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Annoying Aspects of Job Searches

Updated on May 14, 2013

It use to be, eons ago, one would get into their car and physically go to the place where they wanted to apply for a job. This could take hours and maybe you might apply to a few places after filling out their application in person. All this began to stop in the mid-90's, with the advent of Internet and web browsers. Now, one could apply for tons of jobs with a click of a button from home.

This is a godsend to job hunters. Then, most employers would be happy just receiving your resume in a MS Word format as an email attachment. As the 90's turned to the 00's, employers were still happy with the resume attachment, whether it was a Word or PDF document. While this remains the case for some, job hunters are facing the increasingly most annoying aspect of job applying- having to go to the actual employer website (instead of simply send the resume to HR) and being forced to sign in or sign up. Each company handles if differently but all want you to sign up first before you apply for the job. This simply becomes a major determent for many because it might be the only time a job applicant needs to create a login and password for this company or recruiter firm. In addition, one must much of the information on the resume so it is in their database. All this increases the amount time spent for applying for a job online.

For applicants applying for many jobs daily, they end up with many passwords and login names to recall to access the many jobsites visited. Then there is the annoyance of the website not accepting your PW or login for whatever reason or, after everything is filled out and the button is clicked, a malfunction of some sort occurs forcing the applicant to repeat the whole thing! Eventually, it will turn off many job hunters.

Why does a applicant have to have an account with the company where the job is? It may be the only time the applicant visits it. They may not even be considered for the job, yet must waste time creating an account. All the information usually provided is already on the resume.

Another annoying aspect is that many sites offer you to upload a resume in lieu of filling out their online form application. However, may times the resume is used to fill in the job application you tried to avoid but in bad format, forcing the applicant to once again fix the format and wasting more time.

For job applicants facing these and other annoyances on a daily basis for months and months, one can see why the job hunt is frustrating.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      I don't know! It is a big turn off.

    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      Yes. I've had to do this literally dozens of times in the last few months. I also got extremely tired of typing out all my job histories and skill-set AFTER I had already uploaded my resume FOR EACH JOB I WAS APPLYING FOR. Can we say: Severe finger cramp. Seriouly, I would spend the time to do a really kick-ass resume with all the bells and whistles on it if that's all I had to do... just hand in my resume and CL and point at the job I'm applying for.

      Why all the duplication of effort?