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Amazon Affilate Product Promoting Critera

Updated on July 25, 2010

 Of course when it comes to any type of affiliate marketing we all want to make money. I mean it is the goal when signing on to companies such as Amazon right? Or maybe for some it's just a hobby or something to do while passing the time. But I know the reasons I've joined Amazon, and that is pure and simple, making money and promoting great products. But how do you know which products to promote and how to promote them and what are the criteria for good products that are going to make you the most? Well in this hub I'm going to discuss these things and give you a better understanding of it all. (hopefully)

Criteria number 1

 The product you are wanting to promote should be at least $100 or more. Now you are probably thinking what products could I promote that are $100 or more that people would actually want to buy? Well how about anything that has to do with technology. Everyone wants to be on top of the latest and the greatest when it comes to technology right? Well the latest television, cameras, phones etc. Stay on top of the latest and newest technology coming out. (if technology is your thing. I'm just throwing out an example) Hit the search engines and do your research on technology. Or subscribe to The Gadget Show on YouTube and stay up to date on the latest news when it comes to technology. Lets face it, technology is always growing and changing and like I said above people are always wanting to have the best of the best.  You may also want to ask me why focus on products that are $100 or more? Well you want to make money right? Well the more you sell, the more you make. It's the simple and undeniable truth. The more you make the bigger the commission. I mean I'm not saying don't go out and promote the latest handbags or shoes. But think of the big picture. You are an affiliate for a reason and that reason is to make money right? So why not promote the big expensive items. But don't go out and just start promoting anything and everything just because it has a big fancy price tag on it. Do the research on it. Make it something that your readers or buyers are going to want and make them believe that they can't live with out it.

Choose a product that is hobby related. This also comes back to "promoting with passion" in mind. A good way to get buyers when you are an affiliate marketer is to promote products that are within your hobby. Now I know what you are thinking "well it's my hobby, not everyone else's". And you are correct in that. But when you write with passion and promote with passion you readers will see that passion coming from you and the products that you are promoting and it could peak their curiosity a bit to check out that product or service themselves. Thus, possibly, landing you a sale in return.

Also make sure that the product that you are choosing to promote can solve a problem. People are not necessarily going to be motivated to buy something that they need, rather than something that they want. So if you are an affiliate and you are reading blogs and have followers and you see that a vast majority are "in dire need" of something, this could be your way in. But again, do your research and make sure you know what it is you are promoting.

Criteria number 2 & 3

Criteria 2 and 3 sort of go hand and hand.

  • Make sure that the item or items that you are choosing to promote is rated high.
  • At least 3-5 stars.
  • And that the item itself has had at least 10 or more reviews.

This will show you how popular the item you are choosing to promote. You need people thinking that this product is a must have, enticing them to buy. And make sure you mention this when promoting the product as well. And lets face it, we has humans are followers by nature. When we land on a page that has high reviews and is liked by the masses we are more likely to buy that product than something that is not rated high and with no reviews attached to it. So make sure when you are promoting the product that you again do the research.

  • What are the reviews saying about the product?
  • Is it rated between 3-5 stars?

You want the product that has the most positive feed back and that you know others out there in the world are buying. Again enticing your readers to buy. Making them feel like they need and want that product.

It's all about doing your product research and choosing the right products for you to promote. And make sure that you are utilizing social media to the fullest. Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. Get other people's feedback.

In conclusion....

Getting involved in affiliate marketing means staying on top of everything. If you want to promote those products that are $100 or more you literally have to put yourself into the market. You've got to be doing the research. Reading newspapers, blogs, websites, visiting stores etc. Put yourself into the market that you are choosing to promote. The more you know about the product that you want to promote the better passion you will have for promoting it and your readers will see that you have done the homework. Thus giving you a competitive edge. Stay ahead of the trends and act first.

Affiliate programs such as Amazon give you the leverage of the power of social media and video marketing. Thus dominating the promoting process and giving you the advantage of having multiple products being sold 24/7. Even while you sleep. This is respective of such things as time and cultural barriers.

Let's face the facts, people all over the world are searching for these products. And there are hot targeted prospects waiting to pounce and buy them. You can branch yourself out into multiple "niche" markets (blogs, websites, twitter, facebook etc) and earn on autopilot. The best part about these criteria is if you implement them you have the chance to create cash on demand.


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    • dgicre profile image

      dgicre 7 years ago from USA

      Great tips on using amazon, I did the exact thing you wrote about before I even read this. The name of my site is Hot-Gadgets @

      We must have been reading each other's mind. :>)