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An Original Business Idea: Cargo Bike Conversion

Updated on September 9, 2014

The Product in a Nutshell

A stylish wooden rear bike rack to convert a regular bike into a cargo bike.

The Details

One of the trends I’ve been seeing lately in the bike world has been a shift to carrying more cargo with a bike. We can see this in the number of bikes on the market now that are being sold as cargo bikes like the kona ute and the surly big dummy.

According to Google’s insights for search, the trend for the term “cargo bikes” will only get higher in future years.

Currently, however, the market seems to be focused almost entirely on hardcore DIYers building their own cargo bikes and a few premade cargo bike models.

There doesn’t seem to be an elegant solution for bikers wanting to convert their current bike into a cargo bike.

One way to fill the gap might be to manufacture a simple flat wooden rack (like the ones found on the ute and big dummy above) that can be attached to the back of any bike with eyelets for rear racks.


Currently that gap is being filled again by DIY'ers as seen here.

I’d personally like to see something a little wider than the kona rack, but you’d need to figure out what most people are actually looking for.

The key I think would be to make it both stylish and functional. Pauls Components makes a pretty good looking front rack. So far, I haven’t found an equivalent rear rack.

But if you make a good one, I’ll buy it.

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    • prcheney profile image

      Paul Cheney 5 years ago from Jacksonville, FL


    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 5 years ago from kerala

      good one