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All's Fair in Love and War When You Have a Relationship Coaching Certification

Updated on November 26, 2015

Relationship Coaching Certification

Get a relationship coaching certification and get ready for love and war! Well, love for sure, and though you may not experience war, there may be a few battles along the way!

Relationship Coaches get in the Middle of Relationships

Your relationship coaching certification allows you to get in the middle of relationships issues. Your certification puts you right in the line of fire. But, being in the line of fire presents you with the opportunity to make real progress, facilitate genuine healing, and help couples build better relationships. So – what are the main issues that people have in their relationships? What problems exist that make couples turn to relationship coaching?

For the Sake of Money, Sex, and Communication

According to many surveys, the top three reasons couples fight are money, sex, and communication. Pick any order, but these three items are usually on your clients' agendas after getting your relationship coaching certificate.

Sex. You'll have to be able to deal with the intimate lives of couples in a professional yet insightful manner. You'll have to help couples find a comfortable and mutual balance between the demands of everyday life and having sexually fulfilling and affectionate personal lives.

Money. It doesn't matter how much money a couple has, financial problems are probably the number one argument starter. It's because money is involved in most every aspect of a couple's life. People have to make money, save money, spend money, protect their money, and worry about their money. Though financial issues can be complicated, and your relationship coaching certification doesn't make you a financial expert, you don't have to be an economist to help couples improve their financial relationship. You just need to be able to help them communicate about money, learn to budget, and avoid arguments over individual spending habits.

Communication. Couples who fail to communicate usually end up single. Communication makes a relationship strong, and helps with all the other issues that come up in a relationship, include the other two listed here – sex and money. By taking the right accredited courses and receiving a relationship coaching certification, you will have learned the skills needed to help couples avoid and resolve conflict, move forward after an argument, and heal together as a couple.

Stop War and Make Love Stronger With a Relationship Coaching Certification

People want more connection and more meaningful relationships. Though we live in a disposable society, people really want to make their relationships work, but they often lack the skills or insights to overcome fear, communications issues, financial struggles, or problems with affection and sex. They want to stop fighting and start loving! That's where you, the relationship coach comes in.

Getting a certificate as a relationship coach will open up your coaching practice to a large target market of people seeking lasting love. If you’re already a life coach, becoming certified as a relationship coach is another way to boost your business and put your coaching practice into another gear!


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