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Another Ex Gamestop Employee Tale of Termination Part One

Updated on February 16, 2012

I worked at Gamestop. Unlike many, I wasn't hired from within. I didn't work for the company for years in hopes of making management. I was hired off the street due to my previous executive management background. Why? I suppose it had to do with the new face of Gamestop. A more professionally run organization at store manager level anyway. After all, who wants a guy with ear rings in his nose and tattoos down his neck and smells of smoke telling a customer they can't get a refund on a game they just opened? That's a joke people. Meant to drive home the point. Gamestop knows what they have in terms of existing employees left over from the Funco and Babbages, EB era... They will push those people out if they don't fit in with what the future of Gamestop is determined to be. Which I'll elaborate on as I go forward.

You may ask why I wanted to work for Gamestop. Here is your answer. It's the economy. With children to feed and tough times, you look outside your comfort zone and do what you must. For me, if I was going to work for Gamestop, I was going to do the job well. I was proud that Gamestop looked to me as a cut above what they attempted to cultivate in house. I'm not saying good employees don't start off at ground level in Gamestop. They do, but more times than not, the long term investment doesn't pay off. Hate me for saying that, but I could see a difference in what I brought to the table as a manager and what SOME of the existing managers embodied. From the first day on the job, I could see what Gamestop was looking for. In a word, maturity. Suddenly here I was a well over 30 something working side-by-side with teens and twenty somethings that quite frankly were both naïve and hard-working. Not all, but most. There was also a blend of hip attitude and cut throat deceit. Add in a measure of fear of the company and you have your prototypical Gamestop employee. And yes, most Gamestop employees develop a fear of the company. I myself didn't want to buy into the hype but over time, the threat of big-brother was drilled into me so hard that I too began to think I could be fired for just about any infraction.

I say every employee because you see, most employees at Gamestop are not lowly Game Advisors better known as GA's. What is a GA? They are usually seasonal help or part part timers that won't get more than 10 hours per week on the clock. A GA's responsibilities are mundane for the most part, their goal is to work register otherwise they are expected to walk the floor filling holes (open slots on the walls). With duties no greater than a janitor, these employees are exempt from the fear, yet strangely still just as vulnerable. If they don't meet a manager's expectations a GA doesn't get fired, they get marginalized. In short, they fire themselves. Don't put a GA on the clock and they get the idea that they need to find another job.

The bulk of the crew at any Gamestop are managers. Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers and Sr. Game Advisers with manager level responsibilities. Understand that If you've been there a year, you are promoted in responsibility while earning almost the same income of a GA. That's about $8.00 per hour. My first week on the job I learned everyone wants to be a manager. They all want to be the man. In my first week , I was treated with both decency and disgust. They knew I was hired off the street to be the man. I was an M.I.T., manager in training. I was placed in a high volume store with associates brought in from other stores as an all star cast if you will allow me to call them that. Even the Sr. Game Advisers felt they knew enough to 'run the store' and they were all quick to tell me so. The Assistant Store Managers on the other hand, they were the ones living in fear. According to them, EVERYTHING could get you fired. I came to learn that was absolutely true. If only I didn't witness favoritism which now looking back makes me feel good that Gamestop lost me and is left with 'thieves' in their midst. I'll get to that too. Let's stick with the fear mongering for now.

In my first week, all I heard was, "Do this and you'll get fired" and "Don't do that, and you'll get fired." Examples being, set a console on the register counter and if the District Manager comes in the store, or it's viewed on video, you'll be fired immediately. The store manager was supposed to fire you too, but there appeared to be a sense of teamwork to cover this fact up. Another example, don't work off the clock or you'll get your manager fired. I looked into this with HR and they emphatically told me a different story, but that was a bold-faced lie. Now, I'm not saying every company shouldn't have rules. Nor am I saying these are not fireable offenses at some point or at some degree. I would think you should expect a warning or maybe even to be 'written' up to show an employee has a pattern of disregard or proof they can't follow rules. You get the idea, and I hope you would agree. In fact, Gamestop claims to have these rules.

Well, within two weeks of training I've found that if I'm to learn all the operational procedures in running a store are to be met, I should have some formal training. Shouldn't I? Shouldn't anyone? After all this is a fortune 200 company! Instead, I'm told by my district manager that it is "on the job training." There is no manual... oh wait, there is. It took me three weeks to get that answer. And the manual is on a clunky in house web site called GoStores. But you can only read it while on the clock. It can't leave the building EVER and there is never any time on the clock for you to read it. This is not a joke. You can't read it during your lunch, because that in effect is working off the clock.

To call learning that this is how Gamestop operates a surprise is an understatement. I was concerned thinking to myself, "I'm going to run a store and be expected to know all the detailed operational procedures in three months by standing behind a cash register most of my day?" Nuances of the job leaped at me daily. One customer bought a used Iphone with a Gamestop replacement plan. Two days later he came in and I watched the store manager for a half an hour work his way around replacing the phone due to a crack under the screen about half the length of a small fingernail in the top corner of the device. That day I learned that FOR ME, ethically if I was going to sell replacement plans (and my employees) I would want every buyer to know that damage of that sort couldn't be covered. In this area I understood how on the job training applied. But when it came to training me to understand the numbering of inventoried product and daily work flow of how to accept shipments, pack shipments or handle a return of product bought in another state accounting for a different tax rate, no one set aside time to train me. I was either asking for help, witnessing them done ONCE or fighting for a moment to look up any conceivable answer in the company procedures in their GoStores documents. Reading from a half baked technical manual is not training.

Fortunately for me, I was a customer before I was an employee and I understood the basic strengths of Gamestop. We all do right? Used (pre-owned) over new, and Powerup cards for discounts. From the day I was hired I met and exceeded the goals. I was always over 14%. I say this because sure enough some Gamestop employee somewhere is going to be looking for reasons to criticize what they are reading here and speculate on why I was fired. And yes, I was fired. Gamestop threw away an asset. I wasn't some half-hearted college aged gamer whom would call out or not show up to work because they resented a $7.00 per hour 10 hour workweek paycheck. I was hired to brand a better image. I was hired to win long time customers, not just the standard issue school age gamer that was going to come in REGARDLESS. I was hired to keep the parents coming back. I was hired to win over adults and the younger crowd alike. I was hired at 35k per year once I met my 90 day probation completion. Until then, I was at least getting $15.00 per hour. Hard to feed a family on that pay, but I was happy for it in this economy.

You can say this is easy money, but at first - I had to learn the store. I had to learn retail. I wasn't born into retail, I wasn't raised in retail. I managed white collar businesses. I was a project leader, and marketing guru. I was a sales professional. And this is why Gamestop hired me. If you as a customer think Gamestop is about video games, you are kidding yourself. They have but one cause. To find a way to UP the average amount of money you spend in the store. Think I'm kidding? They track daily how much an average sale is, and managers are graded to a point of bonuses based in a number of dollar oriented factors and DPT (dollar per transaction) is one of them. You and I would call it average dollars per sale. They expect each customer sale to be no less than $60.00 and as high as $100 during holidays. Walk in a Gamestop and ultimately you are the magic number of $60 to Gamestop.

What's amusing is that Gamestop then pressures the employees to 'connect' with customers and build rapport through trust in knowledge of games and genuine concern for them as a human. Think this is a joke? Again, guess what employees are graded on? Those receipts surveys that each Gamestop employee practically begs you to fill out. And should you give them less than a 10, it hurts them and the store. I'll digress from my story a bit more and give you a secret. Ever want to really hurt an employee? Give them a 2 on the survey. District Managers are expected to read all of these surveys from stores. God knows they don't do much to earn their paycheck so this is one area they pay attention. Employees pay a heavy price for those surveys.

One day, about three weeks into the job, an Assistant Store Manager, (ASM) whom I originally thought I'd butt heads with but ended up being perhaps the nicest guy in the shop to work with accidentally revealed (I overheard him on the phone) to me he was getting a raise that put him just over $10 per hour and he was thrilled with it. Imagine, working 37 to 40 hours a week for $10.00 per hour. Seem like a lot? Well, consider that this guy really did have all the skills to run the store and ASM's are store managers many hours of the day. They complete inventory shipments inbound and out, they do large volumes of inventory counts and clean up inventory messes. They help do employee schedules, they fulfill daily banking duties such as closing all registers and completing all the number calculations for the day and the list goes on and on. A lot is expected of Gamestop employees from marketing materials being changed all over the store to loss prevention and on and on and on is expected. It's not uncommon the get an e-mail from a district manager demanding the sky on short notice OFTEN LATE IN THE DAY while expecting you to complete all your regularly scheduled tasks. Hey, this is okay by me. That's what it means to have the responsibility, but Gamestop doesn't pay people what that time is worth. Sure in the business world you must maximize your employees output, but it's Waaaaaay out of line here. $10.00 per hour is a joke. At $15 I was feeling like, yeah, I'll take this no problem during training. So after 120 days on the job, I was about to ask for the promised raise I had not yet received. Never got to that...

So if I was such a company man and made no mistakes that you can see in this article so far, what was I fired for? I'll tell if I see there is an audience for the rest of this story. Because it does get better and it IS in progress.

I will say this much. I'm writing about this because after what happened to me, it's one of those things where I can see I'm just a little peon in Gamestop's world. I was used and used badly. I was treated with a great deal of disrespect and I believe for the most part, no one will read this and give a damn what happened to me. I liked my job as crazy as it may seem, mostly because I felt I was going to be part of a better future of Gamestop. What a joke. Now I don't want to buy at any Gamestop, nor does my family and friends. Everyone is just mad and disgusted.

I'm not saying that I have children doesn't matter. That tears me up. The day I was fired I wasn't just humiliated and angry. I was sad that now my children's future was unraveling. All because of what? So are you curious? Wondering if I did something to deserve it?

That I did my job well, did not matter. And despite myself witnessing deceitful people try to hurt me and other co-workers ...I believed I operated above such behavior - it didn't keep me employed. That I witnessed racism and raunchy sexist jokes by teenagers and twenty somethings and didn't participate in risky conversations didn't win me any good karma either. Don't judge me as a bore. I wasn't a gdam stick in the mud either. But come on, I was hired to be a store manager. I couldn't risk losing my job by trying to act years younger. If it means anything to you, I'm a good looking guy so I had nothing to prove. I'm athletic and know my way around gaming. I fit in, I'm just older and willing to know my place in the big picture. So what got me fired? Do you really want to know?


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    • profile image

      Tyler 3 years ago

      I would also like to know the rest of the story I have always wanted to work for Gamestop but now I'm not so sure.

    • profile image

      newbie 3 years ago

      just started at gamestop and i can already see that this is going to be a soulless company to work for. Do we ever get to hear the end? Ironic Destiny pre-order ad for gamestop on my page =)

    • profile image

      Ex-Store Manager 4 years ago

      Look up worst places to work, Gamestop is top 10. They treat their employees like absolute garbage. They reward lazy worthless employees and ignore talent. Leaving them was like escaping a prison of never ending bullshit. Now I make a lot more money at their biggest competitor. The employees need to wake up and form a union. I've seen things over the last 4 years that would make your head explode.

    • profile image

      wow LOL SGA 4 years ago

      You are human scum.

      I work for Gamestop and no the pay is not ideal it sucks, but you doing that screws over everyone in the store not just your SM. Not to mention you have a lot more to worry about then just getting fired. You can go to jail for several years for nonsense like that. You are an idiot.

    • profile image

      ExGsAsm 5 years ago

      The absolute worst cheapest company I've ever worked for

    • profile image

      mr.gone 5 years ago

      funny i would really like to hear the rest of the story i actually just started training for my position as store manager and the more information i know about the ups and downs the better

    • profile image

      Shay 5 years ago

      What!!! Where is the end, I am disappointed!!!...

    • profile image

      BML 5 years ago

      F@ck yeah we wanna hear the rest of the story!

    • profile image

      LOL SGA 5 years ago

      So I Started my GameStop employment adventure at the bottom of the barrel as a "GA" (game advisor). Within less than 2 months I had better numbers than everybody working at my store SGA's ASM's SM'S included. We all know what numbers are and what happens when you don't get them. Anyway as a result of my numbers I was promoted to SGA exactly 2 months of being hired. 2 months after that my ASM left. Immediately after he left I was expected to do EVERYTHING he did with the promise of getting his position. 1 month later just as i am gearing up for a promotion I get robbed.

      My store manager, being the selfish asshole he was, naturally made me work the next morning. So about 2 hours into my shift still pissing my pants from the night before my district manager walks in and hands me a pink paper stating "first and final warning" due to the fact that the safe was opened and i willingly gave the robber all of the contents.

      That... Fucking... Safe... It was broken. Not only was it broken but after telling my store manager 10 times that it was broken and after having him do NOTHING about it i called that god damn safe company myself to come get it fixed and when I told my SM he gets all shitty and tells me that lost prevention has to come and supervise them fixing it and then they'll find all the shit that he had been putting off and he'll get screamed at blah blah blah. So naturally he calls and cancels the maintenance on the safe.

      Shortly after my SM walks in to take care of the paper work and review the security tapes with my DM. After my DM leaves my SM turns to me and says, "we need to take hours away from last night so our store does not go over in hours not to mention you'll get overtime and i don't want corporate screaming at me for it."

      This exact moment in my GameStop adventure was the moment that i told myself "its begun"

      And so i began...

      I fucked that company every single chance i got. I gave my employee discount out to customers. I gave my SM's employee discount out to customers. I set up a discount card specifically for the holiday season which i then used on EVERY single transaction i performed ( our store was the busiest is out district meaning thousands of transactions) I ended up cashing in like five or six 50$ coupons from the rewards part of the card. I hooked customers up with more trade in credit through flaws in promotional sales. Every time a game got a "ONE DAY ONLY" price drop, i "returned" a game and "resold" it at the discounted price and pocketed the difference.. lets just say i didn't have to worry about making rent with the bullshit 8.30$ an hour wage i got for basically managing the whole store as an SGA.

      At the time of being interviewed by Loss prevention on the "stagggering" amount of transactions

    • profile image

      Wife 5 years ago

      My husband has worked for GameSstop for 4 yrs. Never missed one day of work and they fired him today because a fellow employee reported his Facebook page that he posted some ICP and other rap music. They state they don't want that image representing the company. How does his personal FB page reflect on the business. I totally agree with this guy, he is speaking the truth!

    • profile image

      Digital_Jedi 5 years ago

      I recently was hired by a local GameStop, little over 8 months ago. I am 22 years old, so I suppose that lumps me into the general and negative category of "twenty somethings" from this article. Before GameStop, I worked as a construction worker, computer intern, and a cars salesman. All three of those jobs paid more and two of them would be considered much more "professional" jobs than a GA spot at a used video game retail store. And while I do appreciate the original individual's candor with his deplorable experience, I feel it necessary to deliver a different set of circumstances.

      GameStop has been the single greatest thing to happen in my life since the birth of my wife and mine's first child. Not only am I treated with respect, but consideration for situation as a father is taken into every schedule made for me. As stated before I've been there for roughly 8 months and have recently been promoted to ASM at a nearby store. By nearby store, I mean the store that was actually 15 minutes closer to my home. So not only was I promoted, but my DM went out of his way to give me that promotion at a closer GameStop.

      Raunchy jokes and ludicrous expectations for Res and Subs aside, GameStop has been the most professional and appreciative company I've ever worked for. Now I'm quite aware that individual experiences vary, but it seems unfair for those of you considering a job with GameStop to suddenly feel as if this is a poor decision. I would say work hard, but you're selling video games for God's sake, just show up to work, learn your skill set, and don't whine about mistreatment: you'll likely be a keyholder in 4 to 6 months.

    • profile image

      Cammy 5 years ago

      My store has had an open ASM spot for over 6 months now. Our SGA just quit, all we have is an SM and an LGA running the show. Corporate is intentionally not promoting the LGA to ASM as they are already doing the ASM work for minimum wage. They keep saying "train for 2 more weeks and try again".

    • profile image

      Dean 5 years ago

      All this is true, though having a manager who only schedules themselves for mornings & weekdays with no understanding that it's stupid to schedule your slowest closers on busy weekends is stupid. & to top that, a manager who is sly enough to dodge district manager visits, it's a messed up system. And to top that, our manager fears any form of SM or ASM from another store coming to work at ours because of the further messed up way its run. So much 'trial by fire', why aren't we trained right? & why do I get interrogated rather than trained?

    • profile image

      Deena 5 years ago

      Is part 3 of this story available?

    • profile image

      Mario Buonogucci 5 years ago

      I've worked at gamestop for over 5 years and can tell you this is all true. Please, I really want to hear the rest of the story because I 100% agree with everything you have said so far.

    • profile image

      Don Johnson 5 years ago

      im an asm, and let me tell you, it sucks... this guy is speaking the truth...

    • profile image

      WorkerBee 5 years ago

      I am about to start to Gamestop and there are a lot of horror stories. You write well and I am highly interested in the end of the story.

    • profile image

      Josh 5 years ago

      I love the story, and I'm genuinely curious. Just like Paul, I'm considering employment at a Gamestop, and would like to hear more of the inner workings through a first hand account.

    • profile image

      Andre Nickatina 6 years ago

      I want to hear the rest of the story!

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      Yes, I really want to know I was thinking about joining the team to a Gamestop that's opening near me. After the struggle and hardships you went through, I'm seriously re-considereing. I really do want to know the whole story.