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Anatomy of an Internet Marketing Pitch Page

Updated on November 30, 2010

When I first came across affiliate or internet marketing "pitch pages" on the internet I found them fascinating and I even subscribed to a few 'gurus' who I'd background checked wondering if such things really work not that I believed in following gurus.

Some might say I was sucked in bad but actually, it was a premeditated decision made out of curiousity and I ended up getting quite an education in persuasion techniques which began to fascinate me far more than the steps I was supposed to take in order to find my "financial freedom".

Actually, I'm the type who tends to circle around things a lot before I'll jump in and it so happened that I stuck to my day job but nevertheless enjoyed researching the writing techniques that had power over us mere mortals.

Very briefly, this is what I came across and much of it can also be apparently found in advertising techniques in general. I was new to a lot of this at the time so forgive me in advance if I'm repeating stuff that seems pretty obvious.


One of the main formulas used in structuring a pitch was AIDA, an acronym which acted as a guide on how to write ad copy (or pitch pages). There are slight variations of AIDA, but essentially this is how the page is built.

The A in AIDA stands for ATTENTION. You start with a catchy title to draw your prospect in and a not uncommon theme you'll come across is to actually refer to a SCAM or, to use a WARNING in the title to draw more ATTENTION.

Is The PsychicDog Million Dollars in One Year a Scam?

Look up any market opportunity and you'll find pages with titles like this over and over again. Out of a list of pages you are researching on an offer you've come across wouldn't YOU be more likely to go to the one that gives you a warning?

Not always of course but probably 7 times out of 10?

You might go instead for titles like this:

Make $1,000/week working only 1 hour a day from HOME!

This is the SECRET book millionaires don't want you to know about!

The I in AIDA stands for INTEREST. The title got your attention and now you build on it by growing interest.

No experience necessary. Even a monkey can do this but you'll be earning more than peanuts!

You'll never have to work for a boss again!

At this stage of proceedings it is especially important to get the readers HEART rate UP.

This can be achieved by using $ signs or by "rubbing salt into sores".

For example, relate common themes such as financial hardship, debt, the mortgage, how much it sucks having to work for a callous boss etc, etc,

The idea is to get the prospect to stop THINKING and start FEELING.

The HEART rate up and the reader's BLOOD boiling so what you are left with is an emotional person not a rational one.

Once you've got them feeling miserable or excited enough, it's time to build DESIRE.

This is where the D in AIDA comes into play.

Wouldn't it be great to have a job that took only a few hours a day of your time and even made money while you slept? Wouldn't it be great to be your own boss and not have to worry about money again? What if you could afford the fast car and the dream house by the beach you've always wanted?

The emotional prospect is now being uplifted with wonderful visions you've created for them .

This is the time to introduce the final A in AIDA.

The call to ACTION - subscribe, buy, fill out the form etc...

Calls to ACTION can occur at various points in the pitch and may be accompanied by time-sensitive, discounted prices or limited availability.

Hurry this offer will not last or is limited to the first 20 takers only or variations on this theme are typical.

I must admit learning about these techniques fascinated me as it is a fact of life that we all must live in a world which can never be persuasion free and in which we strive to avoid pain or gain more pleasure in the short or long term.

Sometimes we get emotional, other times we are cold and use rational think to assess the offer being made.


Lastly, I am not an internet marketer and find I am turned off a lot of it, especially when one is expected to sign up for something which is mostly an unknown quantity except for a crude appeal to making money.

The marketers that are more upfront I give credit too. At least they tell you what you are in for, how it's not easy. At least they tell you how they are doing the money making online thing; the nuts and bolts of it, their journey, where they've succeeded and importantly, where they've failed too.

Still, I steer away because my intuition puts me on a different path.

I have built webspaces on personal interests and for others as I find this way of being online more personally fulfilling.

I love learning programming (php/Mysql, javascript, css, xml etc) and I continue to be a carpenter for most of the time.

Neither of these pursuits feels too much like a chore yet and I don't expect things to just be easy without determination, effort, perseverance and giving!

Although tempting, hunting for markets, opportunities or illusions and traps (you have to decide) to make money is a little treacherous.

On the other hand it can be a thrill looking for the so called "latest" phenonmenon but if you do what you love and make a living or business doing it you wont work a day in your life!

That's still a great ambition. Not only that it is a major challenge when everyone is at you to do things differently.

I try not to get sidetracked too much in the process (not always easy given there is a lot to love out there!).


If you Googled a new Make Money Online Strategy called AAA would you be more likely to click on

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    • profile image
      Author 7 years ago

      thanks random, it feels good to know someone got something out of this!

    • profile image

      random internet browser 7 years ago

      forgot the term i googled but you showed up pretty much at the top, this is exactly what i was looking for, just a quick outline on how those bastards keep me reading! :)

    • profile image
      Author 7 years ago

      No worries Misthaven!

    • MistHaven profile image

      MistHaven 7 years ago from New Jersey

      I suspected there was a formula or blueprint to how Internet Marketing is performed, but now I know exactly what it is, lol. Thanks for the insight. The next time I stumble across one such offer, I'll see if it uses AIDA.