is thinking of joining Agloco probably try google Adsense seems to be the good way of may money through their adverts in your blog: your can also check on my blos on technology to learn more:

Have a wonderful day of blogging


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