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Amway Review - Should You Sign Up ?

Updated on March 29, 2015


Amway is large MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company. Amway markets various brands such as Nutrilife and Artistry. Amway markets these brands through their distributors. You can only buy an Amway product through a distributor. In the beginning, Amway diamond distributors used to go to door to door, trying to sell their products. But now they improvised a new idea.


If you have ever went to an Amway center. You would have been greeted by a high level Amway distributor who is in charge of the center. He/She would have said that being an Amway member has many benefits. He/She would then show each Amway product in the center and will explain their uses. Afterwards, they show a catalog with diamond distributors of Amway and will explain each one their success stories. They will encourage you to ask your friends and family to join. Finally, they will ask you to purchase products worth a set amount for your home and ask your downline to do the same. This is were the scam starts. You and your downlines will never profit from their method until you become a platinum distributor. The Amway distributor who welcomed you would have probably been a platinum distributor and would have been your Upline.


If intend of making money with Amway using the old fashion way, I would just say that it will take a lot of work for you to become a platinum member. I highly recommend not making money using the scam method or being a victim of the scam method. Remember, most diamond members became successful thorough hard work. I suggest doing the same. This will be the end of my article, thank you for reading and have a nice day.


I recently found out that my Upline was a really bad guy. He complains about his downlines behind their backs.


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