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All that you need to know about part time jobs

Updated on December 15, 2014

Where to find part time jobs?

Let me begin with highlighting the sources from where you can look for part time jobs. Yes, internet is the best medium where you can find these rewarding opportunities. Internet serves as a platform for job sites to advertise the job openings available with various employers. One can find an ocean of job opportunities available on these websites.

Full time roles as well as part time jobs are also uploaded on these websites, where you can not just apply for a single opening but can apply for a handful of openings so that your probability of getting hired for a part time job, goes higher.

And how to go about applying for these jobs. The task of applying for jobs using job portals is as simple as abc. First you would need to create an account on any of the job sites after providing all the information required. Then, you will have to upload a copy of your resume which should be recent and updated. These are the two primary requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to create an account. Otherwise, on some popular job sites like CareerBuilder, you have an option of directly uploading your resume for a particular job opening, without going through the drill of filling the essential information. This has made applying for part time jobs, fairly simple and less tedious.

To make sure that you do not miss out on any recent job opening, subscribe to newsletter sent by these job sites to your mailbox. This newsletters are sent on a daily basis and keep you informed about any recent job opening which has come up on the website. This would allow you to act promptly and apply for a recent openings which might have the least competition, because of the opening being fresh.

What are part time jobs ?

Now you must be knowing where to find part time jobs, now its time for you, to know what are part time jobs. Part time, as the name suggests, do not require a committment of a 8 hour long shift, however might require from you an investment of some hours on a regular basis or as required. The best feature of part time jobs is that, you earn as per the number of hours you put to work, as part time jobs are paid on an hourly basis.

Part time jobs are available in a variety of job sectors, like; retail, digital media, marketing, sales and education. Likewise, part time jobs are not confined to any job sector or an industry, they are created if the business demands an extra pair of hands.

Part time roles earlier were confined to restaurants, hotels or tourism but now with the changing trends, they can be found in any industry of your choice, moreover that depends upon the availability of jobs in that job sector.

Some part time jobs like, data entry are a popular job option for many who cannot go out to work on a regular basis owing to their household commitments or their full time job. Students, who want to make their monthly budget grow by leaps and bounds must look for these jobs, as they have always been meant especially for the students, as they help them to make money along with earning some valuable work experience that helps them set their sail, when they graduate and start looking for jobs.


Which part time jobs are best suited for you?

Now comes the question what part time jobs shall fit you. There are variety of part time options available which also are lucrative full time career options. That depends on your comfort level doing a particular job as well as your bend towards making a career out of your part time role.

Besides, part time jobs are generally those jobs which require a very basic minimum skill set. Some jobs demand ability to write in english and to efficiently make use of a computer and the internet.

Some of the most popular roles offered in this category of jobs are; data entry, social media optimization, sales executive and home based tele callers. These are the jobs that require basic understanding of the english language and other key skills associated with a particular job.

Jobs which comply with your skills, interest and abilities; would be the one that would suit you the best. Doing a job which doesn't match with the factors mentioned above shall arise a feeling of being caught in a rut, causing major hindrance to your daily job and making you put in unwanted efforts to complete a task.


Are part time jobs a gateway to full time roles ?

Yes, depending upon the business needs of the employer and your performance a part time role might serve as a gateway to a flourishing full time career in that role. Especially for students who are yet to graduate, employers offer part time jobs to them, that helps the employer know the work ethic of a candidate and helps you to learn the ropes of the trade.

Such opportunities are generally available in advertising agencies, small software development firms and startups. These are skill driven job domains, hence if you wish to arm yourself with the skills that are essential for these job domains, then taking up a part time role in these job domains would be a fruitful gateway to a full time career.


What are other job domains to scout for lucrative job opportunities ?

If you wish to remain a part time employee or a freelancer, then certainly you have considerably various job domains to look for opportunities and develop a reputation as a professional who works part time.

Here are certain profiles, that are forward looking and the volume of work for these tradesmen is the highest, and they are:

Content writing: the demand for written content or for mixed media usage like, posters, videos or audio clips; is on the rise. As a content writer you would be engaged with developing content for various purposes. The essential skills for this job role needs an expert level of understanding in any of the language and a creative bent of mind. Also you can look for part time jobs with websites, web development companies or digital marketing agencies; as they are on a constant look out for written content to spread awareness about their product or a service. The payment is done on the basis of per project or the number of words written. As a content writer you get the independence of choosing where to work from and how many hours to put into work. Nevertheless, this job role requires high level of commitment to deliver the end product.

Virtual assistant: This role allows you the freedom of working from the comfort of your home. As a virtual assistant you would be required to answer calls, make appointments, book-keeping and other tasks. This role is similar to that of a personal assistant but as a virtual assistant one is required to do all the assigned tasks remotely. The best feature of this part time role is that, you can work with a chain of clients, to snowball your monthly earnings. The skills required for this role are very basic which a graduate is armed with by default. If you wish to take up this part time job, then you can log onto CareerBuilder, and directly apply for similar openings without creating an account.


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      Thanks Lynda for your appreciation.

      Content writing is the best part time job that you can pursue from the comfort of your home, however, if you wish to start as a content writer you need very basic web knowledge, like; which sites to publish your content, how to upload the content to publish, and how to get maximum likes on your articles.

      Very basic understanding of working with Internet shall help you do your job efficiently and develop a reputation online as a writer.

    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 3 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Excellent blog! Thank you! I have been looking for a part time job and, as you mentioned, there are a variety of them so long as one is willing to look outside the box. There are multiple part time jobs at companies which do scoring for student TAAS scores and otherwise. They have frequent projects available in most cities and can keep one as busy as they want. There is also a company called Live Ops in which an employee can sell Infomercial products from home at their hourly convenience.

      Content writing is also a relative new field which is being explored. I am currently applying for that one but am not sure how much web knowledge is required but it is a growing field. You did a great job of providing other examples of jobs that people can do part time. A positive about working part time is that one can obtain a good reference when it comes time to segue to a full time job.