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Some interesting facts about Amazon: The world's largest online retailer

Updated on June 1, 2016

When Amazon was launched in 1995, they only sold books. But Jeff Bezos, the founder, had a vision for the company’s explosive growth and dominance in e-commerce.

Talk about out of the box ideas any business community has ever seen in IT industry, Amazon would outdo all other ideas because of absolute simplicity of concept and brilliance of implementation of idea.

Take a look at the things that may surprise you.


How Amazon Got its Name

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, wanted to name his company with the alphabet ‘A’, so that it always appears early on in the alphabetical order. After going through number of options in dictionary, he settled with Amazon, which is also the biggest in the world, hoping his company would be too.

Originally, he thought of naming his company – URL still redirecting to


The logo represents Smile and Diversity

The initial thought that comes to mind, when looking at Amazon's logo might be that the yellow arrow looks like a smiley, which means that Amazon’s mission is to make customers happy. But, you may take a note of the arrow pointing from A to Z – Indicating that the company delivers everything, literally from A to Z.

Everyone Works at the Service Desk

Each and every employee, including the CEO, spends at least a day every year on the service desk. Amazon does this, to make sure that all the employees are committed to listen, understand and act on the requirements of the customers and understand the need and importance of customers in the bigger scheme of things.

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Bezos’s Obsession over Customers

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, always leaves an empty chair at company’s important meetings so that all the attendees have at the back of their respective minds, the crucial participant not present in the room – the customer. It ensures that everyone in the room is conscious about the impact of their decision on the customer.

Jeff believes in the philosophy of being customer-centric and truly thoughtful about customers and ushered it into the digital age.

Amazon’s knows What You like Even before You Like

The biggest challenge for any e-commerce business is the quick delivery of their products or services. Amazon is always looking for ways to get products to the customers in as little time as possible. Latest effort in this direction is the Anticipatory Shipping – Delivering products to the customers before placing an order. This step from Amazon is really one more step towards cutting the time taken to deliver a product once it is ordered

Amazon will pack the product, ship to general geographic location, not the exact address. This is made possible by the ever evolving technology and a smart market research.


Customer Friendly Services

IF you bought a product say at ‘X’ price and after a few days you came to know that the same product is available at a reduced or lower price.

Surely, you would regret not waiting for a few more days before making the purchase. However, if you bought the product from Amazon, you don't need to worry about this

Just send an e-mail to Amazon about the excess price you paid for the product with details (within 7 days of delivery), and Amazon would happily refund the excess amount paid by you.

Now, that is what you call being customer friendly.

Secret Weapon by Amazon – Locker Delivery

You are not the only one who buys silly things on Amazon and regret later. Good thing is Amazon has several return policies, one of them being, Amazon lockers, which also accepts returns.

If the item is eligible for return as per the policy governing the same, you can easily drop off your return at the locker, located in your neighborhood. It lets you send back the item through strategically placed automated lockers. Amazon lockers are self-service pick-up stations.

Amazon sells more e-books than hardcover books

Say whatever you want to about the tactile choice of hardcover books but Amazon customers are making a choice to read on their Kindles.

According to an announcement made by Amazon, for every 100 print-and-paper books it sells, it sells 105 e-books, a clear indication of readers preference shifting towards e-books.

Certainly, there is a growing dominance of digital reader, which is expected to grow at a greater pace in the next few years..

Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk, a generic marketplace that can potentially help distribute tasks. While lot of work is now being done by computers, still there are tasks that require human intelligence – such as taking surveys and writing reviews. Requesters can submit a “Human Intelligence Task” (HIT) and get paid for completing it.

For many, MTurk is a scam, but it is not. I have known people earning good dollars.

Note: The program has banned international workers and is only for US citizens.


Craziest Things You Can Buy On Amazon

Amazon is an online scandalmonger of just about anything and I mean anything. There are some products on Amazon that would make you think if the product even exists.

Look long enough, and you are bound to get some crazy products with equally sarcastic reviews. Whether you want buy dead animals carcasses, live insects or even a tank, Amazon has got you covered.

From personal pizzas to fake human poop, chances are that you find it on Amazon.


Amazon owned companies

Over the decades, Jeff built the company from an online bookstore into an e-commerce empire. The internet megastore is now more than an online shopping store. It has purchased many of its possible rivals. It is a video distributor, hardware manufacturer, book publisher and grocery deliverer.

It shook the printing world with Kindle and also owns “The Washington Post”.

They offer “unlimited storage on demand”, IaaS and other web services that power business like Dropbox, Foursquare, Zynga and Netflix.

With the number of acquisitions, Amazon is becoming a multi-brand retailer. Some of the famous brands include: IMDB, Alexa, Zappos, Kiva Systems and BookFinder to name a few.


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