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Alternative Jobs to an Architecture Career

Updated on July 7, 2012

The current recession hit everything related to the housing industry really hard. If you're an architect or a recent architecture graduate, you are painfully aware of that fact. You've developed a very specialized set of skills in architecture. If you can't find an architecture job, what other professions can you transfer your skills to?

Building Things

You've built a lot of models over the course of your career. Maybe you've even built some full scale mock-ups. You've also spent some time on construction sites.

Fields to consider:


Model building

Building Contracting

Understanding of the Nuts and Bolts of Buildings

There are a lot of people required to create and operate buildings. You have a very good understanding of buildings, and you might be able to cross over into one of these other professions fairly easily.

Fields to Consider:

Project Management

Facility Management

Lighting Design

Acoustics Design


Building Inspection

Understanding of the Greater Built Environment

You know how buildings fit into their larger context, which means you know a lot about cities, markets, and the environment. Consider fields that will use this knowledge.

Fields to consider:

Real Estate


City Planning

Environmental Engineering

Various Software Programs

You learned a lot of computer programs working in architecture. If you're a recent graduate you probably learned a gazillion of them in school. Make a list of the ones you learned and brainstorm professions where they'd be useful. You probably know some drafting programs, 3D modeling programs, graphic design programs, and maybe even some energy modeling programs. Another selling point can be that you know how to pick up new programs quickly!

Fields to consider:



Video game design

Creative Art

You're a designer. You can transfer your artistic abilities to other fields. You know about composition, lighting, and color theory, and you have experience sketching, building models, and photographing your work.

Fields to consider:

Graphic Design


Set Design

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

You have the ability to think creatively and in a non-linear fashion. This is an asset in any field. You're good at quickly finding multiple solutions to problems, often under pressure. You can also switch between scales easily. You can see how a building fits into the urban context, and then figure out roofing details. Even if you aren't looking at buildings, you can still analyze the relationships between micro and macro.


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    • profile image

      tiaan isaacs 4 years ago

      I'm an aspiring architecture but cannot affort to study. It's always been my dream :)