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Updated on December 15, 2009

It is not easy to be a good manager. In most companies, the employer-employee relationship has barrier. The company will not let their managers develop such closer relationship for purposes of control. Employees have doubts about their abilities for fear to their manager. A fear that affected the efficiency of their function. Every little detail of sloppiness in the performance of their job was questioned and reprimanded. They become tense and cannot concentrate what they were doing for fear of another failure.

If the degree of inefficiency warrant a disciplinary action, then the manager will have to terminate the services of an employee even if the inefficiency is not very serious as the bases for termination. Such mistakes can be corrected if the employees is given the chance to improve his performance for the second time.

But a good manager has different perception and method. He insisted that better performance cannot be measured by using fear to employees. It can only aggravate the problem to the point of failure. Leniency sometimes help. Although he has control, his leniency has boundaries. He has limit to a certain point. When an employee is inefficient of his function to whatever reasons, he teach and guide him repeatedly until the employee understand and grasp what he wanted him to do. This employee can develop confidence because his boss is there guiding him to improve his work.

The close relationship between manager and employees will result to productivity in the performance of their job. And he can expect more what this employee can deliver.Even if the employee has personal problem at home, he give his support and advice telling what direction he has to take.

Confidence on his ability increases his performance level and his self-esteem is high. His hidden potential can be use to the fullest. He gives assurance to his boss that he will complete his assignment on schedule. If he uses all his effort double time, it is a pleasure for him to do.

A good manager has all-out support from his employees. They are always ready that his effort of having a good employer-employee relationship is not wasted instead it improves more for the benefit of the company. Their dedication to their work will not falter.

They will always remember his goodness being approachable and patient. He guide them most of the time. A new employee will be assured that he will learn more. He become relax, comfortable and dedicated.

There were some companies of having labor problem. Too much discrimination to the employees was the reason for a long battle in court. This is one of the example how relationship for those in authority and to his employees has a gap. Most of the employees agreed to conduct a sit-in strike to force the higher management to replace the boss they don't like. They are willing to sacrifice their career as long as this manager is relieve of his position.

When the great number of employees are in protest, higher management cannot insist of not heeding to the voices of many unless they are determine to terminate all those who participate in the strike which they believed it is very costly.

The success and failure of the company depends on the employer-employee relationship. It should be taken into consideration for peace in the working environment. Employees are always supportive to the management because their job are their life and they have to protect it. Any minor lapses in their corresponding function can be corrected. What their only request is a little understanding unless their mistakes is very serious that become a threat to company's interest. The company has the right to do drastic action to avoid further damage to their interest.


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