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Are Colleges Afraid of Social Media?

Updated on January 13, 2013

I have a question that I'd like all of you who are involved in Social Media, in any capacity to ponder?

Are Colleges Afraid of Social Media?

Hi there and welcome to this hub.

My name is Lew Newmark, and I have a blog that focuses on many aspects of social media as well as offering my services to anyone willing to pay for them.

My blog (which of course is also my business) is KeyWords Media, and I'm pretty sure that many of you reading this hub are aware of this already.

I also write on freelance writing here on Hubpages under the heading "Freelancer," so I'm fairly knowledgeable on the topic of both freelance writing and social media branding.

What sparked this hub in the first place was a local college course catalog that arrived the other day in the mail. I was surprised to see that there were no courses on any aspect of social media.

Not one course, not on anything.

Nothing on how to use Facebook, Twitter or Stumbleupon.

Not a single non-credit course about using Pinterest for business branding.

Is it my imagination, or are colleges just too afraid to teach social media? Is social media that intimidating?

I think it's that many colleges are afraid to tackle this new way of marketing. Online marketing in general isn't all that new. Email marketing is just an extension of traditional marketing via snail mail, and sending out little postcards and small freebies to keep your business in the face of your past and present customers.

I actually just got one from the real estate agent who helped us find our home, and I haven't used this person for any reason in years.

Let's face it, marketing on the web has given those old and tired traditional advertising methods a lot of trouble in the last few years. And using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter hasn't been totally embraced by the marketing community at large.

Yes there are some high profile companies that are finally getting it, but there are just as many still standing at the precipice, still waiting to see if the web is a viable way for them to advertise and build customer loyalty.

Well maybe if some of this were covered as part of a college curriculum, they'd have a better idea of how to leverage the web, and all of that luscious web juice for all it worth.

I'm currently writing a six part series on my site which wraps up either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, and in the series, I've tried to explain the power that any business large or small wields when they use just a few of these platforms to build awareness of their brand, whether it's business or personal branding or better yet...both.

I just have to question whether this is just an oversight on the part of these colleges, or if they are just afraid to buck a trend...a trend that solidly behind the old, traditional way of advertising.

Are they just afraid to change the status quo, or are they just too old and set in their thinking? Maybe they refuse to embrace this new way of marketing because they social media marketing isn't just about selling a product or's about the relationships and connections that are made along the way...and that concept simply doesn't fit well with traditional marketing methods.

Personally, I think it's high time for social media to be recognized for it's ability to bridge the gap between a customer and a retailer, for building stronger brand awareness though different media platforms, and making connections that benefit both the business owner as well as their customers.

Let them start teaching that as a college course, because the business world is being reinvented thanks to the internet...and it's time to for business to either adapt or prepare for extinction.

Lew Newmark is the owner of KeyWords Media


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