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Apps You Should Have in the Cloud

Updated on July 14, 2012

Cloud Applications

Cloud applications are extensively used by many businesses these days. These days many online businesses are using cloud applications and are developing a competitive advantage over others. In the coming years, cloud application is all set to take the entire online business services under its realm.

Cloud computing is an indispensable technological advancement which makes sharing, accessing and transferring of information faster and easier. The concept of cloud computing has garnered wide attention all over the world as it provides businesses with the ability to access and transfer data at any point of time without any sort of hindrance. Many organizations and online businesses have come to realize the importance of the cloud system. Cloud computing offers businesses the ability to concentrate on their core business rather than having to concentrate on the managing different software applications.

Crucial Areas Where Cloud Applications Are Used

Today cloud computing is made use in many crucial and sensitive service areas. Payroll applications are a perfect example for sensitive business areas which requires a great deal of protection and safety. Cloud payroll applications offers with the much needed flexibility required for handling payroll information.

Effective human resource management has become the need of the hour and many companies all over the world are investing heavily on this area. With the introduction of cloud applications that aid in effective resource management things have become more organized and also cost effective.

The applications used in these areas improve cash forecasting, evaluating the budgets, pay range calculations, management of allowances and policies and also having an understanding of the resource cost.

Benefits Of Using Cloud Applications

As far as benefits are concerned, it is endless. Since, the introduction of cloud computing, there has been a phenomenal growth in sharing and transferring of business information. Also, online business has taken a huge share of profit out of the cloud applications. There are several advantages associated with cloud computing.


With the introduction of cloud applications, transferring and sharing of information has become quite easier then what it used to be earlier. Access to information is given to employees in a business firm at any point of time and they could work on it and transfer quickly. Work will be completed swiftly which paves way for better results.


It provides for a complete integration of data and information, thereby helps one to gain any information they want instantly. It aids in comparing and analyzing different areas since the information is all integrated.

Advanced and Automated

When a new feature or function is added to particular software, it automatically gets updates to the cloud network and thus, there will be no lagging behind when it comes to technological advancements.

Cost Effective

It turns out to be a highly cost effective and result oriented business solution. It brings down the cost of having to operate software and also automatically updates the features. It helps businesses to achieve high returns on investments.

Concentrate on Developing the Business

It is a well known fact that most of the precious time is spent on administration of the different software and there seems to be really no time to expand a business. Cloud computing aids a great deal for business development and creates business growth opportunities to a considerable extent. Using the applications helps concentrating on the core business and the administrative part is taken care by the cloud. Leading Cloud Applications

There are many cloud applications that are hitting the market now and then but only about a few of them comes with the necessary feature and functions.

1. jqPlot – It is one of the leading cloud computing application that makes data visualization and customization much easier. The application is user friendly and has some of the top features.

2. TufteGraph – TufteGraph provides for active codes and charts. It turns out to be a simple and easy cloud application to use. If use JQuery and tufte-graph.css codes are used at the beginning the application works smoothly.

Thus, it could be understood that cloud applications are looked upon as a network with greater potential that will not only helps in organizing and managing the business, but is expected to change the way online businesses operate as well in the coming years.


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