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Anyone Can Give A Great Presentation

Updated on August 11, 2013

We all know about presentations but, not everyone is capable of giving spell-binding presentations. But, the fact is that those who give excellent presentations are being recognized well. They are respected also. The good news is that everyone of us can learn to give such great presentations.

If you are an employee, you may not command as much respect as your colleagues who are able to give excellent presentations. These colleagues may supersede you in promotions though you may be more knowledgeable, competent and efficient than they are. You may be wondering what you should do to gain the appreciation and trust of your employer as well as others.

Even if you are an entrepreneur, you should know how to give excellent presentations because you should continuously be adding new clients for improving your business.

The following tips may be useful to improve your presentation skills.

1. The purpose of giving presentations is to provide information to the people concerned. But, at the same time, there is no point in providing them with excess information also. So, you should try to keep your presentations as simple as possible. For this, you need to have complete knowledge of the field in which you operate. This may involve a lot of study and research. You should be clear about your intentions because depending upon the purpose, your presentation should vary. For example, if your intention is to sell, you should adopt a particular style and if your aim is to entertain, it should be completely different. You should change the templates, images, fonts, etc. according to the purpose of your presentation.
- You must give accurate information in your presentations. You cannot take your audience for granted. There may be highly knowledgeable people in the audience and so, you should never do guess-work or give tentative or inaccurate information. Therefore, you must devote sufficient time for doing a proper homework.
- You should try to gather information about your audience. Though you cannot have full-fledged information about the audience expected for your presentation, even little details about them can help you to plan your strategies.
- Sometimes, the audience attending your sessions may be very busy people. So, you should grab their attention as fast as you can. Being busy people, they may make their decisions fast also. If you are able to impress them with facts as well as vital data, they may immediately show positive responses. Experts point out that shocking statistics may work wonders in getting good results from presentations.

- You should present the facts in an interesting manner for which conversational language is the best. You need not speak literary or bombastic language because most of the people may feel ill at ease if you use such a language in your presentations. Moreover, with a natural and simple language, you can strike a chord with more number of people.
- Your presentation should prove to the listeners that your company is different and unique. People come to your presentations seeking solutions for their problems and so, you should be able to provide them with useful and unique information. By anticipating their problems, you can come up with innovative solutions. Again, research holds the key to the success of your presentation.
- Your presentation should be well-structured. You should begin it with an overview. You should impress your audience with this introduction itself. If you are able to get 40% of the attention of the listeners with your introductory remarks , you can almost be certain of the success of your presentation. Once you are able to get the attention of the audience, you can provide the vital information in a subtle manner.
- You must not forget the fact that not all the listeners will be attentive. You should not get nervous about this. Your focus should be on those who are listening to you and not on those, who are just physically present.
To summarize, you can give a great presentation only if you prepare well and focus your mind on its success.


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