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Are You Afraid of A $10 Bill?

Updated on May 29, 2013

Just open up any local newspaper and you can find at least 10 articles on how tough financial times are upon us. Are they really?

The inspiration for this article comes from my own mind and others regarding relationships with money. We all understand our "normal" relationships, but we, for the most part, want to ignore our relationship with money.

I remember the day very vividly. I was in my office in the states looking at a $10 purchase on the internet. I wanted that ebook bad. My mind was immediately racing to all of the committments I had coming up with money. I felt like the guy with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

Buy it! You deserve it! No, No! Remember that you will need money next week to pay this or that. You may not have enough. Back and forth, back and forth.

I get to observe many people in my daily activities. I watch people in the stores having these same struggles. To buy or not to buy. To save or not to save. How can we possibly be in a good relationship with money if we continue to struggle with it?

I called my mentor at the time. His advice was, "go spend some money". I said what?? He said go spend some money. Don't go buy a car, but make several small purchases and see how you feel. So, there I went. I made a couple of purchases totally about $50. Yes! I did feel better. I called him to tell of my experienece.

He said that I was frozen and I had the belief that money will stop and I will have no more money. The trick is to keep money in motion as it will always comes. We get so programmed that money only comes every two weeks.

My daughter has some of the same feelings around money. She wants to hold onto it for fear that she may run out. Better save it for a rainy day, is what we are told growing up. Has that rainy day ever come?

The point of this article is to open you up to any negative habits you have around money and to steer you in the right direction with your relationship. Many people look at my life and say how lucky I am and say I always have money.

Yes! Money comes easy. Money comes when I require it. I love money and money loves me!
These are a few of the money affirmations I say to myself on a regular basis.

What is your self talk around money? Is that preventing money from coming?

I have heard it said that the three worst words you could ever utter are "I can't afford...". This will destroy your relationship with money. Money will never come.

You can also think of it like this. Try holding on tight to one of your friends. Be a clinger. Never let them out of your sight. Always ask them what they are doing. Never let them see other friends.
Result? They will dump you like a bad habit!

This is what happens whn you try to hold onto money.

Is it an easy road for me? Do I always have 100% positive times? No.

The difference is I can recognize them and have a strategy to correct my self talk and move my feelings in the direction of postive relations with money.

Don't think money is important? Think it is overrated? Well, on a commercial I heard this morning, most people think more money will change their life forever!

Are you afraid of a $10 bill? Think about your relationship with money.

I have a great friend, Dr Jim Will, who is an expert on self talk. It may be worthwhile for you to have a look at his site. Just Click Here.

How Do You Really Feel?

How do you really feel when you look at your bank account? This is a good indication on how you feel about money.

Most people stick their heads in the sand and do not even look at it. They just look at their ATM slip and pray that there is some money there.

When they look at the balance, a million negative (and very reinforcing) thoughts go through their head. Like, "See, I knew there was no money". "I need money". "I never have enough money". And so on.

Try enjoying looking at your bank balance. Have an attitude of gratitude around what is in there and have thoughts like:

"I am grateful for the money I have".

"More money is coming to me".

Money comes to me fast and I love it".

You will be surprised at how fast things will turn around for you!

A Great Exercise

Here is a great exercise you can do EVERY day to improve your relationship with money. I have to give credit to Frederic Lehrman. This has helped me tremendously in expanding my mind around money.

Get a nice new $100 bill and put it in your pocket every day. Now, how does that feel? Do you feel better already, having money in your pocket?

Next, as you go along in your day, you will pass shops that have items in the window. Instead of saying I can't afford that, start saying, "I could buy that, I have the money in my pocket!"

Do this multiple times a day and you will be surprised how you start feeling around spending money. Your mind actually thinks you are spending the money and it will increase your flow of money! Enjoy.

How Do You Feel Around Money?

How Do You Feel Around Money?

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