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Don't go to business school

Updated on March 26, 2010

Instead of getting an MBA, consider spending six months in my office (the original program, from 2008/09)

THE PROGRAM IS OVER. What an amazing group of people came and learned and made a difference. Thank you.

Six intense months working with a few other amazing people (and me.)

There are plenty of reasons to get an MBA, especially in a down economy. I'm not sure exactly what they are, though. A typical MBA might take two years out of your life and cost you more than $150,000 in tuition and opportunity cost.

On this page, I'd like to invite you to consider (and apply for) something very different.

First, I'll describe what's in it for you, then I'll explain how to apply. Please read all the instructions before hitting the send button. Thanks for checking this out. Please don't hesitate to forward this page to someone who might enjoy it.

If you're stuck in a dead end job in publishing, or if you made a not-so-great choice in getting your career started, or if you thought Wall Street would be a different place, or if you just got laid off, or if you're not crazy about fretting away the next six months waiting to get fired and you're not quite ready to start your own gig... this might be the turbolift you were hoping for. Yes, it's free.

It's a chance to get off that track and onto a new track, faster and cheaper than most of the alternatives. And it might even be fun.

[The rest of this page has various details about the program, so I don't have to answer the same questions again and again. It also has a bit of encouragement to it, since I realize it's a very big deal for you to drop everything to do this. It's also a big deal on my end, so hopefully it'll all work out.]

Three things you need from an MBA-like experience:

1. Education.

2. Experience.

3. Scarcity.

Some people would add (4. Connections) but I think those are overrated.

Here's the program I'm interested in creating:

One hour a day of class/dialogue

Four hours a day of working on my projects

Three hours a day of working on your personal project

Five hours a day of living, noticing, doing and connecting

At the end of the six months, it's quite likely that I'll ask one or more people to stay on. Everyone will get a letter of reference and a certificate worth framing. I think it'll be pretty scarce.

The program I'd like to do is not an internship. You don't get paid, you don't do scut work, you are not on your own. This is guided quest, one that delivers value to you (from the learning and the doing) and to me (from the teaching and from the work you'll produce.)

It's not for everyone. If it were, it wouldn't be worth much.

Boundaries that won't change


You have to find a place to stay that allows an easy commute to my office outside of NY (zip code 10706). We are three blocks from the train station, which is 40 minutes from Grand Central Station.

You have to speak perfect English.

You can't smoke.

You have to be both nice and smart, with an impeccable list of references.

I don't care a bit about how old you are or particularly what your business background is. I care a lot about what you've done and even better, how you've done it.

[Update: many people have asked about telecommuting or creating digital versions of this. I have no doubt that could be fun and perhaps effective, but it's not this. What I'm offering is a real world, face to face experience. Perhaps another time we'll do a digital thing.]

How to apply

Please read this part

The program starts January 19, 2009, which is quite soon. I need your application by December 14th. Please don't send it in late, because I'll just ignore it. I hate being late.

I'm looking for people who are brilliant, charismatic, on a mission, moving fast, filled with passion and empathy and want to do something worth doing. It's fine with me if you can't use a spreadsheet (yet) but not okay if you have no desire to learn what you don't know.

You get no credit for a clever application. The goal isn't to be creative in applying, it's to have a life that's shown creativity and insight already. (Please avoid photoshopping my picture and there's no need to do spec web research on me or any of my projects.)

You can apply digitally or by mail. Please don't ask anyone to email me on your behalf, and please don't come up with obnoxious or even creative ways to interrupt my day!

To submit a digital application, build a Squidoo lens that answers the questions below and email me the URL. It's fine with me if your lens points to pdf files, blogs or other digital media. It's fine with me if you want to invite your friends to post comments on your Squidoo page. If you want information to be private, include it in a pdf and email it to me. My address is seth [at] I am most impressed by true stories of full responsibility as well as compelling references from trusted sources.

To submit a non-returnable physical application, mail it to me at Box 305, Irvington, NY 10533. If you're going to mail it in, please enclose a check or money order for $20 payable to the Acumen Fund, a charity I support. This is to encourage you to be digital.

No matter what, I need to see what your digital footprint looks like, so be sure to include links or screenshots or whatnot. Especially whatnot.

Here's my promise: if you spend the time to apply, I'll spend the time to get back to you by email to let you know that I got your application, and then again to let you know what I decided. I'm afraid that I can't have a dialogue with every applicant, though.

The questions!

  • What do you do now?
  • Why do you do it?
  • What are you hoping to learn?
  • After you learn it, what are you going to do with it?
  • Tell me a true story about making a change in the world.
  • Have you overcome a Dip?
  • What astonishing thing did you do before you did what you do now.
  • Make a wish.
  • What else should I know?

Best way to have a secret advantage when you apply

In your application, provide insight as to how many other people you told about this opportunity and how many other great people you persuaded to apply.

Your ability to organize, your willingness to share (even if it doesn't help your odds) and your kindness in spreading the word are exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.

And here's the real point: if I don't find enough world-changing people, I have to cancel the entire program before it starts. So, believe in yourself... help me find the other people who will join you here.

The problem with laissez faire

In running internships, I've tried to take a hands off approach. "Here," I say, "this is the goal, these are the tools, shout if you need me." The idea is that people with motivation ought to be able to push themselves if they just have the opportunity.

I've discovered that this doesn't work nearly as well as I'd like. It's simple: if it were easy to change, people would do it. It's the pushing and the coaching and the daily expectations that help the change occur.

So that's my obligation this time around. To create enough expectation and support that you actually achieve what you set out to do. It's a lot more work for me (sort of scary, actually) but I'm willing to try. Which raises expectations/effort for you (a lot).

More specifics

My goal is to focus the group on practical applications in the following areas:







community development and coordination

technology (as a user, not a creator)



presentation skills

I expect to spend zero time talking about the stock market, industrial engineering or large-scale finance. Very little accounting as well.

I would imagine that this sojourn will be very valuable to:


people hoping to move to the social or non-profit sector

change agents within corporations

musicians and other self-managed craftspeople

community organizers

middle managers seeking more influence and authority



salespeople and business development folks

We're going to read books, have discussions but most of all, do stuff. Do it, complete it, push it through the Dip.

Informational conference call


Visit this blog and you'll find the file.

Please come to an info session in my office

But you must apply by 12/14/08

I'll review your application and possibly invite you to a group info session to be held at my office at 8 am on December sixteenth (it's optional). By doing it at 8, you can still get to wherever you're supposed to be that day without being too late.

I'm going to interview all the finalists and this will give you a leg up and let you know what you may or may not be in for. I hope to be able to invite you and I hope you can come.

Note! This means that if you live in another land and are hoping to sojourn in New York during the six months, you're going to have to be willing to fly here for an interview on spec. I know that is wildly inconvenient, but that's the deal.

Fair trade?

Should I pay people who do this? After all, the projects we're doing together are things I'm working on, things that might turn a profit.

On the other hand, should you pay a lot to do this? After all, it's an education and the group and I are helping you develop your skills and ideas--something you'd have a hard time buying at any price. It's a huge time commitment for me (and you.)

I can't figure out the right balance between the two, so I decided to make it simple. Free.

Some fine print

I reserve the right to cancel the program for any reason before January 1. All participants (including me) will sign an NDA and work for hire agreement. College degree helpful but not required. This is not an accredited program (what a surprise). Not responsible for unclaimed dry cleaning.

You supply books, laptops and lunch. No bacon. Sometimes I'll cook lunch and you can pretend it's delicious.

Key dates

  • Deadline for applications: December 14, 2008
  • Open house in my office by invitation only: December 16.
  • Start date: January 19, 2009

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    • Paula Atwell profile image

      Paula Atwell 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      This is not something that I am free to do, but what a great opportunity for the right person. Good luck choosing.

    • profile image

      WhitePineLane 8 years ago

      Ditto. If I were in my twenties with no family, no mortgage, and no bills I would love to try for this. Sounds terribly exciting!

    • profile image

      badmsm 8 years ago

      I'm in if you ever have the option to work remotely. My husband, kids and dog will not fit in my suitcase...

      This is a great idea!

    • profile image

      Joan4 8 years ago

      This is a wonderful opportunity for the right person. What a life-changing experience this will be.

    • VBright profile image

      VBright 8 years ago

      I am telling everyone I know about it! What a fantastic opportunity!

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 8 years ago

      What an opportunity! I'm thinking of who might be interested.

    • profile image

      GrowWear 8 years ago

      Would that I were free to do this. It's an amazing opportunity! Good luck and much success to all participants.

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 8 years ago

      I instantly felt 20 years younger when I read this!

    • profile image

      WebSpinstress 8 years ago

      This is an incredible opportunity...just reading about it happens to inspire me. :-) Kudos for offering such a unique rewarding experience. I also fall under the "kids and husband don't pack well in suitcase" criteria, but I think that taking advantage of creating a non-submitted application to use for personal evaluation is a valuable lesson learned on it's own. Thanks and 5*'s.

    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image

      ctavias0ffering1 8 years ago

      Oh how I wish I was a few years younger LOL I'd jump at the chance of an opportunity like this. A fabulous opportunity for the right people.

      Now I'm off to see if I can find some of the right people to point this way.

    • profile image

      thefunkybunch 8 years ago

      Seth, I've been waiting for just this opportunity. I look forward to applying!

    • profile image

      Rock_The_Ice 8 years ago

      Wow... I live in the UK but I'm going to apply because this is just too big an opportunity to miss out on. I'd recommend anyone to this; take out a loan, sell unwanted things, give up the dead-end job, do whatever it takes but get there! =]

    • profile image

      Ianfrom5am 8 years ago

      Hey Seth, this is wonderful! I’ve tried getting my wife to the Olympics for 12 years. Now I’m trying to get my kids on the pro surfing tour. When my turn comes around, I’ll be there. In the meantime I’m going to forward this to a few stars I know.

      Good luck - this is a wonderful way of making the world a little better and exciting.

    • profile image

      ClbBluJkt 8 years ago

      What a magnificent opportunity. Worth what you would need to do just for the experience.

      Can there be a remote option? Through teleconferencing, email, etc? I am sure there is a physical component that would be a great boon, but some way for the information to decentralize?

    • profile image

      siev3rt 8 years ago

      Wow, I need to start saving to fly to NY! And write my application :D

    • profile image

      katherina1 8 years ago

      I live in Jamaica, work fulltime, 2 kids and husband so would really love to have a chance to sign up if you could arrange for online participation as well. I know that I am the right person for this programme. Is there any hope for an online version of the programme? There is so much talent that exists outside of new york,please do not allow a passionate follower to be robbed of an awesome opportunity.

    • profile image

      divabat 8 years ago

      Bummer! I'm from Malaysia and I definitely can't afford flying for an interview (I could do the job great but the visa will take AGES). Would you happen to know of any other opportunities much like yours in terms of principles and value? Aside from the visa/money issues (I have friends in NY so living there isn't an issue) this would have been PERFECT. Good luck and I hope you find others soon!

    • profile image

      carlagolden 8 years ago

      Seth~ This is amazing. But I think it's shortsighted. We live and work nationally and globally and we need to know how to organize, communicate and make efficient progress using tools such as the internet and telephone. The markets being sought for tomorrow's businesses are less often strictly local and we need to know how to function from a virtual office. Your teachings are phenomenal, but I challenge you to go ultimately digital with this project. Your pool of qualified talent won't be limited to creative people who have not yet had the chance to lean into the Dip of marriage, mortgage or child rearing - excellent character and endurance building opportunities! But this is your show and you can make the rules however you like. I think you're great to offer this and it will be life-altering for the chosen few. Be well, xo-Carla.

    • profile image

      debracortese 8 years ago

      Officially adding you to my daily inspiration list and will be sharing this throughout my art and biz networks.

      btw this was just the nudge I needed this morning to reevaluate the benefits, value and direction of my current projects. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Anli 8 years ago

      What a great idea! I'd love to be part of this opportunity. My challenge is that I'm working in Malta at the moment and I'm on a South African passport (VISA will take a while to get). Is there any chance of on online version?

      I'll definitely be passing this on to friends and colleagues...

    • profile image

      ebriel 8 years ago

      I know a few brilliant, soon-to-be-unemployed finance people here in Hong Kong who might be interested. Normally I'd be interested to participate, but I've been on a roll with travel-book/art exhibition projects for the past year and it's not letting up anytime soon.

      Looking forward to seeing your group of fantastic proteges. Will this be a kind of creative "Apprentice", Godin-style?

    • profile image

      AlexGrech 8 years ago

      I'm prepared to leave my child and understanding wife and what's left of my consulting business in Malta behind to do this. It's time for this. Alex.

    • profile image

      LawgirlUK 8 years ago

      Love this site. Love your blogs. Love the idea of a 'school' that doesn't attempt to peddle, recycle or clone received (yawn) wisdom but taps into the unquantifiable power of enthusiasm. I used to hire MBAs, but it scared me what that particular boot camp of the brain had done to these folks' ability to think outside the [insert your geometric shape of choice here]. I want open-source business schools that ignore location, the school you went to, the age you are now or any other quota-filling statistic. I want open-source problem solving in business too. That is a lot of wants, particularly from a UK resident (sorry) but to heck with our quaint, old-fashioned ways. Time to get foot-stampingly impatient with the way that business engages with talent, technology, their customers, or the rest of the world, for that matter. Best of British to all those who grab this great opportunity with all available digits.

    • profile image

      atifkhan 8 years ago

      Hmmm... I am not sure if I will be able to fly in to the US (i am from Pakistan) for the interview. But I am really giving it a thought. I mean a serious thought.

      Mean while... ill defiantly be spreading the word ( on this...

    • Lewister profile image

      Susan 8 years ago from Texas

      My heart and mind are going crazy just thinking of the possibilities. This is a scary jump into the deep end. But a good kind of scary. Off to start working on a new lens!

    • profile image

      nextgenradio 8 years ago

      Sent this opportunity to two people. They left cozy California for New York City. I think to do that, you have to be seriously mission driven, creative, savvy and willing to take intelligent risks. Otherwise, that city is too exhausting. Great idea and I hope they bite.

    • profile image

      ccrifasi 8 years ago

      Seth, what amazes me the most about this posting is your ability to turn the situation on its head. What could have been a simple posting about a job opening has become a way to "change my destiny"!! I just went through a round of interviews to transition from one job as a CPA to another and I just have to say that every company with an opening should read this post and seriously think about how to "sell" the position that is open. Luckily I hooked up with a group of people that sold the position.


    • profile image

      jenmdesigns 8 years ago

      It is amazing to find someone who is so inspirational. As a graphic design major that often times feels out of the loop, I genuinely feel inspired. I have been reading Godin for a couple years and this has made me feel the need to reach out. To take a new direction in my career for something grand.

    • profile image

      wolfie1 8 years ago

      I am a great believer that education starts the moment you step out of school, college, university or wherever your last formal education took place. Education is only factually based - knowledge comes from using the skills you have learnt to apply them on a daily basis. Be Curious. I have several friends who chose to further their 'education' do a Masters, gain an MBA, yet the very moment they finish that Masters - they stop reading, stop learning. I chose a different path - finished university - travelled - I read - I read - and I read about the world in which we live and the opportunities we have. I came home worked for a Big 4 ccountancy firm and realised I wasn't advancing my knowledge, I was being penned in along with 000's of others. I left. I dare to dream - to dare to be different. It's a risk - a huge risk. Is it worth the risk - hell yeah!!

      LawgirlUK - I totally agree with you.

    • profile image

      ephealy 8 years ago

      Gamble for greatness. If you're hungry, this is the best opportunity you're going to see in a long time. My thoughts:

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      wow, this is a great opportunity. I'll spread the word.

    • profile image

      takeflyt 8 years ago

      Your offer is truly miraculous... and will be a gift to the lucky few whose lives will be significantly impacted by the experience. You don't get something for nothing. Good for you for caring enough to offer the challenge. Good luck.

    • profile image

      takeflyt 8 years ago

      Your offer is truly miraculous... and will be a gift to the lucky few whose lives will be significantly impacted by the experience. You don't get something for nothing. Good for you for caring enough to offer the challenge. Good luck.

    • profile image

      smmillard 8 years ago

      What a great game changing idea. Big risk with a hopefully big reward. I have already shared this with one person and it will be the topic of my next blog post (

    • profile image

      avilbeckford 8 years ago

      Seth, I think this is the kind of action that truly makes a difference in the world. You inspire me and this is how I want to contribute in this world. I want to make a difference, one person at a time. While interviewing people for my book and reflecting on the interviews, I learned so much. The interviewees were, and still are my invisible mentors.

      I have an MBA and I have rarely used information that I learned. I am a continuous learner and am contstantly reading. I seldom read bestsellers and I love to read books that are off the beaten path. I would have considered your offer if it was virtual, I live in Toronto. I will send this to my niece who lives in New York. Thanks again! Avil Beckford

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 8 years ago

      Seth - what a great opportunity for some lucky person! I just took a J 0 B - and am lucky to have one in this economy, but I may refer a friend who has just been

      developing a webpage. Thanks *****

    • profile image

      treborv 8 years ago

      What an outrageous opportunity. Geographically, its out of my reach (in South Africa) and to be apart from my kids for 6 months is impossible. Any rich "sugar daddys" out there?


    • profile image

      JackStorey 8 years ago

      I remember reading about the beginnings of this idea in Small is the New Big and wishing that you would do it. I am already putting the finishing touches on my lens for this amazing, near unbelievable opportunity. I would gladly, and without hesitation, drop what I am doing and come to NY for this life-altering project. Thank you for even considering this opportunity; I shared this with a good number of my like-minded friends and hope that we can all meet you in NY soon!

    • poncito89 profile image

      poncito89 8 years ago

      The best opportunity I've heard about in like forever probably. Im 19 and Im studying business in mmmm Chile, so its kinda far away. Do you plan to repeat this in a long term basis?

      Thanks a lot for your blog also, I read it every day

    • profile image

      JackStorey 8 years ago

      Hey, this comment is for all those reading this: in the off chance that we get selected, we should all come together to try to find affordable housing so that this can be an affordable opportunity for all of us. email me a and we'll start putting together a tentative plan of action just in case.

    • kellywissink lm profile image

      kellywissink lm 8 years ago

      Thanks Seth!

      You get it!

      Curt and Kelly Wissink

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Oh my word! What an opportunity! I hope we will get updates as to how the whole thing goes. All the best, from UK Mother of 4, who cannot move to New York!

    • BFunivcom profile image

      Allan R. Wallace 8 years ago from Wherever Human Rights Reign

      Regarding your opening image, it's interesting that the most famous drop out from Harvard is Bill Gates - I take it that is the sort of applicant you would prefer. I have read a study on MBA programs that questions their value, and the study has statistics to support that contention.

      I would love to see this program thrive - happy hunting!

    • giacombs-ramirez profile image

      gia combs-ramirez 8 years ago from Montana

      Seth, I hope this is a such a smashing success that you continue to do it for at least 2 more years, at which time I will be done tutoring my hearing-impaired son in high school and I will be able to apply! I applaud you on walking your talk and showing us the qualities you talk about in your books and through Squidoo.

    • profile image

      ggnorethx 8 years ago

      Already booked tickets and deposits for a wedding in Hawaii in May and will be out of action for 3 weeks. I can't help but feel this will hurt my chances for application, but it's worth a try. Who's ready to quit their job? :)

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 8 years ago

      lol That intro pic is enough to convince me! Thanks for the 5* lens. I am going to devour it!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Seth, this is a great opportunity for the right people. A very nice thing for you to do. Someone will benefit from the whole hats off to you! Nice lens!

    • Meloramus profile image

      Meloramus 8 years ago

      This is - I hope - an early example of a new world where mindfulness, creativity and communication become the main focus of our communities. Best of luck with the recruitment process.

    • Meloramus profile image

      Meloramus 8 years ago

      This is - I hope - an early example of a new world where mindfulness, creativity and communication become the main focus of our communities. Best of luck with the recruitment process.

    • Happiegrrrl profile image

      Terrie Marcoe 8 years ago from Gardiner, New York and Joshua Tree, California

      I bet this WILL be an amazing thing for at least some of the participants. I did a not similar but sorta/kinda like it thing with a group here in NYC called Not everyone needs, can afford, stomach or even wants the formal MBA . I don't doubt I got a lot more from that program than many do sticking in the mud of organized classrooms. Good luck to all who participate in this venture!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Wow! What an amazing opportunity! Winter in the Big Apple with Seth Godin for 6 months - just took my breath away! This is THE most incredible offer by a hugely generous genius. Hmmm coming from South Africa - how can I make this happen? Big challenge. If you live in the US, don't even hesitant! Its got to work so Seth does it again virtually.

    • KimberlyDawnWel1 profile image

      KimberlyDawnWel1 8 years ago

      If you can do it, do! NYC is such a fun place to be, and the SethStaff are very fun to work with. :)

      And have some sushi for me!

    • profile image

      davidmarq 8 years ago

      I have created a LinkedIn group - informing people of this great opportunity. Please come join it, and help me start a broader discussion around the role of post-undergraduate education in the United States, its advantages, weaknesses, and opportunities.

    • profile image

      dopeswan 8 years ago

      I've never thought of myself to be one that would be interested in an MBA, but after reading this, I realized that business management is one area I can use some strengthening.

    • profile image

      hotsosisbetterthanyou 8 years ago

      This is a great idea for everyone involved. I run a boutique design/creative agency in Toronto and I have had arrangements like this for people wanting to learn the trade and it has worked out well for both my company and the intern.

      It should be free on both sides of the coin, because it is not easy for the employer/trainer, it takes a lot of hand holding and discussion to get GOOD work out of people, probably by the time 6 mnths is up, THEN the intern will be generating profit. Maybe.

      They should be close or at least accessible by transit so that it is cheap and easy for the intern. Living at home or something is good too because it takes the stress off of the intern to make money to live during the training period.

    • teamlane profile image

      teamlane 8 years ago

      Wow! Sounds like a great experience. Not only to rub shoulders with Seth, but the relationships of some like-minded entrepenurers. :)

    • profile image

      JoeTall 8 years ago

      I know one of your students. I have sent him this. I hope he gives me credit after it is over.


    • profile image

      divabat 8 years ago

      [in reply to alicam] Haven't you done internships before? I've done two and they pretty much work the same - free work, but you learn a hell of a lot. Sure, it'd be nice if he paid (esp if you need to fend for yourself) but that's not necessarily common in the intern world.

    • profile image

      ScottMoroney 8 years ago

      An internship is for many the first opportunity to see the real world. What a better place to do it than with Seth and his team of merry marauders. BTW, my internship was free in terms of dollars up front. The value long term is immeasurable. Do it.

    • profile image

      mattyroze 8 years ago

      Might be the only reason to ever move out of California.

    • profile image

      christianpattman 8 years ago

      Any chance this can be done again remotely (or in asia)? Having just moved my wife and 2 smallies to Hong Kong makes it matter how much I would like to do it.

    • profile image

      timjrobinson 8 years ago

      Holy crap, the synchronicity is amazing! I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur who's been in Internet Marketing going on 2 years. Just quitting my first ever job to run my own business and travel the world... and I'm quitting on... January 16th. Just in time to fly over to NYC and begin training.

      I've been looking for a great mentor for the past 6 months, seems like I've found him.

      Sounds like the perfect opportunity, hope to see you in NYC :)

      Will be sending in my application ASAP

    • profile image

      emmajustine 8 years ago

      If only I hadn't made work commitments in Australia until Jan 23, you bet your ass I'd be there. And unfortunately, real world commitments trump amazing opportunities in my books.

    • profile image

      musicrevo 8 years ago

      This is awesome...the experience of a lifetime from one of my favorite business minds. I will be applying indefinitely.

    • profile image

      snyders1 8 years ago

      Great opporunity here. Anyone applying for this? If so reach out to me so we can start some sort of network regardless of what happens. You can reach me at - I'm from Philadelphia.

    • profile image

      AmyPan 8 years ago

      I gotta know this opportunity from my boss. I work for a website start-up company. As a young freshman for real working world, I am always thankful that I have learned a lot from my current job. But reading this chance invokes my desire to learn more...My boss seems encouraging me to do it.(Haha or maybe he wants to lay me off...Joking) One of the concerns is I am thousands miles away from NY, it will be the first challenge for me to organize the way flying to NY if it's needed.

      Good luck to every applicants!!!!! so do i.

    • profile image

      yoga98 8 years ago

      This is amazing and wonderful. If, in the future, the digital option feels good to you (for those who are remote and, for various reasons, can't get to you physically for this oportunity), please let us know. I'm so there. WELL DONE! Peggy

    • profile image

      miradimic 8 years ago

      What's the point helping outliers only move forward with this course?

    • profile image

      aswann 8 years ago

      I am a high-school drop out turned entrepreneur and I have already transformed the quality of my life thru your work and other great works. So inspired was I that I spent 11 years going to night school to get my degree and have frankly blazed a trail of light across the selling sky. The course? Yep, I'll apply, but I am already well on my way to helping others break the code, and YOU have already helped me do that. Thanks for the love.

    • profile image

      annie59 8 years ago

      I have discovered Seth's writings only this year and receive the blog everyday like an occupational devotion. I have purchased The Tribe, rec'd the workbook for The Tribe, bought The Big Moo and The Dip CD.

      I am reinventing myself as an internet marketer and experience Seth's writings like a breath of fresh air.

      I have run screaming from most corporate organizations that I have experienced - broken and disillusioned.

      I regularly experience a connection with Seth's writings that is authentic and encouraging.

      When I see President Elect Obama on the TV I sit in wonder and amazement at the progress that has happened in my lifetime so far and pray for more that we may see even more of the same.

      I live in Canada where our opposition parties are trying to create a coalition - finding places whtheir differences to strengthen themselves with beliefs that they can find important agreement on. Social justice, liberal practice, fairness. It will be imperfect but remarkable! Thank you Seth

    • profile image

      jquaglia 8 years ago

      This sounds like such a tremendous opportunity. I hope to get everything together and apply.

      Kind of makes me feel like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

    • profile image

      AnnaB1 8 years ago

      Are applications open to people from the UK?

    • seth godin profile image

      seth godin 8 years ago

      [in reply to AnnaB1] It doesn't matter where you're from, as long as you can show up for interviews and for the thing itself...

    • profile image

      marcelnz 8 years ago

      This is so up my alley but hey when you are so far away ; just 24 hours ago I was looking at the Branson school for small business (in south africa) and now this here with Seth...looks like I'm getting closer ; anyway : i'm in the middle of evolution marketing something for and about soccer / football from New Zealand and that should be interesting cos here they only know , love and breath rugby and the likes ; thus another challenge and in saying so I look forward to keep up with Seth's blogs and going ons !

      This invite reminded me of a Napoleon Hill story about the guy whom wanted to work with Thomas Edison and in the end he did....but with three young kids , down under while being invited at 8 a.m. so to be able to carry on , doing what I'm doing later that day , is a bit far fetched. Frankly ; would I even qualify for a six month usa visa for starters...

      I'm with that chick yoga above here (Peggy) and wait for the digital age to come my way. cheers , marcel in NZ xx

    • profile image

      MonkeyGum 8 years ago

      Way, way too good an opportunity to pass up on!

      No idea how this is even going to be possible as I live in London right now, but when there's a will...there's an application going in!

    • profile image

      pobox 8 years ago

      My son recommended this for me, and I recommended it for him. I live within commuting distance, so I'll apply and hope to win. To participate, he would have to move back home which is not practical at this point in time. I see this as a life enhancing opportunity after dropping out of an MBA program years ago since it was stifling my creativity. Wish me luck! And thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      randoMatt 8 years ago

      I've created a site to help with the logistics of the internship at It's a social network (think Facebook) dedicated to helping applicants with the real life challenges.

      You can share your problems and solutions on finding housing, managing family expectations, how to pay for the trip, tips on running your existing business and more. You can also meet and network with applicants. I'll take the best of the tips and suggestions and post them to a lens.

      There are 100 reasons you can't do six months in NYC. It looks like 25% of the comments are excuses. Come squash as many as you can, and help others by joining and participating. Sign up at

      P.S. If you can help me run/improve/grow the site, email me at matt(at) Your kindness is much appreciated!

    • profile image

      lincolnn 8 years ago

      Is this position real? I hope its not just some experiment.

    • profile image

      Imperator 8 years ago

      [in reply to randoMatt] Hey, that is very nice of you. I would love to go on this, not sure my wife would agree.

    • profile image

      divabat 8 years ago

      Aha! I figured that even though my chances are super low (mainly due to logistics) I'll give this a go anyway. Let's see what happens :)

    • profile image

      Priscilla_like_Priscilla_Presley 8 years ago

      Sounds intriguing. I am a wife and mother and my family said a quick, "no." I am that person that people close to me encouraged to apply for Donald Trump's Apprentice. I did not but this opportunity looks like a plausible choice. Not really. My husband and I are online chatting and he is sharing with me his sadness imagining how I would be gone and so far from home. I like the application outline and it will help me outline a personal branding campaign for my continued job hunt. I am glad I found this blog and subscribed.

    • profile image

      lincolnn 8 years ago

      there sure are a lot of excuses in these comments.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago


      You had a high school / college internship program earlier.

      -- In regards to this internship:

      Would you be willing to accept high school students (Going into college next year)

      I've read the line with:

      "There is no age requirement" - But, I just thought I would shoot this question at you, as I would suspect I am not the only one wondering this.


    • profile image

      divabat 8 years ago

      You might want to give a longer time space between the closing date of applications and the day of the interview. Anyone coming from outside the US (or heck, even outside the North-East) will need at least a day to just travel to NY, let alone arrange transport and logistics and all that. A week is short, but for most finalists likely more possible.

      Also consider starting the program later, probably February or March. This will give people time to organise leave, housing, finances, and so on. I've done international moves and flown overseas for interviews on spec and logistics can be a MASSIVE issue! You don't want to lose out on world-changing people just because the airline industry or immigration departments are reluctant and slow (btw, US immigration and visa processes SUCK MAJOR.)

    • profile image

      lianalehman 8 years ago

      Passing this on to my network! This sounds as good as summer camp, MBA school, and a spot on "The Apprentice" mixed together. I'd be in on this myself if I were not out of the country for a honeymoon for all of next April... that too is only a once in a lifetime thing, right??

    • profile image

      lianalehman 8 years ago

      Passing this on to my network! This sounds as good as summer camp, MBA school, and a spot on "The Apprentice" mixed together. I'd be in on this myself if I were not out of the country for a honeymoon for all of next April... that too is only a once in a lifetime thing, right??

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Nice ;ens, lots of useful information! And I laughed about your main picture (top one) "worlds famous MBA" coz he looks funny at that pic.

    • profile image

      brookethomas 8 years ago

      I know I was warned not to, but I'm jumping up and down!! Just to know that such an amazing and gracious offer exists in the world is reason enough to believe in miracles. Thank you for the genius opportunity- expect my application!!

    • seth godin profile image

      seth godin 8 years ago

      [in reply to divabat] You're right about immigration. Alas, at this scale and overhead, I just can't help with any of that. I'm sorry.

    • seth godin profile image

      seth godin 8 years ago

      [in reply to Cyrusmassoumi] Alas, I don't think I can handle high school sabbatical folks...

    • profile image

      KamilRiz 8 years ago

      [in reply to sethgodin] Seth im from Pakistan before emailing you and waisting your time . I wanted to know that are u accepting application from Pakistan (out side USA)?

    • profile image

      KamilRiz 8 years ago

      [in reply to sethgodin] And i also live in Pakistan

    • profile image

      tmssj2000 8 years ago

      Actually instead of getting MBA, I would recommend taking CFA instead. it's more relevant


      Guide to How to Get Your Ex Back

    • beta21 profile image

      beta21 8 years ago


      1) You say not to have anyone email you on our behalf, but you also say that you are impressed by "compelling references from trusted sources." Does this mean that it is ok to have someone email you on our behalf if it's someone you've publicly said you respect in the past?

      2) The lens says you want a list of references, but it also says to apply just answer the list of questions and email you the URL. Does this mean you only want our references if we make it to round two?

    • ishitagupta lm profile image

      ishitagupta lm 8 years ago

      I stopped in my tracks when I saw this. What an opportunity to progress in personal development and leadership! I will definitely be sending this to motivated souls in my network and will be applying. After the "Tribes" lec. in NYC its hard not to be motivated and compelled to action to make change. Anyone who wants to live up to their full potential, help others empower themselves, and take the next step to creating a better life (for yourself & others) should apply!

    • profile image

      JackStorey 8 years ago

      [in reply to snyders1] Email me at and I'll get you hooked up with the amazing few people that I've already connected with through this Alt MBA process! Can't wait to learn more about you, my friend! Good luck!

    • profile image

      jonathangreen 8 years ago



      If you wish to pursue practical training through an internship with a U.S. based employer you will require either an exchange visitor (J-1) or trainee (H-3) visa. Such activities cannot be conducted on a B-2 visa or visa free under the Waiver Program, even if you will receive no payment from a U.S. source.

      The first step is to determine if the prospective employer is a designated exchange visitor program sponsor. Training opportunities exist in variety of occupational categories including the arts and culture, information media and communications, education, management, business, commerce and finance. If the prospective employer is a designated exchange visitor program sponsor they will issue you with a Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status, form DS-2019, which you will be required to furnish when applying for a J-1 visa.

      Hope this is useful

    • profile image

      SelinaM 8 years ago

      Thank you Seth Godin for reaching out, particularly in this time, where there is hope and change in the air, and a shifting economy, for offering leadership and mentorship. This is an awesome example of mentorship and will be a wonderful opportunity for any lucky go-getters. I would like to recommend my friend @Alexa, who most likely, would love to apply but cannot, because she is hard at work for another company at this time. I look forward to following this and hearing about the experience from both sides!

    • profile image

      Noah_Fleming 8 years ago

      What an amazing opportunity Seth.

      I wonder if I can convince my wife to allow me to move to New York for 6 months!

    • profile image

      Noah_Fleming 8 years ago

      What an amazing opportunity Seth.

      I wonder if I can convince my wife to allow me to move to New York for 6 months!

    • profile image

      MicheleT 8 years ago

      Wow, what an amazing - and rare - opportunity!

    • profile image

      KevinBuecher 8 years ago

      Here is a Ning Group for us to talk about how we can spread this MBA their is another great group at all about the logistics of moving to NY for six months!

    • profile image

      PlannedLegacy 8 years ago

      Hi Seth,

      What a great idea! Wish I could participate. Regardless, I added a link to this Squidoo lens on my Facebook and Twitter profiles. I encourage others to do the same. Keep up the great work!


    • profile image

      ZeeZee 8 years ago

      What a great opportunity for a late developer like myself.

      I have the life experience. I am building a Social Media Community called Truemanity. Why am i doing it? I hope to make change in the world...give people opportunities. It has the community donating to non-profits...empowering others.

      What do I hope to learn? Better communication and skills needed to write better.

      What am I going to do with this acquired knowledge. I am going to be a better messenger for change.

    • profile image

      thefunkybunch 8 years ago

      Hey Everyone,

      This is only going to be as good as the people who apply, so spread the word, it'll be best for all of us. If you're a facebook fan, join this group and start inviting the geniuses in your lives:

      This can only reach it's full potential if we make sure the most inspirational people are there. Seth played the first card, now it's our turn.

    • profile image

      JeanetteFisher 8 years ago

      Hi Seth,

      I'm working on my first lens listing all my qualifications and look forward to joining your call tomorrow!



    • profile image

      thefunkybunch 8 years ago

      Seth, might you be able to record tomorrow's call and post it for those people who are unable to dial in?

    • profile image

      DrKaiser 8 years ago

      Not much time, only two days, from the time of being chosen as a finalist to the meeting in New York.

      I'm in Florida, if chosen I would come to the meeting, but it appears the only way to get there might be to drive. I'm sure airline tickets will be impossible to obtain at a reasonable price at that late date.

    • profile image

      njthompson 8 years ago

      I've started a Squidoo group to get together all you incredible people to share ideas and thoughts, chat about your lens, ask any questions you have, share any tips on building a Lens, post offers or asks for apartments, and so much more more. This is a phenomenal program with so much potential, so let's get the best people out who will change the world!

      By the way, this is new and my first Squidoo Group, so please send over feedback and requests to add to the group - besides, this is your group, your tool!

      Check it out:

    • profile image

      njthompson 8 years ago

      I've started a Squidoo group to get together all you incredible people to share ideas and thoughts, chat about your lens, ask any questions you have, share any tips on building a Lens, post offers or asks for apartments, and so much more more. This is a phenomenal program with so much potential, so let's get the best people out who will change the world!

      By the way, this is new and my first Squidoo Group, so please send over feedback and requests to add to the group - besides, this is your group, your tool!

      Check it out:

    • profile image

      rbrada5 8 years ago

      Amazing. I am going to keep an eye on this.

    • profile image

      willconley777 8 years ago

      I hate it, just like I hate all free labor. The man has already made it in this world; he can afford to volunteer some time. Those who need his course are the very people who should not break their backs for him. They should be out making money, however humble their lives are.

      Seth wants us to help each other. Here's my help: Don't go to his alt-MBA. That is unless, of course, you have a backing partner (e.g., parents) to pay for your life while you go learn how to have grit.

      Oh, I haven't begun to sound harsh.

      Most of the people attending this course, in my estimate, will be people who have never experienced poverty. The few poor people who do end up losing sleep over this and starving themselves and wracking their brains trying to impress this man and finally ending up in the course will feel mighty lonely in Seth's gaggle of rich parrots.

      Seth is a fantastic writer. He's not a bad guy, but please, if you can't afford this kind of commitment, don't do it.

    • seth godin profile image

      seth godin 8 years ago

      [in reply to thefunkybunch] If you can find an attendee to do this for you, it's okay with me. It's going to be very informal, though.. If you have a specific question that I haven't answered, please ask away!

    • profile image

      lincolnn 8 years ago

      Hey guys. Lets make the official hub for anyone serious about this opportunity. It'll make it easier for people to find roommates and discuss.

    • profile image

      dexterronddle12 8 years ago

      Frankly speaking, EMBA sounds like a better choice if you have the money. And you get to network with a larger grp of well-known executives!

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    • profile image

      10DollarTrafficSecret 8 years ago

      I'd like to hear more about this. See you on tomorrows call!

    • profile image

      thefunkybunch 8 years ago

      Thanks Seth, I've asked other applicants to see if they can help out.

      There's a discussion on the FaceBook group regarding visas for non-US applicants. We're trying to establish exactly what the situation would be, and whether those of us from countries that are a part of the Visa Waiver program might need one at all. If you can shed any light on this from your end, it would be much appreciated. NJ Thompson (from the FaceBook group) has said she'll be on the call and we mention it on our behalf.

      For everyone else, there are now a number of different ways to connect with other applicants and let other people know about what's in the offing. Take your pick or join all four!



      Squidoo Group:

      Ning group for Logistical Planning:

      Thanks to everyone who's set these up.

      [in reply to sethgodin]

    • beta21 profile image

      beta21 8 years ago

      Seth Godin Does Not Have to Read Your App:

    • profile image

      avraml 8 years ago


      I tried to access the conference call, but sadly, the call was full and wouldn’t let new participants join. I hope you’ll post the recording online for those of us who couldn’t get in!

    • profile image

      squirrrerlreal24 8 years ago

      I also won't waste my money on MBA...

      With Love

    • profile image

      njthompson 8 years ago

      Thanks for taking the time for the call today Seth - it definitely spurred some great conversations on the Ning group!



    • profile image

      Mlatta 8 years ago

      This offer made me smile and appreciate why Seth Godin has such a strong marketing mind. Folks, this is an unpaid internship. While there may be thousands jumping at this opportunity, realize that probably just down the street from you is a company in your field of interest with really smart people that would seek a very passionate candidate who wants to learn-- for free. Smart people are everywhere to give you the MBA experience, including Seth. We can all learn something valuable from every person we meet. If it has to be packaged up to you as an exciting opportunity for you to realize this, you probably aren't going to make the cut anyway. But Kudos to the folks inspired to make a leap to follow their passion with Seth or in their own backyard.

    • profile image

      tanmoyim 8 years ago

      Dear Seth

      I am a follower; please include me in your tribe. I fall in love with your writing after I read “The Dip” , recently I completed “Tribes” . Planning to read it one more time before sharing it with my friends.

      We are experiencing making of human HISTORY at this moment, the power lies in our choice. The GAP between rich and poor is widening and very soon the middle class will fall between the gaps …

      I have started a tribe called BillionaireBaseCamp, and my mission is to make people rich. I am using FX trading and Internet marketing as tools . I will be using a combination of NLP and LOA to motivate my tribe .

      I was very fascinated with the idea of personal MBA , I guess you know about it .

      I want to be in your inner circle, it’s a wonderful idea to spend 6 months in your office. But I am based in a different continent.

      Any plans to open ASIA campus for your business school .

      Warm Regards


    • profile image

      lincolnn 8 years ago

      Here are some things you can do immediately to spread the word:

      1. Facebook - Post a link, make an event, or make a group

      2. E-mail - include a link to seth's squidoo page in your email signature

      3. Twitter - make a tweet

      4. Blogs - Post on your blog or comment in someone else's

      5. FriendFeed

      6. Gmail - Share the story on Google reader

      7. Tumblr

      8. Myspace - Post on someones wall or include it on your own page

      9. Aim away msg

      10. Foonz Voicemail - blast a mass message to people in your voicemail list

      11. Direct messages to all friends

      12. Contact a Market Maven - Have them post a link on their blogs or send out a message to their email lists

      13. Forum Posts - Include the links in your forum signatures

      14. Press Releases - Write press releases and submit them to places like prweb or newswire

      15. Social Bookmarking - Bookmark Seth's Squidoo page using digg, delicious, ask, furl, blue dot, stumbleupon or technorati

      16. Make a Youtube Video - Leave a link to the Squidoo page

    • profile image

      PatFerdinandi 8 years ago

      Oh, the 14th is so far away. So is the 1st. Yet, we all have so much to do to prepare. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I hope all the applicatants provide you much inspiration.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

    • profile image

      suman_mohanty 8 years ago

      I have 2 life changing things to attend to this weekend but this unusual "stumble upon" opportunity is likely to galvanize me into making my submission of an application (assuming I deem it worthy enough to be submitted).

      Suggestion: As a digital application is clearly favored ($20 for those that dare send it via post), I think it may be a good idea to include links to some your presentations (e.g. that are out there on the web, for the unintiated to profit from compelling and yet short versions of what is cetainly going to be an engrossing and enriching alternate-MBA experience for those that finally get on to the inaugural 6 month program.

    • profile image

      PatFerdinandi 8 years ago

      I would like to add encouragement to all to try. I did! The experience is worth it!

      To share my application experience...I was in a state like George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life." I decided to apply for this internship in hopes to find a new trail to explore that will use my past experiences (good and bad lessons included).

      I sent a note to family, friends, customers, clients, colleagues that I was applying with a link to my squidoo page ( I asked for suggestions and if they wanted, comments.

      The outpour amazed me. I had no idea of the impact I had on people's lives. I had no idea what people saw as my best assets. It brought tears and smiles to my eyes (just as it did to George Bailey).

      Not that I want more competition (VBG) but I do feel that the experience will help everyone dust off their self-opinion to be successful no matter what happens next....It's worth the risk.

      [in reply to PatFerdinandi]

    • profile image

      NathanRodgers 8 years ago

      The Crowd's Favorite Applications for Seth's Alternative MBA

      All the applications, all in one place!

      Once you've started your application, add it to the list. Then check out some of the other candidates and vote for your favorites. Use the feedback to improve your application. Rinse and Repeat.


    • profile image

      KevinBuecher 8 years ago


      Just chimed in with advice to Thanks to Matt Chenye's work and had a lot to say.

    • profile image

      lincolnn 8 years ago

      Ive started a yahoo listserv group.

      If you want to be a part of the conversation just email a blank email to

    • profile image

      James-Possible 8 years ago


      26 pages of responses, will you find the magical six...odds are in your favor, I am sure.

      Yet, I would offer that perhaps yours is not the offer you think, I cannot help but ask myself...what ONE person would Seth find so compelling that he would be will to devote six months of his life to them on their, on their terms.

      For me that is about as PURPLE as you can get!

      Who cares about an MBA? You yourself say "curiosity is constantly punished" and if that is so what could you learn from supporting and encouraging someone else is struggling to find their voice...the voice you have found for yourself?

      It only takes one to start a journey...the question is...will it be your journey or someone elses?


    • profile image

      ShortSaleRealtor 8 years ago

      Way to go Seth..You do have a lot of books.

    • profile image

      djtrischler 8 years ago

      • Tell the person you are most likely compete with to apply, help them apply.

      • Post the questions as google doc with bullet points/links as answers.

      • Invite people who worked with you, regarding each question, to collaborate on the google doc and write an answer to the questions. Or, have them write a recommendation.

      • Post updates of google doc on a blog/squidoo/facebook/ning with forum for people to comment and critique edits.

      • Twitter as updates occur.

      • Turn it into a competition, have others vote on the best answers. VIA a squidoo site survey.

      • Bring up the process and recommend the application to everyone you meet.

      • Create your own guerrilla campaign with the team of people around you who are interested in your success in your town. Create a free newspaper. Sticker the town. Do a group freeze. Tell 6 random people each day till the deadline.

      • Prepare to lose and get to know other people applying. Chances are, you can help each other.

      • Think journey, Not Destination

    • profile image

      pizzamancer 8 years ago

      Hey Seth. I got my lens revised. Anyone else stopping by, let me know what you think:

    • profile image

      MikeHeadlee 8 years ago

      Awesome content, keep up the great work. You are on my intelectual board of trustees.

    • profile image

      Distortion 8 years ago

      So I wonder if there are any other entrepreneurs out there willing to put something together like this. Seems like a great way for an entrepreneur to get inspiration and new ideas from some fresh talent. Anyone in Australia willing to do something similar?

    • justinsas profile image

      justinsas 8 years ago

      very interesting site. I give it 5 stars and a lensroll. Keep it up make some more lens.

    • profile image

      divabat 8 years ago

      Seth, you might want to read this and give your comments - it's about a guy who's out of a job and isn't getting anywhere, so he's resorted to handing out his resume on the street. Here he's talking about his daughter: news_top news index - temp_managing

      Now that [his daughter]'s graduated, she'll have an easy time finding work, right? Wrong. She couldn't get an interview for anything. Office assistant, receptionist -- no luck. And the jobs she did get called about were "unpaid internships." Now, tell me how does someone pay commuting costs to New York City, health insurance, and student loans with no pay?

      How does an employer have the nerve to call a free employee an "intern"? It's just a way to get an employee in New York for less than the wages paid to a Chinese factory worker.

      What do you reckon?

    • profile image

      Writer-of-books 8 years ago

      Seth is this your new way to write another book ! based on analysis of applications. Do the same with your blog and comments to it. Any way what ever the plan, keep up the good work and keep giving me ideas on the otherside of the big pond in the UK. One of these days you might make me a million, then I would have to be humble enough to give you credit and come over and celebrate with you.

    • profile image

      KevinBuecher 8 years ago

      Jeff another one of Seth's past interns just gave some great advice to applicants

    • profile image

      jaqinthemac 8 years ago

      Great site! I'm in my senior year at csulb for international business...i am working on an online business now though

      congrats on your success

    • profile image

      minky 8 years ago

      Very interesting and useful. Great lens. 5 stars

    • profile image

      mythusmage 8 years ago

      If I had your contact information I'd answer your questions, but I don't and Squidoo has a limit on verbiage in comments. So you get this . . .

      Nope, not available. But if you need material to illustrate a point you can always point your drudges to or when it comes on line. If I can't act as a good example, let me act as a bad example.

      I do hope you get some good people out of this call. Some prime candidates will disappoint you, some poor ones delight you, but at the least let none of them bore you. At the least let us hope that at least one person besides you gets something out of the experience.

      Security Word: gigagoop

      I have to ask, how much goop is in a goop? We know that, calculating the amount of goop in 1 billion goops is simplicity itself.

    • profile image

      prpetten 8 years ago

      Thank you Seth, I just added my application!

    • profile image

      Viko99 8 years ago

      Great post .. very useful

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Belindance 8 years ago

      Like most people, I thought getting a B.A. would give me an edge. I haven't found that to be so. Will higher education start to be "really" valued by employers? Will people stop attending college because they find out their fellow employees have no degree!

    • profile image

      squozzer 8 years ago

      Sounds like fun, at least when the voice in my head that is reading your words says it. What I find discouraging is too many excuses. That said, I better get off my ass and send in my app.

    • GreenRevolution profile image

      GreenRevolution 8 years ago

      Wow! What a cool idea! I think this is definitely much more valuable than getting a regular MBA. Thanks for making this opportunity available to some very lucky people. I'm sure this is going to be an incredible, life-changing experience.

      Best of luck to all applicants!

    • AndrewGreen LM profile image

      AndrewGreen LM 8 years ago

      Very interesting info, keep it going please.

    • EpicFarms profile image

      EpicFarms 8 years ago

      What a great idea! Hopefully for those of us who are Paul Harvey addicts (as in: "The Rest of the Story") you will send out a P.S.A. of sorts with some of the fascinating details. Points for creativity (not that you need 'em, mind :o)


    • profile image

      starfleet1 8 years ago

      Thanks for making the world a better place. We can always use more purple cows :) I have added my application here:

    • profile image

      RodneyGelineau 8 years ago

      I absolutely loved All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World. amazing finding you here on squidoo, i clicked on the article not knowing the author of this lens. I'm Glad i did excellent info.

    • RJTame profile image

      Richard Tame 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      But Seth, without an MBA, I can't secure my spot on the MBA fast-track at my dream mega-corporation and sit in a grey cube, pulling in a large salary for being a sheepwalker and hoping for the chance to glimpse the exec who will smooth my path to greatness.

    • profile image

      jeremylichtman 8 years ago

      My first reaction: yeah all right go go GO!

      My second reaction: but I got bills to pay and customers of my own to service

      My final gut check: Its probably just an ego thing but I still prefer to "play" in my own "stadium". Not sure if I'll ever get beyond that. If I don't own the marketplace, I just don't feel as excited about working in it. Its the same reason I never wanted to be on Trump's show.

    • profile image

      squozzer 8 years ago

      Does the park in "Boundaries" allow people to play soccer while the archery range is in use?

    • profile image

      TerriLorah 8 years ago

      This would be fun and interesting if I were interested. Good luck to all of you who are.

    • A RovingReporter profile image

      A RovingReporter 8 years ago

      Great lens!

    • profile image

      Kris_gleason08 8 years ago

      Great lens. Thanks

    • profile image

      pruett 8 years ago

      Hey Seth,

      I wanted to add my name to list of eager applicants. You can find mine here:

    • profile image

      mudstar 8 years ago

      I can always be assured Oran will have an infinitely different viewing point on almost every matter. He is a rare born mystic that has fortunately avoided a traditional headucation. Through his innerstanding of life he sees the world with different eyes. I see his participation & contribution to my life & any project we may be working on as a gift of immeasurable value. Oran constantly inspires me to challenge the status quo & evolve my thinking. He is a companion like no other, his ruthless love, kindness, loyalty & passion, keep our friendship & partnership alive. I have grown & changed emotionally, spiritually &intellectually in a myriad of ways since our paths crossed. We have worked on numerous projects WSYC, Imagineering, Envest &more, but the most fulfilling have been the courses & workshops we ran that changed & inspired its participants equal to that of ourselves. It is a privilege to have him as a friend and business partner. Matt Rosmarin Talent Attack TV (Pty) Ltd SA

    • BobbyRio1 profile image

      BobbyRio1 8 years ago


      Just submitted my application:

      Look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

    • profile image

      njthompson 8 years ago

      So many amazing things going on already with the SAMBA groups (yes, we created an acronym for it: Seth's Alt-MBA = SAMBA!).

      The most recent: collective voting on our wishes. Add yours to the convo here, make a vote and hopefully for those who are ready to jump in and make it happen, we'll make a wish come true.

      Best of luck with the apps everyone!

    • profile image

      jpearce 8 years ago

      How come people don't know that this is how it really works? It is very generous of you Mr. Godin to make such a grand offer. Good luck to all the candidates and I think this will be a major blast for you too! :)

      I joke that I have an MBA three times over doing what I do. Hee hee I studied film and have worked for myself since I was 20 something. I got into marketing and I have developed a fair amount of 'street smarts' to add to my repertoire. Sometimes I even market film...just say no to business school!

    • profile image

      jpearce 8 years ago

      Drawing advertisement 2009: 'You are in demand if you look like Bettie Page'.

    • profile image

      mike_squire 8 years ago

      This is an incredible opportunity! I am grateful that I have the time to take advantage of it. Then again, the process itself has been great - taking the time to really think about the questions and my life was a great task.

      Here is my Lense:

      Thanks again Seth!

      Mike Squire

    • profile image

      JanetvanEeden 8 years ago

      What an unusual deal. Excellent idea. Good luck to all those who sail in it.

    • profile image

      teisha 8 years ago

      Good Luck to all the applicants and you Seth!

      I would love to be part of your next REMOTE alternative MBA (some of us have young children to take care of) or why even call it an alt MBA, why not a bootcamp in innovative thinking, leadership, etc, etc?

      Consider: CCA design MBA which meets every month for 4 days and the rest of that month people work on their own (assuming they communicate via internet).

      I just started reading your blog about a month ago via Guy Kawasaki's blog I believe, at any rate,

      Could one of the selected members for ALT MBA keep all of us apprised on the goings on of this fabulous training? It would connect all the blog readers to your enterprise and really create a community of ideasharing.

    • profile image

      bohemiana 8 years ago

      My heart knew there were things like this out there....

      I could not get through the post without crying my eyes out. Mr. Godin, you have emotionally touched my compassionate anima, thus furthering my humility.

      Gratefully yours, ka

    • royblumenthal profile image

      royblumenthal 8 years ago

      Hiya Seth, and Other Applicants...

      Here's the link to my application...

      I wish us all the very best. And I wish Seth and his team an amazing time going through our applications. May there be treasure here.

      Blue skies



    • profile image

      alex98 8 years ago

      this the best lens i've ever seen

    • profile image

      jpetals 8 years ago

      Good luck to all the applicants. If life circumstances were slightly different and I weren't committed to my family of four, (six if you include the furry ones), then I would certainly try for this opportunity. I look forward to when the winner is announced. I have looked through some of the lenses and there are many great contestants, it will definitely be a tough decision to make and I'm happy I'm not the one that has to make it. Cheers =) Jodie

    • profile image

      GGopman 8 years ago

      Almost done. I got one more day to tweak a few things but I thought I'd give you a sneak peak.



    • profile image

      swanwick 8 years ago

      This is all over the blogosphere and Twitter. How many people do you think are going to apply? 100? 1000? Somewhere in-between. Vote and see what others are saying here.

      While you are there, I would love to know what you think of my lens.

    • profile image

      PatFerdinandi 8 years ago

      To Seth:

      Best of luck making this very difficult decision. You have your choice of many fantastic potential interns.

      To Applicants:

      I wish you all luck!


      One of the applicants!

    • profile image

      pinkolivefamily 8 years ago

      Hi Seth,

      Great idea ~ wished that I could jump on this opportunity right now but with my current family situation (layoff - and all) - it may be hard to take 6 months to do this at this point. I wish all the participant tribe all the success with this opportunity. I'd be very interested in seeing how this progresses. Best, Susan @pinkolivefamily

    • cwiddop lm profile image

      cwiddop lm 8 years ago

      Interesting Lens. I wish you the best at what you are trying to do.

    • profile image

      jmeher 8 years ago

      The forces of nature couldn't keep me from applying! Finally got internet, here is my application:

      Thank you and good luck to everyone!!!

    • profile image

      prpetten 8 years ago

      Thanks Seth, I appreciate the opportunity. For those of you who did not get selected, I'm trying to organize an alternative alternative program where we meet via phone daily and discuss the same things that they're discussing in the "official" program. We can keep our day jobs and still move forward with a similar program. Details will be forthcoming...

    • SquidooMBA profile image

      SquidooMBA 8 years ago

      Thanks for the experience and for challenging me. Just going through the application process has been life changing. All the best to you and the group you will be moving forward with. I eagerly await to see what great things you will do with them.

    • profile image

      avirani 8 years ago

      It's been really interesting reading some of your applications. What a great, diverse group!

      My application here -

      Best of luck to all of you!

    • profile image

      skateboardingexplained 8 years ago

      Hi Seth, I wish I could do this! I feel I am definitely qualified for this and would greatly benefit from it also. The only problem is financing my 6 weeks in New York...


    • profile image

      shanemccarty 8 years ago

      Hey all,

      This is a rare opportunity. Not just applying for such a prestegious honor, but to find people like each one of you. There are very few business people that I have found that "actively care" and want to change the world.

      Thanks for actively caring for people,


    • profile image

      ZeeZee 8 years ago

      We all had aspirations to be accepted into Seth's program.

      Everyone here had the courage to compete. As if life there are some that win and some that do not ..when there is a game.

      The point is we are living in the "What if" stage.

      That is the one that may allow some of us not to accomplish what we set out to do in the first place.

      Deep down we all know the skill that we need to acquire to be effective. We all are creators of our own destiny. Go ahead on your own and take the steps to achieve what you dream of.

      Maybe Seth is prepared to share the books that he tells the interns to read with us.

      I am prepared to ask him.

      What a if on a roller coaster at supersonic speed.

      Weaving dreams, hopes and aspirations.

      For this I do have Truemanity, my passion and life mission.

      Those of you that would like to be part of a movement to join me there. I have built the platform for leaders to take charge in their areas and re knit the fabric of society.

      ZeeZee Ziona Etzion

    • profile image

      sniggy 8 years ago

      i saw this 3 days too late :( i hope there's another round. sounds very exciting!

    • profile image

      BrittanyLynn 8 years ago

      Thanks Seth for providing this opportunity! You rule.

    • profile image

      optimizer2 8 years ago

      [in reply to ZeeZee]

      Seth posted the book list for his students......find them here

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 8 years ago from Southampton, UK

      This is a very cool opportunity. I will be interested to see what happens to the interns at the end. I'm sure it will be good for them.

    • TopLawyer profile image

      TopLawyer 8 years ago

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    • TopLawyer profile image

      TopLawyer 8 years ago

      Terrific lens! And what a great opportunity I know that you have put much time and effort into your preparation and I know this because I have read several of your books (which, by the way, where extremely thought provoking and totally mentally stimulating!) and your research and diligence is not only very creative but leaves one with a sense of awe! Keep up the great work and offers. Many thanks. Frank legal forms Website Owner and humble legal marketer.

    • profile image

      tillerman 8 years ago

      ups im late. will you make such studying next year

    • profile image

      DancingWinds 8 years ago

      Hey MBA squids. How are you doing?It took me 7 years to finish my masters degree in continuous learning online 1996-2004. My doctor told me it was a miracle. I persevered when my body was busted & in bed for 4 years between hospital nightmares. I was determined to finish it. Some days I screamed in agony, others my brain kept firing electric bolts everywhere, then suitcase siezures. I blacked out for hours, even days without end or memory. Zip. Start again. Reading was a joke as all the lines blurred and my memory hopped, skipped and jumped. I persevered. Mr. S. Godin would you please create and fund Doctorate Degrees in love, laughter, learning and legacy? I see a need that I need to fill so people will continuously succeed. I searched for 7 years for an online doctorate program that honors knowing over grades, and is completely online because I am tied to my oxygen machine. Read my Squidoo lense "It's Great to be Alive!" Yes we are dipped now. You all need us and we need you! Please

    • profile image

      ViralJobSearch 8 years ago

      In all of my experience in helping people Get a Job , having an MBA does not even come close to 5-7 years of work related experience in the real world. I am sure that Seth's office provides great training. I wish this was still open, I am too late!

    • pyngthyngs profile image

      pyngthyngs 8 years ago

      I'm not sure how I missed this last year. I'd love to hear any experiences/lessons learned from the experiment.

    • profile image

      tangotx 8 years ago

      I found out about this via Seth's blog posting today. This is a very interesting idea, but something bothered me. What's going on with the "You have to speak perfect English" requirement? Is there some intelligence gauge based on someone's accent? In my mind, somebody that even has an accent will not qualify since perfect English is "perfect" English. I guess I just lost some respect for Seth - unless I hear a very good reason for the exclusion. Ciao.

    • profile image

      gustavomurillo 8 years ago

      i just graduate from BM last week , i hope that the next semestre would be available this oportunity, i sad because its too late !!

    • profile image

      etftrendtrading 7 years ago

      Top lens! This is a great idea much better idea than getting the regular MBA by a long shot. I would have love to have added my application...

    • profile image

      adrianmanzano 7 years ago

      SETH, you gotta do this again!

      how about an entreprenuerial challenge for those of us living in NYC?

    • profile image

      DrMcDougall 7 years ago

      Excellent Idea - would love to see the results, projects, lessons, case studies, etc. from this, as I teach business classes and am always looking for new and refreshing ways to present and apply the material, and this would definitely qualify - and if you ever do this again, would love to be considered - thank you for your time!

    • profile image

      Ariel100 7 years ago

      Super lens, so true, an MBA has nothing on actual, honest to goodness experience. I'd rather send my child on a summer with a salesman, working every single day to learn business than some of the management schools out there. With my experience with credit card processing and ebusiness, success doesn't come from a degree, that's for sure.

    • profile image

      skstewart 7 years ago

      I just read this for the first time. I'm interested in how it worked out - the good and not-so-good. Will you do it again? What would you change?

    • profile image

      AussiePublisher 7 years ago

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      Thanks for this cool info.

    • profile image

      lallymba 7 years ago

      I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

    • profile image

      developdm 7 years ago

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    • dougadam profile image

      dougadam 6 years ago

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    • sarasentor lm profile image

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    • profile image

      janecamron 5 years ago

      It's a great lens on MBA. I am looking to get an mba UK

      degree online and that is why I looking to gather as much info. Thanks

    • profile image

      jasonleerogers 5 years ago

      Is there any other program out there like this?

    • profile image

      autorespondernewsbrief 5 years ago

      Ahh, the great hands on and experience of doing.

    • HomeDecorKnight profile image

      HomeDecorKnight 4 years ago

      Really this is a great idea to be success in life. Thanks for sharing an alternative idea of MBA. I like this informative lens.

    • profile image

      noeloco 4 years ago

      When are you having another round of this program Seth?

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