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Amazing Alternative Uses to Shipping Containers

Updated on January 14, 2018

Did you know that shipping containers, those big metal rectangular boxes you see in ports and on big rigs, can be used in a lot of creative ways than merely to ship goods and products?

Shipping containers, because they’re made of steel, are highly durable and can even withstand various environmental conditions. When used as containers, they’re excellent as these are fully secure and sealed. They’re also flexible since they’re stackable, allowing for myriads of ingenious and productive uses for these big boxes. There are companies who offer shipping container customisation services to help people turn their ideas into reality.

Here are some amazing alternative uses to shipping containers, new or used.

1. Unique Homes

A lot of people have been turning these shipping containers into beautiful houses. Architects claim that the advantage of using this material is that it is highly resistant to fire, termites, and even mold. They’re also low cost and environment friendly especially if you’re going to use secondhand shipping containers. Just give it a fresh coat of paint and you can easily make it look brand new.

Stacked shipping containers are also now being used as campers and housing facilities for employees and even students.

Just take a look at this beautiful and functional container home:

2. Usable Offices

Want an office that’s different from all the rest? Just imagine an office space made from a shipping container box. It’s guaranteed to be solidly built and structurally sound. A popular sized container for this purpose would be a 20ft shipping container but you can also opt for the larger 40ft variants.

Here’s a beautiful example:

3. Workshop or Shed

Did you always want your own stand alone workshop or shed in your backyard? Consider having a shipping container installed in your place and customise by adding your work benches, shelves, and tools and equipment then you’ll be ready to go.

It’s also a good choice as an additional storage unit. For this purpose, a 10ft shipping container should be enough. Or even as a garage. The 40ft containers are perfect for this project.

Check out this great unit:

4. Stores and Food Stalls

These containers are also convertible into retail stores or food stalls. It is now a trend to turn these boxes into commercial establishments. Shipping containers from 10ft to 40ft sizes are now being used for these purposes as they’re easy to be customised and moved from one location to another.

Other such uses are for bars, discos, and small restaurants.

Here is an example for your inspiration:

5. Indoor Gardens

When land space is limited and you want to have a garden or grow certain plants, a customised shipping container is a good option. There are now many urban and rural farmers who have turned used containers into handy mini farms, nurseries, and greenhouses.

This is a very good example of this use:

There's More to Shipping Containers.

Find out more about shipping containers. Check out this infographic.

Innovation in a Box

These are just some of the innovative and creative ways that traditional shipping containers are being used today. Your imagination is actually the limit with what you can do with these durable metal boxes.

What's the most innovative use for shipping containers?

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