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Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips

Updated on February 25, 2015

What is different between AMT and all the other sites? The others don't give you cash but, points. Stay away from all other sites!

Go for the new ones!

Change your search on AMT to "NEWEST FIRST" because the good ones go fast. I look for the $1 ones but right now that is probably not available to you until you reach milestones. First 500, 1000 and I haven't reached 5000 yet. A lot of the cheap crap is out there for serf 'wages'.

Change your search on AMT to "NEWEST FIRST" because the good ones go fast.

AMT screen shot with turkopticon Firefox add-on script

Get Qualified

Get qualifications so can get more jobs. Stay away from transcription jobs unless you are already a professional transcriber otherwise the pay is way too low for the time. Stay away from anything under 10 cents because at that rate, AMT charges the same rate for 7 or 5 cents to the requesters the same as 10 cents so that means the requester is truly a close fisted miserly penny-pinching panda.

Read the TOS. No requests for your email, or you to sign into a site is allowed. That is what is different between AMT and all the other sites that don't give you cash but points. Stay away from all other crowd sourcing sites. I'm not kidding.

It is against rules to download, sign-in or ask any personal info such as email, initials, etc. Give out your AMT number is OK. There is temporary download program called Inquisit, (short for inquisition??), that measures your keyboard stokes, but they are few and don't need to take those. , In order for Inquisit to work, have to use crummy Chrome or IE for that. Firefox has too many security barriers for Inquisit to work.

I use Firefox 33.0 and Ubuntu Trusty Thar for OS. The following are screen shots of add-ons and scripts. There are certain Monkey scripts and Firefox add-ons that you can add to your browser in order to make more money: is where you can get scripts. Don't expect all scripts to work. Things change every time Firefox tightens up security. So in order for Turkopticon to work need to do this:

Avoid Lousy Requesters

They are some really truly evil and lousy requesters out there. Rejection can lower the types of jobs available to you. If hard block a bunch of times will get kicked off of AMT for life. It would be permanent unemployment for the unemployed. No recourse whatsoever. That is why Turkopticon is important. Always check the rating before accepting. All red is a ....RED FLAG!!!. If forget and then later you were hard-blocked and then follow up on Turkopticon, there is this one requester who hard-blocks everyone who works for him. Just mouse over the icon underneath the requester name to quickly see the ratings.

Turkopticon reviews by mturkers


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  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 19 months ago from Arizona

    Are you talking about AMT or Hubpages? Went to AMT after Hubpages $4 took a huge dive.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

    Wesman Todd Shaw 19 months ago from Kaufman, Texas

    Your whole spiel makes me rather think the whole thing undesirable. Perhaps this was your wish.

  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 19 months ago from Arizona

    earn 1/100th less here on Hubpages than I used to.

  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 19 months ago from Home Sweet Home

    thanks for your tips but what can you earn from here?

  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 2 years ago from Arizona

    I don't do five cent jobs. 23 cents is my bottom which is better than digging around the garbage collecting cans or panhandling.

  • LindaSmith1 profile image

    LindaSmith1 2 years ago from USA

    Depends on what you call success. How many hours a day will you do jobs for 5 cents or less most of the time.