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Alternative to Adsense

Updated on July 15, 2010
Adsense alternatives
Adsense alternatives

What is Google adsense??

If you have come to this page I bet you surely know what adsense is. O.k. if you don’t know I will tell you.

Google adsense is undoubtedly the best contextual Advertising Network. Anyone can make good money out of Google's AdSense Ads if they follow the Guidelines and TOS perfectly. But, as we know that google is very strict regarding its terms and conditions hence these days getting an adsense account is not a cakewalk. Moreover due to clickfrauds it has become even more strict for some countries like India, China, Africa etc.

Google does not approve new websites for adsense accounts. Hence a need of adsense alternatives arises. You don’t need to be disappointed coz google doesn’t like your website in fact there are some people who are earing a handsome amount from adsense alternatives. For eg. Thilak at TechBuzz made $3061.30 in April 2007 without using Adsense.

Here is a list of top 7 google adsense alternatives:

Adbrite:Adbriteis currently one of the best alternatives there is to Google's adsense. They have attractive payouts. They have more relaxed terms and conditions than Adsense and moreover they also accept new bloggers & smaller publishers.

Adbrite is much flexible than adsense coz here a user can approve or reject the ads according to his like and dislikes and also he can set the ads price himself. Note, from my personal experience it can take a day or so from when you signup with AdBrite and put their code on your website to actually start seeing relevant ads showing up. So if you see the message "Advertize on this site" just be patient and wait for some time till you can see relevant ads showing up.

Bidvertiser: A good contextual advertising network that offers contextual and feed advertisements. It is very similar to Google AdSense. Displays textual ads depending on content of your site. You will not get enough earnings until unless you get very good traffic. Best for high traffic blogs. Minimum payout of $10 is offers.

Infolinks: A relative newcomer in the field of advertizing. Infolinks specializes in In-Text Advertizing. It scans your page looking for keywords and phrases that are not currently links and converts them into advertizing links. When a user places their mouse over the link a box opens up showing the ad. If they click on the link you get paid. It is very simple and works very effectively. Generally new bloggers can also signup.The sighnup process takes 2-4 business days.

Chitika: It is a fully fledged advertizer service. It also allows you to earn from affiliate program where we can earn up to 10% of what your each referral earns. You must go for it if you are writing a product blog. Chitika offers payment by PayPal (with a $10 minimum) or via Check (with a $50 minimum).

Clicksor: It is a leader of the small publisher Adsense competition. They are also, in my experience, much more tollerant than Google in accepting new bloggers. Payment schedule is flexible such that whenever you reach $20 you would be paid via paypall.

Yahoo Publisher Network: Yahoo is currently trying to catch up to Google with their own context sensitive advertising service.This is completely a copy of Google AdSense features. If you are located in US, this will be the best AdSense alternative. Minimum Payout is $100.

Exit Junction: It is a new player in the advertizing market. By the Exit Junction code to the header section of your site users are shown an advert as they hit the back button. For example, if a user came to your site from Google search and then hit the back button to return to that search they would be shown an Exit Junction Ad in between your page and the Google search and you get paid for this impression. They offer fee free payout via Check or PayPal with earnings of as little as $25 on a monthly basis.


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