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All about ERP developer jobs

Updated on January 23, 2015


ERP, the acronym when expanded, stands for 'Enterprise Resource Planning'. ERP helps organizations to transport all the essential data and information into a single domain, allowing every functional domain of an organization to access data, as required, without any delays. Earlier, when ERP was introduced all the functional domains of a company were considered as autonomous entity and were engaged with their own activities and once they end, it had no concerns regarding what happens next. This led to emergence of ERP as an indispensable part of each organization and its functional domains. An ERP developer is a prime resource to enforce and influence the evolutionary attempts of the ERP applications. This hub discusses about every aspect of ERP developer jobs.

Key responsibility areas of ERP developers

Lets take a look on the responsibilities or the tasks that are to be managed by an ERP developer on a regular basis.
The first task that they begin with is; describing, enforcing and testing all the elements to help the utilization of an ERP application. They continually work towards coming up with task plans for all ERP improvements, along with testing the functionality in unfavourable situations and check how effectively they work in such situations.
Furthermore, they also generate reports for display matters and communicate the statuses to the relevant teams.
They are also responsible for hiring team members and assessing their skills in ERP development, along with assigning tasks to different members of the team, by providing them assistance as required and check that they quality of work in different situations.
Their daily job also includes troubleshooting, they look into complex matters and decide the probable corrective actions.
They work closely with the development staff in a matrix distributed situation, along with active participation in the development of long reach strategies and aims. The architectural procedures of a project are also designed by them.
They also need to get the work done by a team of software engineers and ensure that the codes are being created using the standard procedures.
They create and maintain ERP designs, coding standards and provide custom coding.
Also, when the functionality of an active system is not aligned with the business needs, they need to test customized extensions to Oracle applications.
Taking notes of the requirements and operational patterns for small to large reports and projects.
Keeping themselves updated along with gaining an insight to the present trending procedures and devising the recommendations for alterations that will enhance the efficiency and quality.
Keep the architecture and technical documents up to date for follow up and approvals.
Analysing and favoring business needs and functional certification documentation from the team members and other staff of an organization.

So these are the duties that an ERP developer performs on a regular basis throughout the entire life span of their career.

Qualifications and Skills

ERP Developer jobs are open for those job seekers, who hold bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology. Along with the ability to work with fast formulas, oracle work flows, alerts and oracle approval's manager. He or she should be proficient in collection and noting down business specializations. They also need some experience in heading a team of developers including planning, assessments, mentoring and managing projects.

ERP developer jobs also demand a technology based skills set, which one has to develop on their own, which includes; know-how of administration of version control schemes like subversion and CSS, understanding of Oracle 11i interfaces. Business intelligence and familiarity with Oracel XML publisher and Oracle reports is a plus, when apply for ERP developer jobs. Clarity in Oracle 10G database concepts, software development lifecycles and quality assurance methodologies are give significant weightage by recruiters.


Skills that are associated with high salaries

ERP developers who have prior work experience in SAP and its various modules, can gain an access to some of the high paying jobs. As SAP is one of the high paying skills all over the world, as an ERP developer with a SAP certification will give rise to your earning potential.

SAP as an ERP, caters to different aspects of a business such as Finance, Accounting, marketing management, human resource, business intelligence; these modules require ERP developers to develop these modules and define the functionality as per the demand of the business. ABAP, Advance business application programming is the language that is used for creating applications in a SAP environment.

Where is ERP implemented

ERP focusses on data sharing, by inter-module communication and processing, which means that the different modules of an ERP communicate with each other with the help of a Local Area Network and can be configured depending on the needs of the client.

Sharing of data allows businesses to make decisions in a fast paced manner and helps in accelerated business process execution. ERP modules are generally implemented in typical businesses such as; Supply chain and distribution management, warehouse management, Customer relationship management, financial management, human resource management, materials management, marketing management and online sales processing.

The implementation of ERP helps a business to move forward in their growth model, by faster decision making processes, which leads to increased revenues and sales.


Where to find ERP developer Jobs

ERP Developer jobs are widely updated on job portals, however, there are certain job portals that specifically cater to IT employers and scouting for jobs through these job boards, is highly recommended. As employers from the IT domain prefer uploading their job openings on IT centric job boards, as the resumes these niche job boards have to offer these employers allows them to find the apt candidates in a fast paced manner.
If you wish to apply for ERP Developer jobs then apply for a number of openings, that will make your job prospects go higher. Also keep your resume updated even after you are employed, as that will help the website to send you job recommendations in your mailbox, as soon as a new opening is uploaded.


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