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American father taught me how to spend money cause 'fever' network

Updated on June 24, 2016

After receiving an allowance from USD father, he will choose one of four chambers spend, save, donate or invest to take.
The story of how a young boy uses his pocket money on Humans of New York on 19/6 quickly attracted the attention of parents . Articles posted with pics young father with two children sitting in the park received 783,000 and 91,000 like shared on Facebook in less than two days after being posted.

"Every week, I get an allowance of USD. After that, I will choose to take the money stop," said the boy.

Then, he explained the plan simple and precisely the allowance account.

"There are four chambers: spend, save, donate and invest. If I give a dollar to prevent 'investment', the end of each month, parents will give me extra 2 cents. I'm just used to prevent 'spending 'twice. she has more than 10 dollars in the compartment' investment 'then. I have more muscle but I pulled out a little and give to prevent' donations'. We do use it to buy food for those without a lot of money, "Humans of New York quoted the boy.
The majority of commentators have expressed admiration how to educate their children about the value of their savings , spending, investing and charity work of his family. Some people agree with the story said would save it for later lessons teach.

"This is the perfect way to teach children to love and understand, because not everyone is as lucky as us and also help you to know the financial spending a responsible way. You're doing very well, young father sir, "a social network user writes.

Parents and relatives still considered a major factor in teaching children how to use money. In a CNN survey last year, 36% said they learned how to invest mainly from family or friends. This result just behind other online tools such as websites.

Bindel Tracy is one of many investors that parents have taught her how to save and invest wisely. She has to pay the full tuition $ 13,000 loan when 26 years old. Born into a working-class family in New Mexico activities, Bindel start getting pocket money to 4 years old. Instead of the wasteful spending, mother Bindel guide you divide that amount into separate bottles, 10% for the church, 40% and 50% savings to spend.

"I know the value of a dollar from when they are very young. It's a part of life for the working class. We can not have new toys whenever wanted, so to save you," CNNMoney guide say Bindel said.


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