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SWOT Analysis of Dell's Marketing Strategy and Target Market

Updated on July 15, 2013

Television commercials have been a part of the American life since the first one aired in 1955. History can be represented using commercials and many people will watch certain television programs just for the commercials. What is not widely discussed is what really goes into their development. In this paper, I will be discussing a specific Dell commercial and the SWOT analysis, target market and marketing strategies for it.

In 2004, Dell launched a new campaign for their laptops. They needed something that caught the attention of college students and did quite well with their very memorable dorm room commercial. The commercial was very simple, consisting of just two actresses and a single room. The two girls are moving into a dorm room together. It is very apparent right from the beginning that these two are complete opposites. One girl is dressed head to toe in black and the other is blonde and wearing pink. The commercial emphasizes that they are very different people. At the end of the commercial, the girls sit at the same desk and open up their laptops only to discover that they both had the exact same Dell laptop.

SWOT Analysis for Dell

Dell kept in mind both the external and internal factors of their specific market when developing this commercial.

The long positive history and popularity of the Dell name is definitely strength. Dell is known in the market to be high quality, affordable and reliable. They have even won awards for their customer service. This is well known and serves as an incredible way to earn more customers. The commercial speaks to students and shows that Dell’s laptops are great for everyone.

Until the last ten years or so, Dell relied solely on their online store to sell their computers. They did not use retailers like many other companies did. This hurt their sales drastically. Though they were well known, a consumer could not go to a store and actually look at the computers that they wished to buy. They have since expanded sales immensely, but their name is still often thought of as a brand for businesses instead of for individuals because of the years that they were not seen with retailers.

Dell has many opportunities for growth. The demand for laptops grows every day. More businesses are realizing the benefits of purchasing laptops for their employees, almost every college student needs a laptop to make it through school and online social media is a major part of our society.

Competitors are a constant threat for any company. In the business market, Dell has won out. Dell leads the market in computers for businesses, but they are still struggling in the market for individuals. There are plenty of other brands that offer less expensive laptops, but the quality might be lacking. Dell offers great quality, but they must work on keeping their prices low enough for consumers.

Target Market for Dell

For this marketing campaign, Dell focused on a specific target market. They knew that this was a market that bought laptops and they wanted to gain as much of that market as they could. The commercial was only aired in the United States and it was directed at college students. This was the very specific target they were going for. Dell understood that the personalities of college students varied greatly. There are all kinds of young adults attending college.

They did a great job in picking the two greatest extremes in this group in order to attempt to touch base with everyone. A goth girl and a preppy girl allowed for the company to express that their laptops are the best choice for every college student, no matter what their individual tastes are. As technology improves, consumers replace their older laptops with newer, more advanced versions. These commercials can speak not only to college students that have never had a laptop, but also to those that are in need of a new one.

Marketing Strategies for Dell

A part of Dell’s marketing strategy was to incorporate the 4 P’s of marketing into this commercial. The most basic point of the commercial is to sell their laptops. So, they do show their specific product within it. Unfortunately, the commercial clip that was found on YouTube does not have the very last piece of the commercial. The spokesperson continues to give a price and offer for that product. The product was promoted on several different television channels. It is known that you can purchase this product from Dell.

Dell used the most well known source for marketing their laptops; television commercials. The specific commercial that they released in 2004 was aimed at college students in the United States and encompassed all 4 P’s of marketing. The company has many strengths and weaknesses, but it seems that their specific marketing strategy is working. The company continues to grow and stay profitable.


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