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Appliance Repair Home Based Business

Updated on October 23, 2014
It is a lot less costly to repair nearly every appliance in almost all cases than replace them with a new one.
It is a lot less costly to repair nearly every appliance in almost all cases than replace them with a new one. | Source

Nearly one third of all appliance repair businesses are home based

Twenty seven percent of these types of businesses are home based self-employed persons. The best personalities working in this field are definitely the mechanically inclined. This functions as a sole entrepreneurship as well as a team of workers together.

Repair workers delivering emergency service available 24 hours a day see as much as a 25% increase in revenue each year.

Home based business endeavors are growing in our current economy.

Appliances are a common commodity found in every house, building and apartment. Appliances are one of the perks of inventors and evolution. They make life easier and a whole lot simpler. This is why they are enjoyed so much and valued in lots of ways. When these pieces of equipment fail to function or work as intended it puts a huge bump in the road. One solution discovered is instead of simply buying new ones; countless people have the old and broken items repaired. This type of job is a growing home business opportunity with a lot of appeal on a number of levels.

If starting a home based business appeals to you, mull over the idea of repairing appliances. This is an industry definitely in demand. The atmosphere is terrific for an appliance repair home based business venture.

Before deciding to move in this direction, consider several factors about working from home in an appliance repair business. All business ventures have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.


Great outlook in work available

Technology is increasing the amount of household gadgets and the economy is making it prudent to fix a breakdown rather than replace any apparatus. This is where a home based appliance repair person comes into the picture. Why not capitalize on an idea with a great future ahead of it? As a society we continue to craft more items to make life easier. This means more that need mending when they fail.

Needed everywhere

Every state in the nation has citizens with these sorts of ailing items need attention. This means all 50 states are in need of the service. Some states have colder weather while others are very warm, but neither climate is an obstacle. Along with similar appliances they also have unique ones which need attention. Whether there are more space heaters or air conditioners in any given area all need a keen eye to detect an issue and resolve it.

Great client base

The outlay made to own a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer or dishwasher runs easily into the thousands of dollars. Even for non-homeowners larger appliances are an expense seen by a landlord, the renter will not need it but a landlord seeks repair persons too. When these items break down or no longer work correctly, instead of replacing them all types of owners get them fixed.

The same is true for private business and companies. Many of the same types of appliances found in the home are found here. If the snack machine or microwave in the break room doesn’t work anymore, call someone to put it back into working order. Paying for the service rather than a new one is a savings increasing a business owner’s bottom dollar.

Other appliances need work as well

Other domestic devices repaired rather than replaced include dishwashers, freezers and even water heaters and furnaces. Certain techs elect to focus on unique or distinctive type of work. For an example, they only mend certain items like microwaves or humidifiers and other devices around the house.

Ever think about the person keeping the vending machine or copy machine working properly? These are distinctive items. Remember for most uncommon things there are special tools or devices needed to get the job done. Additionally, parts are steep at times.

Startup costs not very pricey

Basic home office needs like a computer, printer along with phone and internet service are necessary. All of these assist with keeping in touch with customers and suppliers. Nearly all repairpersons have business cards as well. Small things like office supplies such as paper and pens are nice to have and not a big ticket item.

Office space in expensive office space outside of the home is not really necessary and hardly ever seen. A small office space is typically adequate for the needs. Paper pushing is an extremely small part of what these individuals do to make their income.

Not everything is fixable at the location where it resides. A number of businesses require investing in transportation. This means a van or truck is necessary. Lots of persons actually operate from their work van or truck. In another circumstance imagine working only on vending machines where they never need to be moved a truck or van is not a necessity.

Having the necessary tools for all variations of objects being put back to working order go without saying. Most folks have the basic set of tools on hand. If not, purchasing these is not a windfall expense and is still a good investment personally. Special tools needed for specialty items may possibly get costly. Though, most repairs for unique items are done as a routine or specialty as part of the business which makes buying the tool a good thing and sound business choice. A dolly is also required to move heavy devices.


Other less basic startup expenses

Replacement parts are paid for up front before charging the customer in certain cases. Others prefer ordering them after money is in hand from the client. Reimbursement is added into the cost of labor and parts in other situations.

For the most part owners become bonded. This is a safety measure against any type of loss, theft or lawsuit (real or unfounded). A few select states require bonding, but not all. Local Chambers of Commerce are responsible to let you know which states demand it.

Employees are an option for newbies and veterans alike. Some new businesses have the monies to hire employees at the onset while others wait until there is more money coming in or more money in the bank. With more employees also come more expenses in all categories.

The largest expense seen is the education and skills needed to get the work completed. Expertise and knowledge through education go a long way with what items you are competent to work with. The longer the list of items repaired with proficiency and licensed to put back into working order, the better. This helps expand a client base.

Physical labor

This is a physical labor job. Although it does not necessarily require a person be able to lift 200 pounds on a routine basis, it is not sitting behind a desk on a daily basis. Depending on what type of machinery you work with is proportionate to how physical the job will be. For example, working in Laundromats with oversized machinery or a car wash are both instances where a little bit of muscle makes it easier.

Most personalities that enjoy working with their hands really excel at his particular skills set. Even those with a disdain for office work find very little involvement as a repair person or are able to outsource a small portion necessary to function.

In conclusion

This is a wonderful opportunity which works well for tons of people of any age. Consider this as a second job, a retirement job or a way to quit your day job and do something more enjoyable. It works as a family business or even a couple dividing up the workload is able to make it function to some extent where both are happy do a single part or all parts.

The disadvantages and advantages of this particular type of labor are found just like any other vocation. Whether or not a positive outcome is seen depends highly on the amount of investment a person makes into the job.

HVAC certification is necessary to fix lots appliances

There are national organizations for reputable certification. The ISCET (International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and the PSA (Professional Service Association) are a few of the best known. Advertising and marketing using ties to either organization is an advantage.

In order to qualify as a member of the PSA and ISCET a repair person must pass a test in electronics. This is a well-regarded organization which adds authority and trustworthiness in the field. It adds a big amount of money to the bottom line of profit for a small investment.

HVAC certification is possible through online resources.

Education and skills

There is no formal training required for the work with the exception of working with refrigerants. This means a handy repair person is able to get the ball up and rolling on this company with ease.

Education or certification in HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) is mandatory for working with refrigerants. Things such as refrigerators and central air units are the major appliances falling under this umbrella. One of the best things about the HVAC training and licensing is certification is available through online resources.

An HVAC technician is capable of earning thousands of dollars more than an appliance repair person without the certification. Additionally, embracing the training permits you to offer customers more options and better services. There is never a downside to obtaining more training and education in any field.

One of the skills overlooked is the competency of working closely with customers along with appliance manufacturers. Networking with the right manufacturers saves owners thousands of dollars in lots of circumstances. This is especially true if you elect to specialize in one particular field of repair.

For instance, replacing a faulty compressor in a refrigerator runs upwards of $450. As the owner buying the part up front is expensive. Networking and building relationships with a part manufacturer means finding savings on parts. Whether you share savings with customers is up to you. Though, if another repair person is charging the customer the full $450 when you are not, the likelihood of business swinging your way is increased.

There are lots of great ideas for home based business. Mechanically inclined persons fit well with this particular kind.
There are lots of great ideas for home based business. Mechanically inclined persons fit well with this particular kind.
Large appliances are not always able to be repaired without moving them.
Large appliances are not always able to be repaired without moving them. | Source

How much money do you make?


Earnings are terrific in the field. In fact, most earn as much as $75 an hour for repairs. Adding in the usual fees of a home visit or assessment fee, charges for parts and labor per hour for repairs and the income is terrific for a home based repair business.

Other fees charged to add to the basic income are after hours or emergency service costs. This varies based on location and other factors.

Extras to attract customers

There are additional benefits to adding specific amenities to this type of company to attract more clients than the competition. One of these is emergency service. Offer this around the clock. No matter what time the call comes in a tech comes to service an item.

For instance, furnaces are not always necessarily breaking down between 9am and 5pm. Colder climates with temperatures below zero need a furnace up and running as soon as possible and paying an extra fee

Customers also love money back guarantees. This gives them a feeling of relief when using a new business. It appears as if they are not investing any money capable of being lost if the service is not up to par.

The details of a money back guarantee policy is up to the owner. A few add it as a part of every repair made and give money back if the piece of equipment is not working for the next 30 or 60 days after the service. Others tie it to customer satisfaction.

A mixture of the technology age and a recovering economy make it more prudent to repair a piece of equipment rather than shop for a new one. This is one of the reasons why this is a sound investment when considering ideas for a home based business.

Growing a client base is fairly easy with the right moves.


With all of the pros attached to the business there are a couple of cons to mull over as well.

If you are not mechanically inclined, this is not the business for you. This type of individual is patient and persistent in order to discover issues preventing a piece of equipment from working correctly.

Customer service has lots of different angles. One of the biggest for the machine repair guru is most clients are frustrated or angry when they contact you. The ability to work with this type of temperament is a must.

Lots of houses and places these items are kept or stored are not the cleanest. A weak stomach is not an added plus for the business. Being squeamish with spiders and other pests is a problem to get over quickly to succeed. Imagine a fridge broken for a couple of days full of foodstuffs. Working in, around and under it could turn out to be awful.

Physical fitness is a great resource to possess. There is an enormous difference between being fit enough to lift a microwave versus moving around clothes dryer. Even with the help of a dolly certain repairs are labor intensive.

Assessing and repairing an item by working in a small space for a number of hours also deserves a certain amount of consideration. The inability to work in these conditions is cause for concern.

In conclusion

This business endeavor attracts clients for office buildings, houses and apartments. This is the technological age and the number of machines any one person owns is astounding when you think about it. Customers and client bases needing your specialty is huge and growing.

With the cost of everything on the rise, fixing it instead of replacing it is logical in most circumstances. This means they call a repairman before going shopping for a new one. The future is bright for anyone considering this niche for a work at home enterprise.

Considering the cons and the pros of the vocation gives a good argument in favor of starting an appliance repair business.

Amazon has a great piece of literature pointing out the cons of working as a HVAC tech.

Starting your own business repairing appliances is wonderful. Find out everything you need to get started.

How much money do Americans spend on appliances in a year?

Electronics and appliances are one of the biggest expenses in any given household. Overall as a country this is the third largest outlay in a budget after air travel and auto repair along with auto purchases.

In 2009 $99.5 billion was spent on electronics and appliances. Though, this amount decreased by almost 9% from the previous year. Every year the cost continues to decrease further and further. Yet, the price of electronics and appliances continues to rise every year. One correlation between the two presented has been the increase in repairing these items instead of replacing them with new ones.

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