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Amazon Trick to Move Inventory

Updated on October 21, 2014

Hello! I have been selling on Amazon for almost a year with an ever increasing inventory. Sales were stagnant with the odd sale every couple of weeks. I barely made anything. Thank goodness for the full time job!

Then I began experimenting and buying new in bag or with tag items. I punched the UPCs in droves on Amazon. I sold most of what I posted within the week. I had never seen that. I decided to take it further and go to regular Goodwill stores on military discount days and bought normally high priced customer return items.

I saw lesser but similar results. I may have found a trick that drives sales in Amazon! I have been experimenting for about a month now, so results are not definitive, just my observations. You have very little to loose trying it yourself, and much to gain.

My theory is this: newest postings receive more attention. I don't know if this is a glitch or the design of the system. I doubt it's by design because it seems it would punish large sellers with mass inventory. I really do not know the reason why is happens, but it seems to work fairly well . At worst it increased my sales.

On to stage two of my experiment. I decided I would remove my most stagnant inventory, wait a few days, then relist. It didn't sell one item since listing prior. Within a couple of days of relisting, I sold one! I had confirmed my observations and I made a sale without costing myself more than a few seconds.

Again, this is not conclusive but I saw results trying it. Really good results by comparison. I invite you to try it and I would really love for you to comment with your own findings. Please comment if you notice a change in either direction by trying this. Good luck!


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