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Apartments SOLD OUT Like Movie Tickets in Bangalore.

Updated on February 18, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Right is under Booking - Middle Ready for Occupation - Left under construction and all Apartments are SOLD OUT.


Sunday Holiday Community Bathing fpr workers.

Unimaginable yet TRUE.

Unimaginable that you have to wait to get a Apartment of your specifications for a period left to the discretion of the Apartment builder.You can not put a nail till your full payment to your Apartment is made by cheque.There is no payment by cash which means you got to have your hard earned money and not unaccounted money.That is what you hear all the Marketing Executives say when you meet them at the project site.

Very energetic men who sit with you and show you all the information in printed format and even a copy of it or any of the hundreds of Apartments given to you to do your home work on how much of built up area is offered by each builder and the unit cost you pay given all the other amenities provided are same.There are also hidden gifts included if you care to do what they say.

The Apartments are built in such a way that no common wall is used to build any of the Apartment.There are so many combination's in any block of the Apartments that you may find it very confusing to select in a particular builder.If you select any Apartment you may be informed that it is already sold out.We will never know how true it is as the builder would keep many of the Apartment Blocked for persons who are his friends or for people who will pay more for it at a later stage.Each floor when the roof is cast the price goes up.

People prefer 3rd floor mainly on account of electric power shut down and lift getting geld up.In a hurry they can come down quite effortlessly or go up also.The 1st and 2nd floors are perhaps used by senior citizens.There are some Apartments not providing Balcony in 1st floor due to Fire Dept rules.Also people who go out of the Apartments often prefer 1st and 2nd floors.Many would like to stay in 3rd for security reasons.

Most of the Apartments are never similar in one project due to land that they would have got from the seller and sellers are never having similar open areas.Most of the lands are purchased from farmers who would have sold their land for a fortune and would be staying in the city with 2 or 3 cars,one for self,one for wife and one for kids to visit city to enjoy the life around so many places that beats the other.

Most of the Apartments are with a variety of furniture shown in their models that you will fall in love with the Apartments.However these furniture and fixtures are not included in many of the Apartments.Few offer them but they will be included in cost and few people opt for them o account of the effort the builder has taken to design and engineer the interior with much effort and with experts in interior design.Gadgets in the Apartment are also very attractive in models that are shown to buyers.

Every Apartment complex has a Club,many Swimming Pools,few with Swimming Pools on roof top.To maintain ambiance all around Garden is compulsorily made in as much of space as they could afford to keep to maintain their cost and profit.The number of workers that each builder has will be over 1000 and they are all provided with temporary sheds and common wash facilities.They are a huge number many from far away places like Sikkim or Bihar.

The builders keep most of the skilled workers as they would have made all preparations to start the next project.They are a powerful lobby and would buy anyone for any money.Few are even given Apartments freely perhaps,otherwise how can they keep their business going.They have managed to reach out to such distance places as much as 39 kilometers in every direction of Bangalore.

The number of men engaged in these activities is unimaginable,there are skilled workmen,highly skilled workmen,unskilled workmen,educated workmen,qualified workmen like civil engineers,accountants,advocates,marketing professionals,who all account to a large industry and generation of employment resulting in economic growth.These trained men in this profession are paid as much as their counterparts in other industry.

Bangalore is bursting with growth,civic infrastructure is a MESS.

Bangalore is bursting with population and has many SLUMS they are a SORE.

Bangalore is overflowing with outsiders from north they are eating our FOOD.

Bangalore has highest number of Motor Bikes in India and they KILL.

Bangalore is still a beautiful city you will fall in LOVE.


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