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Are Department Stores Dying and Replaced by Online Shopping?

Updated on August 10, 2012

With the advent of online shopping, department stores are dying to cease. Really? Not exactly. While busy people like to shop online because it’s convenient and quick, half of the people in the world prefer to go to department store to browse items that they like. Many shoppers loved to feel the items in their hands. Most of them are contented to buy the items that they actually see in person rather than the items they only see in the picture. The connotation that department stores are dying is absolutely non-sense. The sales may be a little bit affected because of the cheap product from Amazon and eBay, but it doesn’t mean that department stores are fading to exist. Most of the mature adults, older folks are sceptical about buying things or products through computer. Some of them don’t trust online shopping and punch in their credit card number. Afraid that fraud and scam people would get their money and don’t know where to complain

Online shopping has its own benefits and non-benefits. While it is easy and convenient to shop online, there are often shipping and handling fees associated with online shopping. Which means, you are not only paying the actual product, but other fees as well. It doubles the price compared to actual shopping. Other people don’t want to undergo this complications, so they prefer to go to the department store. Aside from this, websites would like shoppers to fill up a form for personal information and sometimes your bank account information. No sane person would like to give their personal information through a machine. Older folks are too skeptical in this matter.

The growth of online shopping may rise in the next 10 years, but it doesn’t mean that it is the reason why department stores are fading out. Yorkdale Mall, one of the number one shopping mall in Toronto is expanding and encourages businessmen to do business with them. And I can’t see reasons why department stores are fading out? Store outlet in the department stores have also build a website for their customers convenience, they still have to have the physical store for their other customers. For businessmen, it is good to combined online shopping and physical store to increase the sales and thrive their business.

Personally, I prefer two types of shopping. In-store shopping is also a form of exercise for me. Walking all the way to the aisle and store per store is one form of exercise for me. I only do online shopping when I am too busy with work and stuff.

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