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Apply to a Company Where You Were Previously Turned Down for a Position

Updated on August 6, 2015

A job seeker is looking for work in and outside of the box.

Never give up on the journey to the right job. You never know if its right around the corner.
Never give up on the journey to the right job. You never know if its right around the corner. | Source
Frustration happens every now and again. Let it go and get back in the game.
Frustration happens every now and again. Let it go and get back in the game. | Source
There are positions with a company that previously turned you down for employment if you know where to look.
There are positions with a company that previously turned you down for employment if you know where to look. | Source

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Check these reasons out. If these fit your circumstances, think about a second stab with a business that looks inviting.

Searching for work is extremely competitive in the current employment culture. This means lots of situations and things seem to be working against a job seeker. Circumstances and situations which historically has never faced. One of these situations is repeating an application with a business or company who formerly turned a ob seeker down for employment.

Facing the same company or business a second time is intimidating. Avoid being discouraged or timid. There is hope the second time around. In fact, the chances of landing the open position is better than the first go at it.

Reapplying is not as unique as lots of job hunters imagine. There are a number of various reasons or this. Certain contexts make it okay to send a new application to a place where a person already applied for work. Find out what state of mind or instance means it is okay to come back to the same place again.

Same company different job

A lot of resumes are developed for a specific working opportunity. A general resume is kept on file by employment hunters and tweaked when needed for a particular position or opening. It is worked to appeal directly for the job being sought after at the time. If the same company has a different vacancy to fill, it is okay to reapply. Send a new resume tweaked for this unique opening.

A great example is a hospital setting. In a large healthcare institution there are tons of vocations under the same roof. These typically range anywhere from the receptionist to the director. In between these two happen to be other openings such as nurses, medication technicians, laundry personnel and even cooks. With all of these in mind, there are possibly several roles one person is suitable to take.

Maybe the original was sent in for a nurse, but no further action resulted in the application. Though, the medication tech job is also earmarked for the same education and experience a job seeker holds. Feel comfortable reapplying.

Resume not working out well

A resume is not fitting in well with one opening, or someone else has a better one for the position. Unknown to the "loser" both have the same experience and education. One simply looks better than the other because of the method used to construct the material.

Imagine going over a company website because by word of mouth a particular job seems to be fitting. It is a position which has been in file before and an interview did not take place after submitting an application.A possible update or change to a resume is a possible solution.

As a job hunter looks over what a company is offering only to discover a personal resume works better after making a few alterations. For instance, under the experience filing there is one or two expertise overlooked. These are subtle changes when added make an enormous difference in how it looks and how it is perceived by a reader.

There are some prospects open months after the first. Maybe the initial choice didnt work out or did not fit in well. Make a second stab at it. It certainly will not hurt.

A large amount of time has passed

Some folks work on and off over a period of time depending on what is going on in a personal life. Circumstances change which directly affect an employee's choice of being available or not. When these particular episodes take place, it means long stretches of time pass without work. This is done on purpose.

When long stretches pass since the original applications were submitted it is fine to reapply with a business entity. This is a case when the state of affairs make it okay to give it another try at the same company. This is for the same opening or another one.

Some folks even find between the time an application is submitted and when the job is offered things seem to be different. Decline if grace and the next time is there for the taking..

Temporary positions are also in the category. An opening filled for a regular employee on medical leave or extended vacation time turns into a permanent position. The initial job found through an employment agency means an application directly with the company on the second try.

People falling into this spot are varied. Imagine a student only working summer break. Another wonderful example is experiencing a major surgery with rehab or delivering a baby and taking a family leave. This is typically where a great deal of time comes from when a career is interrupted. Replacing the original stay with a company with a second attempt to come back is okay.

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There are times when things change and with that difference in circumstance comes another opportunity.

Reasons job offer was not accepted

This is general and varies from person to person. Countless discover after getting the job the offer was for a different spot than the one they applied for. In this case take a stab at employment. If things like the salary or benefits did not meet up with the description and are non-negotiable issues, rethink applying again.

Businesses rarely move on things like benefits. There are exemptions sometimes for higher ups or commission versus salary. For the most part they remain the same. If this contributed to the decision a second go round isn’t right. Though, unionization or other major transformation is a cause to look into it once again.

Reasons job offer was not given

The reasons a company did not offer the open position is helpful in deciding whether to reapply with the same place for another opening. If the offer was rescinded due to a background check or other form of outside verification not coming through on a positive note, reapplication is not a good idea. Bad references or a failed drug screen is not a dynamic where a second chance occurs.

Nonetheless if the offer did not come because it was suddenly not open anymore this means the door is still accessible for a career move. Get there for the next interesting one on the agenda.

Small towns have a higher rate of reapplications

Depending upon a workers area for searching for employment there is possible limitations on where to look for work. This means the better prospects are found with one employer. This is especially true if a small town has one employer which hires a large majority of the population. Small towns have a high incidents of reapplying twice with the same business.

A resume fitting the open position better the second time around is possible. Additional work experience or even education makes it more in line with the opening.


What to do if fired

Never go back to an employer if fired. Getting fired is always a no brainer. They have asked an employee to leave with the intention of never coming back again. This means hit the road jack and never look back.

There are files kept on former employees within countless companies. Those let go are the main files checked when applicants apply. The chances of working with the same company are zero to none.

One enormous exception is wrongful termination. In most of these cases won the person doesn't want to return in the end.

What is your comfort level?

Would you feel comfortable reapplying to a company that refused to offer you a position the first time around?

See results

Large company with several smaller subsidiaries

There are individuals who discover by accident they are applying with the same business without intending to do so. Lots of larger companies have a host of various subsidiaries or smaller entities they sponsor.

Treat the subsidiary just like the larger company if the hiring is the same HR department. If another area or personnel is responsible, treat it like a different company.

Company circumstances change

Sometimes working for a business doesn’t pan out in the long run. Leaving is a viable option for a variety of reasons. Possibly there is no room for further growth, more money is available elsewhere, or people forced to transfer to inconvenient hours or locations are examples falling in these gaps. When this happens all is not lost with the original place of work.

Reapplying when an opening comes back to a favorable location, the pay grade increases with the new opening or even when the right hours are on the table people reapply.

Companies are bought and sold daily. There are enormous shifts on all levels when these business dealings take place. When things modify again for an employer there are times when they signal a possible opening for a worker to come back. New companies offer changes and alter the original format quite often. This means a different agenda for any worker. Take a peek and see if this is something workable.

In conclusion

Knocking on a door for the first time is possibly not the right time to do so. Another go at it in a different time or state of mind is not out of the question. Do not fail to get in the door of what is possibly the best career choice ever made by not reapplying to a company previously applied to.

If the first go around made an impression this simply is not where to work, go with the gut feeling and walk away. The next great one is always around the corner if a person knows where to look.

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