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Andrew Reynolds - Copy This Idea!

Updated on August 31, 2015

Starting A Home Business.

I think that when you look at starting a home business that you will come across a fair amount of negativity.

You will have lots of people tell you that they have tried a certain thing and that it does not work and that it is all a scam. Some of the comments are well meaning and others are perhaps an attempt to keep you in your present rut. If you place crabs in a bucket some will try to escape and other crabs will try to pull the more enterprising crabs back into the bucket.

Success Rates Of Affiliate Marketers.

I run an affiliate marketing business and the statistics as I understand them are that 97% of affiliate marketers fail to make any money. On the upside some of the 3% who succeed make a huge amount of cash. I am pleased to say that I am in the 3% but am yet to make my affiliate marketing fortune. I do consider that as I learn and develop my business that I will get there in the end.

I think that the big difference between the 3% and the 97% is that of attitude and mindset. If is very easy to come to the conclusion that it is all a scam if your first project does now work out as you have planned. You feel the " I told you so" ringing in your ears from people who said that it was all a scam. The people who are in the 3% have accepted that failure is a signpost for success and that each unsuccessful project is a step nearer to one that will work.

How Often Do Millionaires Succeed?

A millionaire business associate told me that he expects 8 out 10 new projects to fail. He is highly skilled and is able to tell in advance what projects are more likely to succeed than others. However, he recognises that he can make more money from the 2 successes than he loses from the failures.

Succeeding Against The Odds.

Perhaps another perspective is the difficult course of study. Some years ago I did a degree in law. Statistically the pass rates were very low for people who were studying part time and externally from the university. My parents thought that I was wasting my time and could be not see me being among the small percentage that passed with honours. Many of the people who did the course with me fell by the wayside.

It would have been extremely easy to make excuses for not being able to stick with the course. I kept going and passed with honours. I also did a full time job while I was studying and sadly a number of the people that I worked with were negative towards my studies and frankly hoped that I would fail.

I think that running a home based business has many similarities to the course of study. A lot of people will be very negative and tell you that you are wasting your time. They will tell you that it is all a scam and that Tom, Dick or Harriett up the road fell for the same scam. You will have setbacks, trials and tribulations and definitely some disappointments. Many who start their home business at the same time as you will give up and cry out that it was not their fault and that it's all a scam.

Copy This Idea By Andrew Reynolds.

Andrew Reynolds has banked using his home based system £50 Million pounds. His book new book Copy This Idea illustrates the techniques that he has used to amass his fortune.

Mr Reynolds is the real deal, he has hosted business events at venues like the 02 Centre in London and has won a number of business awards. He has also attracted some negativity from people who think that you cannot make money following his system and that it is all a scam.

I with the greatest and utmost respect see these people and being similar to the 97% of affiliate marketers who do not make any money. They may not have tried the system at all or have not put in enough time and effort. In addition to this some of the people who have tried and failed may not have had any aptitude for that type of work. There are many types of work that I consider that I do not have any aptitude for.

Copy This Idea For Just £1.

I have just purchased for the princely sum of £1.00 a copy of Andrew Reynolds new book Copy This Idea. I feel sure that by copying the techniques in the book that I will be able to enhance the profitability of my home based business. I do not image that it will all just fall into place instantly and that no effort will be required to make a substantial income.

However, as Henry Ford said :-

" Whether you think you can or can't - either way you are right."

If you think that you can make money from a home based business then I would recommend that you invest a pound on the book. If you have decided that it will not work for you and that it is all a scam then don't waste your cash.

To find out more about Andrew Reynolds and get a copy of the book click here.

Thank you for reading my post and please leave your comments below :)

Best wishes



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