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Annoying and Monstrous Personalities of the Workplace

Updated on April 7, 2015
Missing Link profile image

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

I have worked in a number of workplace environments over the years and have come in contact with a number of hurtful and destructive people. I have worked in large offices in Columbus, OH., Seattle, WA. and, Portland, OR.

I myself have been hurt badly by some of the creatures discussed herein. I have also learned a great deal from these experiences and have insights I would like to share.

Monstrous perhaps is too strong of a term for a few of the personalities herein; they might better be described as creatures or as sick.

I will use different genders below to describe each creature but in reality they can be either male or female.


Most people can be a little two faced from time to time. For the Two Faced Monster, it is a fixed component of their personality and a way of life. You may find it hard to believe this personality exists because you are not even remotely close to being like this. This monster does exist.

She will approach you acting friendly and professionally with a nice smile on her face. In your good natured temperament, you will likely view the interaction as harmless, workplace banter and think nothing of it. You may even feel like you are forming a friendly, workplace relationship with her. You see potential ally and she sees potential prey.

She will glean information from you and use it to hurt you. She will go to another employee or manager, sometimes within just a few minutes, and tell them about her conversation with you and what she observed. She may also get on the phone with other party/ies or e mail them...couching her experience with you in a negative way which will contain exaggeration, distortion and, innuendo. She will generally go to others who she knows are susceptible to her wickedness.

If the person on the other end is somewhat of an enabler, gullible or ignorant they may very well believe what she is telling them. By doing this, the Two Faced Monster can bring very serious harm to your life. She tends to create instability and uncalled for suffering throughout the workplace. Think you can just go to work and mind your own business and have a normal working life---not gonna happen with the Two Faced Monster around.

If at some point you realize what is going on it is then best to avoid this person or to minimize your contact. She can still do terrible damage though by manufacturing lies about what she saw you doing (or not doing) or how you were acting yada yada yada. In time, many others catch on to the fact she is a monster but in the interim, the damage she can do is terrible.

The Two Faced Monster relishes the suffering she creates for you and I would argue she does have a component of evil and is monstrous.


This is an extremely annoying person. She self assumes the role of a policewoman; she monitors what others do and say and what they don't do or say. She can have the exact same position as you but will correct things you do thinking she knows better when generally she doesn't. This person always makes "mountains out of mole hills". She likes to sneakily report to management about what others are doing or not doing. In other words, she is also a rat fink or snitch. Policewoman often hides behind religiosity.

You can have an easy job but the policewoman will find a way to make it difficult or miserable. You can have a difficult job and the policewoman will make it worse. The policewoman is not cool, cannot be trusted and generally, is not very intelligent. She however believes she is intelligent which only serves to magnify her annoying personality. You have to be very careful about what you do and say when policewoman is around.


This person knows all things at all times. He exudes incredible confidence which is key to the mayhem he causes. You on the other hand are sensible and don't have the nerve to act this way. You may be every bit as knowledgeable (usually more so) on a topic but don't go around being a blowhard and trying to impress others. You also don't have the confidence (or audacity) to act as he does.

He can talk in front of the entire staff and most everything he says is wrong. However, he exudes such confidence that it doesn't matter. Management generally embraces this kind of person and the Know It All, in time, generally becomes part of management. You sit there in the meeting in shock wondering if this is really happening.

The Know It All causes chaos, creates messes and, cultivates a lot of unfair and unjust phenomena. I don't think the Know it All is necessarily a monster but there is definitely something going on "that ain't right." He has little insight into his pathology. Try to minimize your exposure to the Know It All.


The I'm better Than You creature sees herself as very progressive, sophisticated and, evolved. You on the other hand are not. She tends to see others as backward and less intelligent. She will tend to hang out and go out with one or two other people like herself. Her views on politics and social issues are at a very high, evolved level and if you don't agree with her you are just not as sophisticated as she is.

She may preach tolerance and diversity but cannot handle or tolerate others who hold different views. I'm Better Than You is a terrible hypocrite. She can make you feel bad about yourself even if there is no reason for it. She may seduce you into thinking that you are not as good as she is. However, if you work around her long enough you will see that you are every bit as good as she is if not better. You tolerate her but she does not tolerate you and it hurts.

This person can be monstrous but is more akin to some kind of creature or as someone who is sick.


The agent of change has elements of The Know it All and the I'm Better Than You creatures. In his infinite wisdom, he can see the current system is woefully inadequate and that it needs to be completely revamped. There may in fact be nothing wrong (or very little) at all with the system. This Agent of Change will always mess up a good thing.

The new system will likely be worse than the old one and it will decrease your job satisfaction. The job you use to like or tolerate you will now grow to despise---thanks largely to The Agent of Change. He on the other hand feels he has done a good thing and that the system is much improved.

Management tends to like The Agent of Change for reasons that are perverted and sick. The Agent of Change will get promoted no matter the horror he creates. You will suffer.

I'm sure I've left out a few monstrous or greatly annoying, workplace personalities; once I think of them I will add them to the article. The aforementioned personalities represent a very small percentage of employees in the workplace but unfortunately, the damage they can do is great.

Most all people in the workplace are good natured, decent and, sincere.

Have You Ever Worked With Someone Who Had One Of The Personalities Described Herein?

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    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 2 years ago from Oregon

      Hi Tranquilheart,

      What a hassle! It is inevitable to run into one or all of these characters in the workplace. They make you suffer for no good reason. Thanks for your comments!

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 2 years ago from Canada

      Yep, I've met them all. I had to laugh at the policeman description. I can laugh now because I'm semi retired as they say. I used to sit beside a policewoman and I had to blockade myself into my cubicle so she could not see my monitor. No one asked why.