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Alphabet Q1/2016: revenues increase 17% 19% increase in profit, reaching 4.207 billion

Updated on April 21, 2016

The latest financial reports from the parent company Google is the Alphabet shows their sales reached 20.257 billion in quarter 1/2016, an increase of 17% compared to the same period last year 17.258. Parallel to that, the net profit also increase to 4.207 billion u.s. dollars compared to 3.515 billion of quarter 1/2015. Of course, much of the revenue and profit of the Alphabet came from Google with the two figures in turn is 20.091 billion for revenues and 6272 billion u.s. dollars for profit activity. The remaining segment to be Google in part Other Bets (self-propelled car, Google Fiber ...) also evolved.

In the array of Other Bets, revenues increase from 80 million u.s. dollars over 166 million, i.e. more than double, the shows have started to have the proper direction. However, the array of this business continue heavy losses, last year's hole 633 million dollars and now 802 million. Most of these costs be increased is because Google is investing more for Google Fiber.

More details about Google, not only ad revenue increase that they earned more money from the other segment, in which the application and hardware inventory has brought about 2 billion dollars in revenue, is the fastest-growing parts of Google advertisers. The total amount obtained from the Google ads in the past quarter was 18.02 billion u.s. dollars.

Compared with a year ago, the Alphabet has had more close to 10000 employees, most of the new employees focuses on applications and cloud computing.

In the meeting for investors, the Google CEO Sundar Pichai stressed on machine learning and intelligence got created. He repeated that Google is leading the technology and it has helped Google graphic advertising optimization, cloud service array growth. As Sundar: computing trends will evolve from a focus for mobile to artificial intelligence.


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