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Angel Investors Fund New Directions

Updated on November 10, 2011

Your business enterprise has already proven itself in the marketplace, but sales have slowed considerably. The fact you are still in business proves the enterprise has value in the marketplace, but stagnancy appears to be taking over. The good news is that you have learned a lot about business startup, market niches, customer needs and operating a business. All you need now is to inject some innovation into the business to gear it back up and that takes money. When reaching that realization, it’s time to find angel investors who recognize an ideal funding opportunity.

Successful businesses never remain static because marketplaces never stand still. Largely thanks to technology, today’s customers expect and appreciate change. You have to be able to steer your company through change to remain successful. It’s the only way to accommodate customer needs and fuel business growth. A business started with an excellent idea may do well for a while, but eventually there always comes a time when it needs an updated look, an innovative approach or a new niche market.

Entrepreneurs are recognized for being “idea people”, but ideas that are innovative in the beginning can need expanding or revising to stay fresh in the marketplace. In a society where technology brings rapid change, a business must be adaptable and willing to change to keep the interest of what can seem at times to be a fickle marketplace.

It’s unfortunate that many enterprises go out of business simply because the owners or management failed to recognize a shifting economy or changing marketplace. In a stubborn refusal to change a brand, product or service, the business slowly declines. Instead of listening to the marketplace and seeking funding for innovation from angel investors, management clings to the past.

Reinventing Success

Every business needs reinventing at some point. Even a business that has been successful in the past must change and adapt to meet customer needs. Angel investors fund business startups, but they also fund existing businesses that need to inject new life into products or services. A changing economy like the one seen the past few years has made it abundantly clear that many businesses must reinvent themselves to fit comfortably into the marketplace. Companies that are as large as Apple computer and HP have used reinvention in the past to revive flagging brand images and carve out market niches.

Unfortunately, too many businesses refuse to admit it’s time to head in a different direction. Adaptation offers many advantages, but the fear of failure prevents action. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in that lack of action leads to stagnation which leads to eventual failure. The best way to keep the business vibrant and successful is to reinvent and angel investors are more than willing to fund innovation and accept risk if that innovation will lead to business growth.

Reinventing a business can involve one or more of the following approaches:

  • Use of technology to upgrade or develop products in demand
  • Change in business processes that enable deeper market penetration
  • Redefinition of brand image to revive marketplace interest
  • Identification of new markets and expansion into them

Angel investors invest in innovation. The good news is that you can approach them with proof of a successful track record in the marketplace. The fact you are currently operating a successful business is a selling point because it proves you know how to operate in the market even if the innovation is the equivalent of a business startup.

Start From Position of Strength

Identifying core competences is the first step in business reinvention. The core competencies are the business strengths that serve as a springboard for new products or services or new approaches to the marketplace. Angel investors will fund business reinvention, but only if the business plan clearly explains the shape and form of the reinvention in terms of value brought to the marketplace and its customers. Business funding for revenue opportunities is available if you are ready to reinvent for success.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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