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Do You Annoy Your Co-Workers?

Updated on November 24, 2013

Please stop doing that.

If you are lucky enough to have a job these days you may find yourself in a cubicle surrounded by other cubicles filled with people doing the same stuff you are. Times like these can put you in a bad mood and this mood can only worsen when you are confronted with coworkers working as if they had no coworkers at all.

Do I hear someone actually whistling while they work?

Nobody wants to hear you whistling except your dog. You may be a fine whistler. You may be able to perfectly whistle that awesome whistling intro part in the song Patience by Guns and Roses. That does not mean you can whistle at work. I have my own songs stuck in my head that I am dealing with while I work this spreadsheet, I do not need another song battling for my attention. Mind still unsettled, I have to breakdown and google whatever I can about your whistled tune so that it at least has a name.

That sound makes me cringe.

You wouldn't walk into a dinner party, kick of your shoes and throw your smelly feet on the doily covered coffee table, so what makes you think it is a good idea to trim your fingernails at work. These cubes provide little to no sound barrier, in fact I would not be surprised if the cubical walls were able to actually amplify and project the noise of the fingernails being clipped within. The sharp sudden clamp and snap of the clipper as it drives through the nail. A sound that will make you shudder. Trim your fingernails in the privacy of your own home like the rest of us please.

To much information.

I do not need to know that your husband was stabbed . . . in prison. The blow by blow of a 16 year old girl ripping the heart out of your 15 year old boy's chest is not necessary at work. Rather its depressing and only reminds me of my own stumbling puppy love misadventures. And the fact that I know you had your tubes tied five years ago is just awkward. This type of information is driving people you work with a little bit nuts.

Bless you.

Sitting in a room with 100 people means you are going to have a lot of smells, sounds and sneezes to deal with. After wading through the smells of perfumes and colognes, microwave popcorn and pop-tarts. All the while personal electronic devices pepper the premises with beeps and Star Wars ring tones. You are confronted with the sneeze. Germs aside the sneeze poses another problem because it requires a courtesy "bless you" unless you are ok with people thinking you are an ass. But what if there are just to many sneezes to keep up with? What if someone sneezes and there is no "bless you"? That would be rude and defeat the purpose for all the blessings in the first place.

Do you do any of these things at work? Or maybe you know exactly what I am talking about because you have a whistler in your office too. Whatever the case may be lets help each other out and remember that we are at work not sitting on our couch. I hope your work world works for you.

Tell me what you think.

Do you have coworkers that do any of these things at work?

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    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India


      Brings out the observer you seem to be! Nicely done my friend!

      True facts which happen in all workplaces around the globe!