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Are We Ready For Obama Hood?

Updated on November 9, 2012

Obama and the Merry Men

Remember Robin Hood? Well, meet Obama Hood. After his historic re-election, Mr. Obama has targeted the rich in order to get the economy moving. I do not believe he has any idea what he is doing. It's like killing the cow that supplies the milk!

Think about this. Who creates jobs?

Right! Companies!

Who invests in companies and owns them? The rich!

Now, when you suddenly start taxing the rich, the get annoyed. That means they look for other ways to invest their money so they do not get stung by the tax man! Here are the consequences:

1.) Decreased investment for companies to expand (which creates jobs)
2.) Money is pulled from the markets
3.) Companies stagnate
4.) When companies stagnate, they look for ways to economize
5.) No new jobs
6.) They lay off people

So, you may be one of those that are happy the rich is getting the shaft, but you will be out of work!

Now, I did not have an MBA or a PHD, but it takes neither to figure that one out!

I personally do not care that Obama is the president. I have nothing against him personally. However, he has an old school approach when it comes to stimulating the economy. He has proven that printing money and taxing the rich do not work, yet he is lined up to do it again. Why?

Simple. So he can appease the minority of Americans that voted him in. So they are happy! So they can say, "yes, give it to those rich b----". We'll show them!

The fact is that those rich people pay 80% of the taxes ALREADY paid in this country. Would it make everybody happy if they paid 100%? Would that make America strong? I saw a billboard the other day that said:

"You do not make anything strong by weakening the strongest part"

To top that, I saw another one that said:

"You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class warfare"

Can't you see what is happening in America? Our politicians are dividing us. The middle class is all but gone. Soon it will be rich vs poor. They have a way of taking our eye off what they are doing by making us fight amongst ourselves!

I am not all complaining about the situation. I have a few solutions. Here they are:

1.) Get America back to work by making things here! We have become a nation of consumers and spoiled people. We are unwilling to work for certain wages and companies are forced to send jobs overseas to keep the prices low. The president should be looking at ways to make this happen.

2.) Get rid of the income tax all together! Yes! Abolish the IRS and institute a national sales tax on all goods and services. Therefore, those that consume more, will pay more in tax. Simple. You would carve out about 10 layers of government fat right there!

3.) Start drilling for oil and natural gas in America. If half of America would understand that we are at war over oil and natural gas, they would flip! Start using our own countries resources instead of making the Arab countries rich.

Any more? Feel free to comment.

Tired of paying tax? Put your email in the comments and I will send you a site!

Don't wait for the government to lower your taxes! It ain't happenin!


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    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 5 years ago from USA, Australia

      Thanks for the comment allexia26!

    • allexia26 profile image

      Puroney 5 years ago

      Great Hub, I agree with what you said about taxing the rich, it is definitely a bad, idea because in the end the little people will suffer.