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Amplify Your Message With Email Marketing

Updated on January 18, 2016

Everybody’s inbox is flowing and yet people keep reporting of email marketing’s demise. It is email marketing that works as the most effective and profitable medium to build and nurture relationships with your clients. That said, effective email marketing empowers businesses to send the right message to the right individual at the right time. Some people will try to tell you that it is dead, however, email marketing has never more critical than in the digital world than ever before.

Direct Mail Marketing Association notes that email marketing brings in 4,300% ROI. With the right data analysis tools available in the market today, sending out emails to your audience is much easier than ever.

Furthermore, online marketing companies still use it consistently even with wider social media adoption reaching incredible numbers. If your email provides value, it can directly impact your bottom line. It’s also an incredible way to offer exclusivity when it comes to special discounts, freebie junkies, and more.

Businesses often list email as one of their most powerful marketing channels. The size of your email list is a sure giveaway of your reach.However, your email marketing campaigns should be a part of a universal approach to reaffirm their customers’ choice to trust in their business. Whichever way you chose to execute your email marketing campaigns, they’ll need to be shoulder to shoulder with other efforts such as content creation, SEO, social media engagement, etc. So when reading further down this article, keep the bigger picture in mind.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn how you can funnel your strategies into a stellar email advertising campaign. Use some of the best practices shared here as a guide to your email marketing success!

Incredible Email Marketing Stats

It’s not often that you get the chance to geek out over stats showcasing the growth of the email marketing industry. If you’re wondering how your email marketing efforts work compared to other competitors, take a lot of some relevant stats below pulled from FrescoDatas well as a few other reports by Marketing Land, Marketing Sherpa, dotmailer, Salesforce, and Trackmaven.

1. American companies send more emails at 1.45 million than the global average of 1.38 million.

2. A majority of mobile purchasing decisions is influenced by email promotions from the brand.

3. Seven out of 10 individuals make purchases after being influenced by email marketing.

4. Individuals influenced by effective email marketing do not just purchase online, but also do it over the telephone or from a brick-and-mortar store.

How to Buy Mailing Lists

At this point, we shall all agree that email is the most important channel and is here to stay. But, not all email campaigns see incredible success. Here are the top five challenges considered to be very significant:

1. Marketers often fail to integrate mailing database

2. Deliverability

3. Achieving measurable ROI

4. Growing and retaining customers

5. Using email for funnel personalization.

A lot of marketers talk about the importance of segmentation for pinpoint advertising. However, they fail to realize that the most significant step is to purchase email lists from renowned companies associated with the Direct Marketing Association such as FrescoData. Buying email lists will ensure that your mailing database comprises of the email address of people who are relevant to your product or services. The relevant, targeted audience can help in not just increasing the subscriber base, but also bring in higher conversion rates. It will help you implement more effective email marketing.

Send Email Better

Business owners have to sell in order to stay in businesses. So, what is the best way of selling your brand on the email platform?

When it comes to email campaigns, a lot of businesses are keen to know more about the power of campaigns and how they can leverage to boost their business.All of us are far too familiar with different modes of cost-effective email advertisement in which one can bring in high ROI. Which of these modes can exchange value and deepen your relationship with your customers? Let’s find out!

New Arrival

If you want to temp your target audience with a new item or a service, ‘New Arrival’ emails can be used to offer free perks such as a free item trial or free shipping of a product, and not just “Check out this hot new product”. New Arrival emails can help you spread the word about the newly launched product and gain faster reviews.

While these campaigns guarantee high ROI, you cannot just offer new arrivals all the time. You need to create a sense of urgency by offering limited-time offers, so you have an estimated idea about revenue.


Remember, newsletters are likewise an incredible approach to reinstating your clients trust in you, nurture and build lasting relationships. In the newsletter, you can discuss upcoming events and trade shows, industry-specific news, how-tos, promotions, and so much more.

Testimonial Emails

Share a few testimonials in the welcome email when a client subscribes to your email newsletters. Offer client audits in the email to reaffirm your clients' decision to trust in your business. This will likewise offer you some help with building customer loyalty and expand your brand reputation. Take some time off to collect testimonials from email feedback, social media sites, etc.

Item Use Tips

Email messages that offer worth get shared the most. If it’s a new product, you might want to offer your clients some assistance with product points and instructions that isn’t too long. A good rule of thumb is to follow these parameters by simply highlighting features of the item they've purchased. You can even chose to advertise the product by sending an in-depth analysis of the product in an email and share it on social media site along with reviews of people who’ve used the product.

Inactive customers are going to be an issue regardless of the fact that you don't want it to, thus, a great deal of businesses invests in depend investing in re-engagement email advertising. You might even incorporate unique deals and discounts to entice them into making another purchase.The best part about sending “We Miss You” re-engagement emails? You can use a wealth of data to provide a unique, personalized customer experience. Such advertising would be short, direct, and to the point with an easy call to action and help you grow and build relationships with your audience.

No matter what you do in email marketing, it’s always important to keep it simple and authentic.

FrescoData is here to help you purchase targeted email lists to get your message delivered to the right inbox. Our email database solutions will help you reach your customers with ease and effectiveness.

Happy Email Advertising!

Disclaimer: The compilation of email marketing stats has been sourced from FrescoData, Marketing Land, Marketing Sherpa, dotmailer, Salesforce, and Trackmaven.


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