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Alpha Fire & Safety - The Best In Fire Protection Services - Greenville SC

Updated on July 18, 2011
Our Team Of Firefighters Have Got Your Back!
Our Team Of Firefighters Have Got Your Back! | Source

If you are looking for fire services, whether its restaurant fire suppression systems, spray paint booth fire suppression systems, dry chemical fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers or any other type of fire alarm systems, Alpha Fire & Safety in Mauldin South Carolina is the choice you can trust. With former fire fighters on your side, checking your restaurant or business for fire safety quality cannot be beaten.

Alpha Fire & Safety’s staff has seen, first hand, the devastating and catastrophic effects of fire damage, both in residences, and in businesses. Lack of proper, quality fire safety is the number one, most neglected part of protecting most businesses.

Call Today 864-676-0414

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Call Today 864-676-0414

No Matter What Your Questions Or Situation About Fire Protection, Feel Free To Give Us A Call at Alpha Fire Safety. We Are Happy To Help You!

Studies have shown that 1 in 10 businesses will have a fire that will devastate a business. 95% of the time, this could have been prevented if fire safety equipment had been properly installed and inspected by qualified professionals. Obviously, at Alpha Fire & Safety, with more than 22 years experience in fire service, is something that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Imagine right now.

Alpha Fire & Safety uses a lion because of its symbolism to what the company is founded on, both its Christian roots and the bravery of America’s military and firefighters. Alpha Fire & Safety is still going strong, helping business owners protect their business from one of the, if not the most devastating issues that 1 in 10 businesses will face.

Alpha Fire Safety - Not Bigger, Just Better

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5 Major Benefits That Put Alpha Fire Safety Scores Above The Rest

  • Experienced, Friendly Technicians At Your Service, on call 24 hours.
  • Better Prices - Better Service - Better Inspections. These equal better protection.
  • Our staff has Years of Wisdom, Care, And Knowledge Of Fire Safety.
  • Provide Careful Instruction and Tips on How to Protect Your Unique Business
  • Not A Corporate Conglomerate - Better, More Focused Inspections and Service

Call Us Anytime - 864-676-0414

If you haven’t noticed already, Alpha Fire & Safety offers you a quality of service that is of HUGE value to any business owner, namely a strong team of experienced fire professionals who are looking out for your best interest. Another thing that makes Alpha Fire & Safety in Greenville SC unique is the fact they will go above and beyond to teach you a little bit about what you may need to look out for or be aware of when it comes to your business. Even better, Alpha Fire & Safety is a family owned business that prides itself on going above and beyond for their clients.

Why not choose a big corporate competitor?

Great question…this is so easy to answer! Picking a competitor will most likely be much more expensive and will not take the time to answer all of your questions. When you have people who have no interest in YOUR business the amount of value you will get with a competitor is simply nowhere near what you will be getting when you choose Alpha Fire & Safety as your personal assistant in fire safety protection for your business.

See The Difference First Hand - 864-676-0414

Call Alpha Fire Safety Today And Get Hands Down, The Best Fire Protection in the Upstate Area, With over 10 years of Experience on Your Side.

Think You Don't Need Fire Protection? Think Again!

  • An estimated 5,900 restaurant business fires happen to restaurant owners per year in the United States, which results in an estimated average of 75 small to serious injuries and $172 million in property damage and loss.
  • The leading cause of all restaurant building fires is cooking at 59 percent and nearly all of these cooking fires (91%) are small, confined fires with limited damage.
  • While cooking is the leading cause of restaurant fires as well as the smaller, confined restaurant fires, electrical malfunction is the leading cause of the larger, more devastating restaurant building fires.
  • Restaurant fires most often start in the cooking areas and kitchens (41%).
  • Deep fryers (9%), ranges (7%), and miscellaneous kitchen and cooking equipment (5%) are the leading types of equipment involved in starting restaurant building fires.
  • Smoke alarms were reported as being present in 44% of restaurant building fires. In addition, full or partial automatic extinguishment systems, mainly sprinklers, were present in 47% of restaurant building fires.

A markerAlpha Fire & Safety 36 E. Butler Road, Mauldin, SC 29662 -
36 E Butler Rd, Mauldin, SC 29662, USA
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Located in Mauldin SC off of E. Butler Road close to the Police Station. We serve all of the Upstate area in Greenville, Anderson, Seneca and more.


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    • profile image

      Marie P 6 years ago

      I was so upset when the company I was using closed their office in Greenville. However, I called Alpha Fire and the service I received from them was up and beyond the company I had been using. I would highly recommend.

    • profile image

      Calvin 6 years ago

      Great company. It's hard to find people who actually show up on time and do a good job, but this company does. I will call them again.