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Amazon Customer Service Review

Updated on March 12, 2015

I have shopped at since the dawn of time. Or at least until the internet became popular to have at home and people started to shop online. I have always loved shopping on Amazon. 9 times out of 10 I can find things cheaper on then anywhere else. They have almost everything and anything. I somehow always get free shipping. (most items qualify for free shipping, if your order is over $35 dollars)

Returns are a breeze and also usually free. I have order clothes from And like any online shopping, you don't know how the clothes are going to look or fit. I ended up returning some of the clothes I bought. The return was free. And in less then two weeks, I received my refund. I have returned other items to other online stores and usually return shipping isn't free, if the reason you are returning it is your fault. (it doesn't fit, you don't like it, it's not what you expected) And then it takes months sometimes for them to refund you your money. I have never had these problems with Amazon!


My recent order from amazon: I ordered some birthday presents for my little boy's birthday. One of the items was a Curious George tea set. My boy loves to pretend cook and play with pretend food. He also LOVES Curious George. So when I saw this tea set I was so excited. When I was shopping online I noticed they had two Curious George tea sets that were very similar. The only difference between the two was the teapot was different. I liked one of the tea pot better than the other, so I ordered that set.

I received my order Wednesday, 3 days before his birthday. I was so grateful it arrived on time and I didn't have to pay for rush shipping. I opened the box and looked at everything inside. Even though everything appeared to be in there. Upon further inspection I noticed I received the wrong tea set. I received the Curious George tea set with the other tea pot (not the one I ordered) So the first thing I did was go on and make sure I ordered the one I thought I did and didn't order this one by accident. And sure enough I ordered the other one.

Now these tea sets are so similar it would be an easy mistake to make. I wasn't too upset about the situation. It's not like my boy would notice or even care and being that there were only a few days until his birthday, that wouldn't leave enough time to return and exchange the other set. The sets were the exact same price, so I wasn't losing money. I really debated on even talking with Amazon. But I figured even if nothing could be done about it, I could bring it to their attention for future customers.

Amazon's Customer Service: So I was going to send them a quick e-mail letting them know the error. On the website it was hard to find their contact info. Usually you can find a websites contact info either at the top or the bottom of the page. But it wasn't there. So after searching I found it. At the bottom of the main page, it says let us help you. Click on help and then on this page under need more help, click on contact us. Then you have the options to call, email or chat. I was going to e-mail, but since they had the chat option, I decided to chat with someone.

When you're in the chat it asks you questions before it connects you. I clicked on issue with my order. And then you have the option to click on what items were your issue. So I clicked on the tea set. I was connect to a customer service rep named David.

David was extremely nice. He asked how he could help me.

I stated that I ordered a tea pot but I was sent the wrong one. The one I was sent was very similar.

He sent me a link to the tea set I ordered just to be sure that was the one I ordered.

I said yes, and then I sent him a link to the one I received. I said they are very similar but the tea pots are different. I said it was my son's birthday on Saturday, so that didn't give me enough time to return and exchange it. But, I just wanted to bring it to their attention.

He said I was absolutely right the tea pots were different. But since the sets are so similar he could understand why they made the mistake. He asked me to hold for just one minute. But he said when he comes back he is going to come back with great news.

He came back few seconds later and said, that he was going to overnight me the other tea set for free, so that I would receive it by Friday. That he was going to personally make sure I am sent the right tea set this time. And the other tea set I received I can keep it or discard it because of the mistake. He asked if I was happy with the customer service I received.

I couldn't believe that he was doing this for me. I thanked him and told him he was amazing.

He said I was very welcome and told me to have a wonderful day.


His customer service and how he handled the error just proves to me that I have been making good choices by ordering from Amazon. They are a wonderful company and I will continue to order from them!

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    • Kimberly Vaughn profile image

      Kimberly Vaughn 

      4 years ago from Midwest

      Great info! I have never had to return something to Amazon. It's good to know they make it easy!


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