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Analytics 360: a suite to boost your Inbound Marketing

Updated on April 5, 2016

Analytics 360: a suite to boost your Inbound Marketing

You certainly know Google Analytics! Real analysis platform for all companies that want to improve their strategy Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics offers many traffic data, user behavior, the performance of SEO and conversion rate.

But the Mountain View company is aware that its tool can go further in the area of Big Data . That's why it has announced the launch of a supplementary following Google Analytics: Google Analytics 360 .

So what will bring more functionality to this suite to marketers and large companies in their strategy Inbound Marketing?

The profile of users of Google Analytics 360

Comprehensive and integrated marketing solution to your other analytical tools, Google Analytics 360 is aimed atcompanies already using Big Data .

They can take control more easily this result and work with their teams to follow in detail the buying behavior of prospects in a single dashboard . This will enable them to improve their acquisition strategy leads, but also the conversion points.

The components of the new Google tool

To help marketers to collect data on the buying journey to improve conversions , following Google Analytics 360 3 improves existing tools and offers 3 new.

improved Google tools

Google Tag Manager 360

New version of "manager tag" already integrated with Google, it helps marketers to select the most relevant tags for advertising. This tool also allows to collect information and optimize the accuracy to improve the user experience.

Analytics 360

This tool, which replaces the premium version of Google Analytics, you can further analyze your traffic and your SEO strategy , flagship components of your Inbound Marketing.

We have no more information to provide at this time because Google still keeps the secret of its new features. They should nevertheless be revealed in the coming days ...

Google Attribution 360

Revised version of Adometry tool, Google Attribution 360 allows advertisers to obtain accurate data on the spending budget , as well as the return on investment .

The new integrated solutions in response Analytics 360

Google Hearing 360

There you go ! Google lands on the Data Management Platform market to allow marketers to collect all the valuable information left by their prospects on the web via various channels. A very useful tool to assess all of the buying journey of buyers persona before conversion.

Ideal for sending the right content at the right time , and exactly when transmitting contact the sales department to complete the conversion.

Google Optmize 360

This new integrated tool after Google Analytics 360 allows you to improve the relevance of your content . Similar to an A / B testing software, it offers companies the opportunity to test text variants, emails, call-to-action or visual content to build up to the expectations of prospects. That is to say a content that will convert for sure!

Google Data Studio 360

It's nice to get a lot of data, but it must then analyze them to use it properly . Google Data Studio 360 comes in to sort the collected information, analyzing and evaluating in order to stand out you charts and reporting essential to optimizing your strategy Inbound Marketing.

An effective tool to drive your marketing actions

The big advantage of the following Google Analytics 360, compared to its competitors is that it is fully compatible with other services such as Google AdWords and DooblClick. Since this search engine is the king of data on the web, it has access to millions of information classified by profile of Internet users, who will offer marketers a powerful analysis tool.

The behavior of buyers persona will have no secret for companies and collaborative solutions will clearly boost the work of marketers.


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