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All That Can Help You Move Ahead With Data Entry Jobs

Updated on May 7, 2015

Data entry jobs from home


Would You Consider Data Entry Jobs?

Have you ever considered a data entry job to earn your living, or just to utilize the extra time you got after your exams. Many find these jobs to be good enough to earn some extra bucks, while some consider them good enough to get started. It may not be a full-fledged career choice for you but it surely can help you move ahead to pursue careers such as data management, data analysis with some extra skills added to your abilities. Those planning to opt for the data entry jobs need to be tech-savvy people, who can conveniently use data management tools such Microsoft Excel, and other tools. Some companies may even demand you to use some software used by them, which you can later adapt to.

The job of a data operator may involve extracting data from forms, manuals, and some other sources such as files and presentations. Those engaged in these jobs are involved in handle letters, documents and mailing lists. Generally, their work involves managing numerical data entry. They can work in many industries including numerical data entry. Besides, one of the lures associated to these jobs is the leverage of working from home. Those willing to take up these jobs aren't necessarily required to be available physically at the workplace. Most of these jobs are available to be worked upon from home.

Where to find these jobs?

So, the search for a suitable data entry job is on? But, wait. Do you know enough about these jobs? Are you abreast of all the facts and other crucial details associated to the job of a data entry operator. Aren't you? So, the first thing the hour demands you to do is to research well upon this career choice. Go ahead to scroll through the various data entry jobs available on the web. Another thing you can attempt to do now is to look for the scope of these jobs and the industries where such jobs prevail.

Data entry jobs aren't industry specific. Any industry or company can seek professionals to register and manage their data, whenever needed. Sometimes, it may be a time based project, whereas in some instances, it may be a long term project for data entry operators. Any of the sectors such as banking, insurance, real estate, medical administration, education, government and non-profit organizations can seek these professionals. In all of these, the nature of work may vary, but the ultimate task remains the same. Most commonly, those who can comfortably work using MS Excel are preferred by most of the employers. In some cases, knowledge of any specific software or tool may be desired by the employers. In such instances, training is provided to the data entry operators.

Tune to these skills to find data entry jobs


Skills that can help data entry operators perform well

A data entry job isn't really a task that demands real efforts everyday to get things done. Just a few minor things can help you get started in data entry jobs. A few of them are mentioned below:

Eye for detail

Generally, the data entry operators have to deal with numbers and crucial details. Thus, an eye for detail is needed. While dealing with bulk data, one has to be careful and attentive. To avoid mistakes, they need to have an eye for detail.

Verbal & Written Communication

Communication remains one of the key skills for every profession. Here too, it is one of the major elements that can drive you ahead. One has to be fluent in terms of communication, both verbal and written. This helps them manage the everyday tasks and reporting.

Accurate and Fluent Typing

For data entry, typing is considered a major factor. Those hiring for data entry operators consider it a deciding factor. Thus, fluent typing can surely land you into a job in this industry.

Knowledge of MS Office

If you can manage working on different MS office applications, there are chances that you would live up to the expectations of an employer hiring resources for data entry operators.

Everything you should know before working as data entry operators
Everything you should know before working as data entry operators

Is data entry a suitable career choice for you?

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Some other significant details

Average Remuneration

The pay scale remains one of the major concerns for most of us, no matter what job we are into. If we consider the salaries paid to the data entry, the criteria on the basis of which, they are paid may vary. Some employers pay these professionals on the basis of the entire projects, while some pay on per word basis, while some consider the monthly salaries. As per an international salaries research firm, data entry operators on an average earn Rs 107,903 per year. Further, if we consider he position of a data manager, a professional can expect to earn an average remuneration of Rs 309,677 annually. Generally after a few years' span, these professionals are found heading for other data related profiles and are seen upgrading their skills to reach out to better positions such as data analysts and data managers. These positions offer higher salaries and better prospects too.

Where Can You Work?

Data entry jobs from home are available all across the globe. Those applying for these jobs aren't desired to visit the workplaces in person, but have the leverage of applying online. They can get their projects delivered to them through the web and can start working on them. Generally, these data related projects bring along some deadlines that you would be required to meet. Many companies offer such jobs and can easily be accessed online. Some of the companies that offer data entry jobs from home include Sig Track, Clickworker, VOBA, Dion Data Solutions, Virtual Bee, Axion Data Services, and Palm Coast Data.

Would you consider data entry jobs?


Employers offering data entry jobs from home

Axion Data Services
Virtual Bee
Dion Data Services
Sig Track
Team Double-Click

Things to consider while searching for data entry jobs

Many find these jobs to be the variants to earn some extra money, or some even consider for long term earnings. While you rely on the web to find such jobs that can be worked upon from home, you are desired to consider some factors. These will help you find the suitable jobs and not the ones that exist on the web to con you.

  • Ensure credibility of the employer
  • Re-check existence of the company
  • Ensure it is not a spam
  • Do not get lured by the projects that pay relatively high
  • See if it is worth
  • Do not say yes if the project pays considerably low
  • Check deadlines
  • Ask for the agreement, if any
  • Keep everything official

How to find data entry jobs?

Accessing a suitable and credible job seems to be a tedious task, especially when the credibility and spamming may turn up as an issue. In such a case, all you need is a credible source that can land you into suitable data entry jobs that can pay you well. With the advent of internet, many such sources are now made available to us. These are the leading job portals that help us access the jobs from all across the nation, from employers engrosses in varied businesses. One just needs to reach out to these job portals and sort the jobs as per the requirements. Be it a work from home job that you are aiming for, or a full time job, all can be searched through, on these sites.


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