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All about accounts jobs in Chennai

Updated on April 27, 2015

Overview of Accounts jobs in Chennai

Accounts is one of the key functions in every business, irrespective of it being small or large-scale. You as an accountant have the leverage of being self-employed as well as find an accounts job that fits in with your skills along with the suitable remuneration. The crux of this article is to find a suitable accounts job in Chennai, that not only helps you with your personal finances as well as brings out a seasoned professional in you, making your way to the top.

Every business be it a large multinational corp or a sole proprietorship; needs accountants for undertaking the tasks of bookkeeping and other finance related activities. As an accountant you would be responsible for managing the financial information which is further used by the management for decision-making purposes after analyzing the data and converting them into reports based on the numbers that you have churned as an accountant.

In order to become an accountant, one must be a master with numbers and should have the accounting principles on their tips. If you enjoy working with maths along with accounting principles then you are the best fit for accounts jobs.

Typical day in the life of an accountant

A typical day in the life of an accountant revolves around evaluating the financial trends of a company, tracking cash flows, making recommendations to align the financial health of a company with the goals of the company. As an accountant you might be responsible for a varied set of tasks, however, the primary responsibilities of an accountant is:

As an accountant you will be responsible for assessing the accuracy of financial records, reports, balance sheets. This task is done to check whether or not the entries comply with the accountancy principles as well as the applicable company and legal standards.

Taxes are of prime concern for an accountant, as every business as well as an individual needs to report their annual earnings. As an accountant in an organization you would be responsible for calculating and filling taxes owed by the business as well as the employees in an organization.

Projecting the financial health in the future or the financial trends, to help the management take effective decisions for future projects depending upon the numbers provided by you as an accountant.

Budgeting is also one of the critical tasks that an accountant oversees. As an accountant you will not only be responsible for creating a budget as well as ensuring that the budget is followed on a quarterly basis. This would be done by creating quarterly reports for each department, which would reflect how each of them is spending and allocating their annual budget.


Skills for an accounts job

Since, Accountants deal with critical financial information, that helps businesses to grow and prolifer. Accountants rely on a varied set of tools and training to be efficient in their daily tasks. As mentioned above, being a master at maths is one of the strongest element of an accountant. Not only the basics of accounting, basic knowledge of management principles and the basics of various sub-domains of management such as marketing, production, operations and human-resources will come in handy for you as an accountant. Understanding of the nuances of management will give you an upper hand for recommending the changes that will be of much use to your company rather than simply recommending the numbers.

Most of the businesses have deployed Tally as an accounting program to manage the bookkeeping tasks. As an accountant, you would be required to master Tally as almost all the businesses irrespective of their size use Tally for accounting. Being a master in Tally will not only add to you skills set but will also make you highly employable owing to its widespread usage.

Accounts jobs, too require the ability to work on a computer along with various accounting softwares and programs. In a business environment, you would be communicating through emails, video chat for meetings and creating reports using a computer; if you are not adept at using computers then this might be an extreme disadvantage.

Reports that you will generate will be on Excel or other accounting program. Since visuals play a very vital role in communicating the statistics or the numbers; you would need to develop skills in Microsoft Powerpoint, for creating presentations and reports. This needs in you, the ability to efficiently and correctly use the various tools in Excel, Powerpoint, as well as the other programs from Microsoft Office suite.

To sum it up, understanding of accounting principles, master in Tally, adept in using Microsoft Office package and computers will make your prospects of landing with an accounts jobs in Chennai, go way up higher.

Where can you look for accounts jobs in Chennai

Chennai has a wide spectrum of employers to choose from. These employers are involved in the sectors of Information technology, software services, banking & finance, automobile manufacturing, auto ancillary units, and maritime trade. Accounts jobs in Chennai can be found in any of these sectors. Being a key function, as mentioned above accounts jobs in any of these sectors require the skills set above. Industry specific knowledge, prevailing market trends will allow you to make your chances of landing with an accounts job in Chennai, go way up high.

Taking a look at accounts jobs in Chennai industry wide, IT sector tops the list followed by Banking & Finance, BPO, IteS, and Automobile sectors. Depending upon the experience, accounts jobs in Chennai are available for higher management level positions as well as for freshers. Financial analysts, Accounting-Lead, Manager-tax & accounts, & chartered accountants are some of the accounting job positions that are widely available all over the internet which you can avail for your own benefit.


Salaries offered with an accounts job in Chennai

Accounts jobs in Chennai offer an average annual salary of Rs 160,591 for freshers with no work experience. However, the annual remuneration depends upon the industry you are employed with. Lets take an overall look on the salaries offered by IT, banking & finance and automobile sector in Chennai. All these salaries mentioned here in, will help you get an idea of your future remuneration after grooming yourself as an accountant in Chennai.

& Software services
An accountant in Chennai employed with the IT sector having an experience of 5.1 yrs has an earning potential of Rs 3 Lakh annually. A Financial Analyst role in this for freshers are offered an annual remuneration starting from Rs 1.8 Lakhs which goes up considerably after having spent 2-3 years in this role.

Banking & Finance
An accountant with work experience of 3.4 years in the banking & finance domain can aim at annual pay package of Rs 2 Lakh. For those who have a chartered accountant certification and are looking for accounts jobs in Chennai can look forward to annual compensation as high as Rs 8 lakhs after earning work experience of 4-5 years in a similar role. If you are aiming at building your profile as a financial analyst in banking sector of Chennai, settle for no less than Rs 1.5 lakhs in an entry-level role.

Automobile Sector
Automobile sector is anchored in Chennai, owing to the presence of ports and infrastructure for the manufactures to import raw material and export finished products to various parts of the world. Finding accounts jobs in Chennai in this sector is no daunting task and from career stand-point, working as an accountant in the automobile sector is a medium for a longstanding career in accounts. As for the annual compensation, an accountant in this sector with work experience of 5.5 years are offered packages up to Rs 2.5 Lakh; which grow significantly with the increase in number of years as an accountant, by acquiring skills and keeping updated with the latest tools employed for accounting processes.

A Quick Look at Some Interview Questions


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      Thanks Billrrr for your appreciation, that keeps me going!

      I shall update this hub with information regarding accounting schools in Chennai. The city also serves as a prominent education hubs in southern part of our country.

      Thanks, again for your valuable feedback.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 3 years ago from Cape Cod

      Hello Antigravity and welcome to Hubpages. Please forgive me for not knowing what Chennai is. I had to look it up to find out that it is a city known as the "Detroit of India". Hey you probably never heard of South Dennis where I live!!!!

      I noticed that you did not mention any accounting schools. I imagine there must be a number of fine colleges and universities in Chennai.

      Anyway you did a nice job on this.