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All About Using a Domain Name Generator

Updated on April 11, 2012

Using a Domain Name Generator

Why bother using a domain name generator? Webmasters will tell you that few things are more annoying than going to register your site and finding your preferred domain name is already taken. Using a domain name generator eliminates some of this hassle by suggesting other domain names. There are three main types of domain name generators: random computerized listings; computerized listing based on keywords inputted by the user; and listings suggested by actual humans.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each type of domain name generator, starting with the most basic: random domain name generators.

Random Domain Name Generators

Some examples of random domain name generators are sites like and They are simplicity itself: all a user has to do is choose a word from a list or click a button. The option is given to include only unregistered names in the search, and – depending on the site used – information can be displayed that shows how valuable a given domain name would be.

Input-Based Domain Name Generators

Next on the list of domain name generators are the input-based sites. An example for this type of domain name generation is It is also quite easy to use. The visitor enters a keyword or list of keywords that describes the purpose of their website. The domain name generator will then return a list of domain names that contain that keyword. Some also suggest related keywords or combine multiple keywords.

Human Domain Name Generators

Finally, let’s talk about human-generated domain names. Sometimes the human touch is needed; the problem with computer-generated random domain names is that they can sound like awkward, randomly-generated computerized domain names. Services like offer domain name generators that are actually human. Customers pay a certain amount, send in the relevant information, and an employee of the company will string together a list of fitting domain names.

Domain Name Generators: Pros and Cons

Each of the domain name generator types has its pros and cons. The random domain name generator service is often free or very low in cost, but the results can be a bit stilted. The input-based generator provides ideas and results that are more specific; once again, however, it could lack in creativity. The major drawback for domain name generation services that use real people is the cost involved.

Is using a domain name generator worth it? Most webmasters would say yes. Even if you have to refine the actual name yourself, you will get valuable input on what is popular right now in terms of keywords and internet searches. You may also discover related words that you overlooked but that will fit very well into your website’s profile.

If you do not use the suggested names from the domain name generator, it is still worth the small amount of extra effort to do the research. Notwithstanding their minor drawbacks, these are valuable tools for any webmaster and shouldn’t be overlooked – especially in the case of free domain name generators.

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business


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