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Almtzujon and alaasbun

Updated on July 12, 2016

Most things that become frequently talked me to enter into a discussion with a friend or acquaintance, then ends this debate confirms my friend wrong perspective grounds being not married yet. I'll never understand these things but if you married.The fact that the experience factor is significant in any subject or field. However, there are things you don't need experience insofar to Robby and logical thinking. What kind of experience do I need-or someone else needs to know to ignore the wishes of the husband wife surprised him emotional and marital life transform chronic bile to fridge free of emotions. And what experience do I need to know the trivia in the eyes of men is usually the most important things for women, that discarded leaves at the same Ukrainian wife. And how many times have you heard a complaint a wife asked her husband if he tells her the word love and rejection. Or asked him that makes her feel her longing when I miss, but he taunted them. But some wives complain that God has tested them by pairs of sample Sphinx. Not applicable, no fine and no human beings.Some married men keep their failures behind doubles experience and expertise. You find them and spare his wife became a kind word or a loving touch or slave. Some not only ignored the awkward, assails chiefly in the strongest terms and words that are misspelled something or forgot something. Marriage was created for us men only.Or like a movie where the hero men, while women-always and forever-the role of stuntman.Some men explain his shortcomings toward his wife, and his inability to do those small things that attracted his wife. Or despise it such things as fill teenagers, and that his work and spent it and home enough as proof of his love and devotion.The fact that such comments and other objectionable form and substance. The wife is based on pleasing her husband (or at least is expected that) most of the way and on more than one axis. They're all clean house and interest burdens and regulation, but not an excuse to neglect the interest in herself or her husband's attention (or at least he wants it that way), so how does tolerate men have in their legitimate rights. At the same time calls his wife to accept a surge. The only conflict role of family expenses as proof of love and attention.To deny the facts doesn't make them disappear and go away. And the man is facing the same truth that escapes them. The guy who leaves the marital life days passes without embracing his wife and kissing her for a fool. And the man who thinks his wife with the good word or Outlook or compassionate touch thankful, because man is kaput. Though he worked his mind because he found that a few words or simple actions will cost, time and effort and make his life very happy if he's keen on them and carried out regularly. To realize how wastes from pleasure, and how uneasy on himself.Write these words and know that the majority of couples theory expertise and experience won't be convinced of a word I've said it here. Their responses will be present. They are looking for happiness as much interest in substantiating their misconceptions distorted wetsarafthm.This as my mom here would be mainly because of not married yet. For those who didn't dry up their ideas and develop diabetes vanity and folly. And as the poet said:For all of its ysttab medicine. Only foolish puzzling of belonging


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